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  1. My Hero, My Husband

    • By Jennifer G. Dickerson
    • Published: February 2006

    I thought your world was only me
    And you will live your life so safely.
    But you have your own responsibility
    To serve your people and your country.

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    Thank you Shawna! My husband was deployed a few days after our wedding for the third time. It was hard on me, but we made it together. He is now retired and we have two boys.

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  3. A Mother's Wish

    • By Mary Hodges
    • Published: September 2008
    Come Home To Me

    My darling, words cannot say
    How proud I am of you today.
    You're beautiful, courageous, good, and strong.
    Taking up the cause to right the wrongs

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    This poem has risen my emotions, i have shed tears as i scrolled down the lines. However thank you for reminding me of my fallen soldier brother, Simbwa, who died of multiple injuries just...

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  4. Defeat

    Poem On The Horror Of War

    Blood starts drippin' from the soldier's wound
    Seeps like sewage 'neath the politician's room

    Deep in the house, white fades to red

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    Very nice poetry. I am overwhelmed. The poet is great who understand teary and hearty feelings of the people towards our great soldiers.

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  6. Armchair Critic

    • By Robert Haigh
    • Published: February 2018
    An Old Soldier's Look At Life

    He is an armchair critic
    Who likes to watch the news.
    Staring at his old TV,
    He mumbles as he views,

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    Wow, I love your poem.. Hats off to your old forgotten soldier.

  7. Soldier Daddy

    I am a small and precious child,
    My dad's been sent to fight.
    The only place I'll see him is in my dreams tonight.
    He will be gone too many days

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    I'm a Soldier Dad. Son of a Soldier Dad. Son of a farmer from Ohio. Son of a German immigrant who served in the Civil War, a butcher from near Berlin. My children are grown and yet the fight...

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  8. Veterans Day Limerick

    There are times we want to forget,
    Like when troubles and sadness we've met,
    But this day in November
    We'll always remember

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    So many in my family went to war. And most came back. I am lucky and want to recognize all the people who have lost their lives to protect you.

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  10. Duty Calls

    • By Misty W. Cooper
    • Published: February 2006

    You're somewhere far away doing what you must
    we are left behind and told to be strong
    They say go whether is right or wrong
    duty calls...

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    I read this and thought about when my husband is on deployment and it was right on the money. Thank you so much for share this with all to read.

  11. A Gunner's Lament

    • By Alexander Brush
    • Published: December 2011

    I was charged with their safety.
    My one and only task,
    To protect that convoy
    From that fatal blast.

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    My friend's dad was killed when one of his convoys was ambushed by terrorists. It's so sad to hear about soldiers being killed and never coming home. My friend hasn't been the same since.

  12. Brave American Knight

    • By David G. Moore
    • Published: November 7, 2019
    A Forgotten Veteran

    Driving home one day after hours of monotonous office work,
    Saw a man sitting by the road; looked as one down on his luck.
    Paid small notice to the figure; my lonely life was in a rut.
    He was just another beggar holding out a shiny tin cup.

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    What a beautiful poem. God bless all the veterans: dead, alive, and the ones still fighting. To all of you, a proud salute, my prayers, and love.

  13. A Soldier's Diary

    Home Sweet Home
    I miss you when I am away
    Dad, Sis, Mom
    I miss you when I am alone ...

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    my best friends brother is in the army and she gets really upset about it sometimes and me being the person I am to her and her family I try to reassure her that everything will be alright...

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