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  1. A Day Without You!

    A Day Without Love

    A day without you is a day without Hope!
    A day without you is a day without Happiness!
    A day without you is a day without Existence!
    A day without you is a day without the Sun!...

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    I agree, it is the sweetest poem ever. You rock girl... it makes me happy.

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  3. Our Son

    • By Tina L. Sistrunk
    • Published: February 2006
    Romantic Poem On The Bond Of Creating Life

    What a glorious day
    When our souls intertwined and our hearts danced together.
    When you flowed in me and a flower blossomed inside....

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  4. Take My Hand

    Short Romantic Poem For Her

    Please take my hand, come walk with me
    I will show you the way, and let you see
    How love and happiness will make you feel
    And make your life feel so unreal...

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    My story is about the one I love, she is lovely and beautiful, the thing that makes me really love this lady is she is the one who thought me about the name of God and how to prayer, now I am...

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  6. There's No Obscurity

    • By Astrid Sardinas
    • Published: May 2009

    As I gaze into his liquid gold eyes,
    Poetry radiates from his warm soul
    His lips brush mine and I soar through the skies
    Passion seizes me; I loose my control

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  7. Searching Soul

    • By Kandice Campolo
    • Published: April 2011

    I crawl in bed and lay my head upon my pillow, with thought's of the day falling away
    Behind my eye's your face comes to me with love, I can see your trust for me in your eye's
    Your windows,
    I reach out my hand to you as you turn to leave me. I touch your hand you stop I move to face you to see your soul...

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    It carries the true essence of love, for love is a choice made without selfish intentions.

  8. Just A Slight off The Mark

    • By Steve Fockler
    • Published: January 2009
    Just A Slight Off The Mark

    You are the one I have known throughout the years.
    Together sharing each others dreams hopes and fears.
    You are the precious one that could have only come from above.
    The more that I know you the more I must ask, could this be love? ...

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    Amazing. I share a similar journey to be with the one I love most. Through trial and tribulation, and by the brink of never again, we found together forever.

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  10. When The Storm Comes Around

    • By Hunter Dasten
    • Published: January 2009
    Devotion That Can Weather Any Storm

    Should you find yourself at the captain's helm,
    as everyone around you is jumping ship.
    Do not lose your stride.
    Do not miss a step....

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  11. You Got Me Writing

    I haven't written a poem,
    Since the last time I was hurt,
    I haven't written a poem,
    Since my heart was ready to burst,...

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    The most fantastic girl in the world got me started writing love poems. I started writing poems for her three years ago and I haven't stopped yet. I think I will always write this girl poems...

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  12. You Were The One


    Through you I can be everything that I long to be
    From walking in the park to dancing in the dark
    To as far as ones imagination can see

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    This poem has touched me so much after reading it. I love each and every word, which are so encouraging. Thanks to the author.

  13. My Best Friend

    • By Nessa
    • Published: December 2011
    Poem About Loving A Soldier

    There is this amazing man
    who is far, far away.
    He only gets to come home for 2 weeks,
    not a day later can he stay....

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