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  1. Why Me Why You

    • By Vanity
    • Published: April 2008
    Why Not Love Me Poem

    why is it when I look in your eyes,
    I see the love burning inside me.
    why is it when you hug me,
    the world melts with us.

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    This poem reminded me of 2 guys I had really loved at one point in my life.
    1. Was my ex best friend who I fell for but he would act like he wanted to be with me then he would take HER out...

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  3. You...

    • By Nyza Love
    • Published: January 2009
    Falling In Love For The First Time Poem

    I'm not scared to love you.
    I'm okay when you're around.
    You've given my heart a soundtrack.
    I happen to like the sound....

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    You have a good poem here. It's very important that you use your feelings to help you choose the words. You want people to feel what you where feeling when they are reading the poem.

  4. Through Forever

    Influenced By The Love Of My Life

    When our eyes met
    for the very first time,
    I knew it was you
    to clear my pastime.

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    After reading this poem I printed it out and I gave it to my husband, I even added some of my own word and OMG!!... he totally loved it!!...
    Thanks to that person who wrote this, waiting for...

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  6. Chance To Lead This Dance

    To you I might just be a little girl,
    but give me the one chance.
    I could show you a whole new world.
    So take my hand and let me lead this dance....

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    Hello I would really like to use this poem to make a song if ok please email me

  7. Beauty, Ever Ancient, Ever New

    Too Afraid To Ask Her Out Poem

    My whole life is full of grey and dark things.
    Nothing gives me any joy.
    I do everything the same every day
    every week ...

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  8. A Butterfly To Be, A Rose To Blossom

    She's like this beautiful butterfly waiting to be
    A princess more than a princess in any fairy tale
    Only a few words can describe her
    Or the feeling I have for...

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  10. My Guardian Angel

    Poem About Finally Finding Love

    Feeling the world crashing down
    Known as the boy who always carried a frown

    Feeling so lost in this cold vile place

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  11. To Fall In Love

    • By James Ekin-Evans
    • Published: February 2014

    This poem is written for those who wish to fall in love, think of it as a message from heavens above.

    Give me your loving,
    give me your heart, ...

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  12. Consumed

    • By Laura Wagner-Brown
    • Published: March 2017
    Poem About An All Consuming Love

    I awaken with thoughts of you,
    Consumed by your presence in my mind.
    I can feel your touch,
    I smell the essence of your skin.

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  13. Paradise Found

    My stomach fills up with butterflies everytime my eyes lock with yours
    and I see your beautiful face

    I search for words, but you leave me speechless ...

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    This poem has touched me in everywhere and I need to write this down and give it to my boyfriend he loves it when I give him poems but I love this poem and I think about him all the time when...

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