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  1. Different Uniform

    Two Sides To A War

    He sat in his foxhole,
    Fired his last round.
    Looked at his friend,
    Fatally wounded.

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  3. Soldier Daddy

    I am a small and precious child,
    My dad's been sent to fight.
    The only place I'll see him is in my dreams tonight.
    He will be gone too many days

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    I'm a Soldier Dad. Son of a Soldier Dad. Son of a farmer from Ohio. Son of a German immigrant who served in the Civil War, a butcher from near Berlin. My children are grown and yet the fight...

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  4. The Horror

    • By Querida Schooner
    • Published: January 2008
    World War Two Poem

    The horror,
    The gas,
    the death.
    The taps,...

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  6. A Soldiers Pray

    War In Eye Of Soldier

    Waves lap against our boat
    As we wait in the cold.
    Wrap ourselves in our coat,
    Waiting for the order to be told.

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  7. Defeat

    Poem On The Horror Of War

    Blood starts drippin' from the soldier's wound
    Seeps like sewage 'neath the politician's room

    Deep in the house, white fades to red

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    Very nice poetry. I am overwhelmed. The poet is great who understand teary and hearty feelings of the people towards our great soldiers.

  8. A Soldier's Diary

    Home Sweet Home
    I miss you when I am away
    Dad, Sis, Mom
    I miss you when I am alone ...

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    my best friends brother is in the army and she gets really upset about it sometimes and me being the person I am to her and her family I try to reassure her that everything will be alright...

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  10. One Goes, The Other Stays

    • By Darcy R. Lewis
    • Published: November 2007
    Poem About Friend Dying In War

    Off to war, two friends go
    Maybe to better themselves
    But we will never know
    Many wars they fight

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  11. Soldier Daddy

    • By Gina M. Makowsky
    • Published: February 2006

    To you, I may be very small
    Or think I don't know much at all.
    I've learned to grow up rather fast
    With so much future and not much past.

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    Such a touching poem. I love it so much, because of it, I am now doing it to present to my class. ??

  12. Words Not Spoken

    • By Beatrice Boyle
    • Published: February 2006

    Although he could not say with words
    The love he felt inside,
    He treasured every moment
    And his heart would fill with pride.

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    I cried!! Many families find it hard to say those most important 3 little words.

  13. My Brother

    • By Amanda L. Thurnherr
    • Published: February 2006
    Brother Leaves For Marines

    You've been there for me
    Through it all.
    You're always there to catch me
    When I start to take a fall.

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    I know how you feel, I do share the same thing but they're are still my brothers regardless of what they do. I'll still love them no matter what.

    I will wish you and your brother good luck...

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