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  1. The Thing About Love

    Love Can Put You Back Together

    The thing is:
    Love will break you.
    That is a guarantee.
    Yet at the same time,

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    Wow! This is too cool. I really like it. And I really agree. Very good job.

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  3. Eye Of Fire

    • By Brandon
    • Published: October 2014
    Miss You Haiku

    Your eyes are fire.
    Their image burnt into my soul,
    Scarred by beauty.

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    My best friend Wendy wrote a poem about our mutual friend, Lyndon, who died on September 25th 3 years ago. So sadly 1 year later, Wendy, my dearest and best friend, committed suicide. I have...

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  4. Let Love Grow

    I want to live in a world
    where nobody is afraid
    to fall in love
    or admit it

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    Very well done. And I would like to live in a place like that too. As a matter of fact, in my own world, I do.

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  6. Love Worth

    be with someone
    who fights for
    you, someone who
    knows you are

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  7. She Makes Me Whole

    I don’t think
    she is perfect.
    She is flawed and broken
    like the rest of us.

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    None of us are perfect, but it's great when we find the perfect one for us.

  8. Next To One Another

    I believe
    in some way
    no matter how much
    we have changed

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  10. I Can Be Anything You Want And Need

    I can be the silence
    when the world around you
    gets to be too loud.

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  11. My Love For You

    • By Angiee Thoroughman
    • Published: November 2007

    I love you with my heart.
    I love you with my soul.
    I know you don't believe in me,
    but trust me, for I know.

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    I thought no one would ever love me for just me. I have been verbally abused all my life and thought of myself as unlovable. Then I met a man that changed how I look at myself. He loves me...

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  12. Heart In My Hands

    • By Katiynd Jenkins
    • Published: July 2008

    If you said you were cold,
    I would wrap my arms around you.
    If you said you were thirsty,
    I would give you the ocean blue.

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    Love is something special, meaningful, and true. Love is something to be shared when two people are together. Love is something meant to last forever and ever and ever. DON HYDER

  13. Princess

    • By Arlene Kay
    • Published: January 2016
    Poem About How It Feels To Fall In Love

    The sound of your voice
    Calling me by what I wish to be,
    Ripples through the blood within me,
    Causing my heart to melt,

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    When I met Yaa Boache, her voice was something else. To this very day, I get butterflies in my tummy when she calls my name.

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