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  1. Foreseeable Truth

    I live in most, if not all, children.
    Many teenagers neglect me, and usually all adults lose sight of me!
    I'm constantly overshadowed by greed, and hatred.
    The media waste no time to advertise my enemies....

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  3. Storm Is Life

    When it's to rain,
    clouds gather up in the sky.
    So dark, mild, puffy and scary.
    No place is laid out for better safety....

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  4. Life Is....

    • By Cassidy Blythe
    • Published: November 2009

    life is confusing
    for all of us
    no matter how small or how big
    we all have rough times....

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  6. Nights Of Dream

    Perspective Is Up To You

    Heart when shattered
    heaved to heal
    as greatness unveils
    the soul yet divine ...

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  7. Life Is But A Performance

    • By Kimonako
    • Published: February 2014
    Poem About The Routine Of Life


    An actor up above on a stage,
    Reciting lines from a script that he has memorized 100 times over.
    He goes along with the show,
    Executing his parts perfectly,

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    They say life is like a mirror, when it is broken we can't go back and arrange it into pieces.

    But I say that life is not a mirror. Because when we are ill and broken we can go back to God...

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  8. My Steps

    • By Malusi Nduilu
    • Published: February 2010

    Since all my steps are audience of my past,
    a past damasked by relevant joys, pain, growth
    and overloaded with treasure and souvenirs.
    Every new step arrives out of all steps taken,...

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  10. Poplar

    Comparing Meaning Of Life To A Tree

    Alert and splayed branches accept and reinforce
    life's rhythms, existence, and love.

    Now in January, I want to write the poplar's pulse,

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  11. Chasing Shadows

    Confusion Of Life

    For me, life is a struggle.
    It's an impossible reality every single day.
    I try to understand, try to unlock the secrets,
    To unravel the mystery.

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    This writer's poems touch a part of my soul that I keep buried deep inside. It's deep and full of pain and inspiration! I often feel life is too hard to continue, and I write to get it out....

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  12. I Am Someone...

    • By Brittany Kelley
    • Published: October 2016
    Proud Of My Qualities

    I am someone who gives all she has every time.
    I am someone who talks twice as much as she listens.
    I am someone who will tell you what you mean to her on a dime.
    I am someone who is nice and caring, whose shadow glistens.

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    I had a professor in college tell me...there are two types of people in the world: the French-fry droppers and the French-fry picker-uppers. You and I, my dear, we are the picker-uppers. We...

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  13. White

    • By Jessica G. Wetzler
    • Published: October 2016
    Thought Provoking Poem About The Color White

    A color, a skin, an open thought.
    It's the color of a blank canvas in an art gallery.
    It's the empty space between the lines on a page.

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    I felt something new, something fresh, something serious, something with deep meaning. It is not ordinary writing, though it looks simple.

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