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  1. If Only...

    If You Knew How Much I Love You

    If only you knew what
    You mean to me.
    If only my heart could speak,
    Then it could tell you how much l love you.

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  3. My Sweet Savior

    • By Hunter Wortham
    • Published: December 2007
    Poem Dedicated To Girlfriend

    I felt so rejected, alone and sad,
    like an abandoned puppy left to wander a street.
    It was then that I realized that my life was really bad,
    so I disowned every challenge I happened to meet.

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    This poem basically explains me and how I feel from deep down. It reminds me of the dark times before I recently got a girlfriend. When I first got my girlfriend it was like a whole different...

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  4. Rebecca

    • By Aaron Garcia
    • Published: April 2009
    To Be With You Forever

    Oh my darling love how I adore thee
    Your skin is as soft as flower petals
    Your face carries the sun's bright light to me
    Your luscious lips touch mine like cold metals...

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