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  1. What I Like About You

    • By Felicia R. Sykes
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About Loving Someone For Who They Are

    I love you not because you are cute
    not because you are funny.
    I love you not being fake,
    I love the smile on your face ...

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    He is the smile on my face
    The beat to my heart
    The one and only I cannot live without.
    He knows
    The ways to make me smile.
    Even when he's gone awhile.
    I know he'll always be...

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  3. This Feeling

    • By Viviana Lujan
    • Published: February 2009
    Poem Of A Women In Love

    This feeling inside, I cannot hide.
    This feeling inside, I can't deny.
    I can't explain it, I don't know why.
    This feeling inside, I cannot hide....

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    As the sun rises the sky begins to glow,
    Like when I see you, my face shows.
    My eyes sparkle like the morning sun glistening through the horizon.
    My smile pops out from behind the clouds...

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  4. You Are Not Just A Star

    • By Miliah San
    • Published: August 2012
    Metaphor Love Poem

    You were just another star in the sky
    that happened to be in my universe

    Never in a million years would we get close...

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    This is beautiful it sounds like myself talking actually it is something I would want to say. As if its coming from my own heart. I truly enjoyed reading it.

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  6. I Love You

    Poem About Reasons I Love You


    I love you.
    You're the joy in my heart,
    The sparkle in my eye,
    The light in my life....

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    I want to dedicate this poem to my boyfriend Cris. I love you baby!! This tells the story of my love for you.

  7. Dine Destiny

    • By Lisa Mccoy
    • Published: August 2013
    Meant For Each Other Poem

    When I first saw you, you took my breath away,
    You're all I've ever wanted from that first lovely day.

    There's none to compare to you,...

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  8. All The Ways I Love You!

    • By Azure
    • Published: September 2009

    How do I love thee?
    Let me count the ways

    I love the way you love the real me...

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  10. What My Heart Wants To Say

    You Are My Soulmate

    The moment I met you,
    I knew I was in love,
    Like an angel had sent you from up above.
    The connection we share grows stronger every day.

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    I couldn't find the right words to say how I felt about my fiancée until I read this poem. It said everything I was trying to say and more.

  11. Natalie

    • By Bladen A. Spurlock
    • Published: August 2016
    What Is Love?

    What is love?
    Love is a dangerous thing,
    But once you find the one,
    It all becomes clear.

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    I'm in a situation where I'm in love with my best friend. I tried my best to build up the courage to tell her how I feel about her, but I was too scared to actually do it. The day I finally...

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  12. The One

    • By UnKNOWn
    • Published: September 2016

    You're the one for me
    'cause you were made just for me.
    Now I'm standing in front of you
    asking if you love me too.

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    While reading the poem, I think of my baby, Ruth Shabani, to whom I promised the wedding after our studies. She is all for me. Her beauty is the subject of my everyday dreams. I love her and...

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  13. A Is For Angel

    • By Jason Anderson
    • Published: December 2016
    I Will Love You Every Day

    I will write you a poem every day, if that's what it will takes.
    I will go as far as to get a few published to prove I'm not fake.
    My feelings are real, you know that it's true.
    You're afraid to accept that I really do love you.

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