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  1. March Of The Penguins

    • By Dave Whitton
    • Published: June 2014
    Poem About Penguins

    The Emperor penguins march, slip and slide and march.
    Males and females, side by side, follow their instinct
    To a meeting ground - a mating ground- then stop.
    Males preen, while the females, outnumbering the males,

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  3. A Narrow Fellow In The Grass

    A narrow fellow in the grass
    Occasionally rides;
    You may have met him,--did you not,
    His notice sudden is.

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  4. An Unmarked Grave

    • By Isaac R. Brunacci
    • Published: March 2020
    The Loss Of A Bird

    The Nightingale sang her song
    For all the world to hear.
    She sang it loud, she sang it true
    To all that had an ear.

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    This is touching and well spiced with rhetorical devices.

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  6. Spiders

    You should always keep a spider
    At least one in every room
    Give them a little corner
    With an offering of food

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    Wow, spiders. I am not fond of them. I know they can't eat much, but I don't want them crawling on me. Once my daughters found a tarantula and wanted him for a pet, so they put him in a class...

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  7. The Eagle Soars

    Poem About National Bird Of The United States

    Our American Bald Eagle stands bold and proud
    Representing our nation's liberty,
    Soaring effortlessly above the shores
    Peering down at the majestic sea. ...

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    The Eagles are large, amazing birds. While watching them you see a lot of funny things happen. We were fishing at Lake Shasta one year and sitting out on the houseboat deck while fishing, a...

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  8. The Bee

    • By Alexander
    • Published: February 2009

    The flapping of its wings similar to a fly,
    But when listening carefully you can hear the droning reply.

    Once heard you immediately know its purpose,...

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    Oh yes, the bee you are right! People associate the bee as something to sting them. I know I do. I'm allergic to the bee sting. I have to carry an injection to give myself a shot to...

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  10. Snowy Owls

    • By Hayley
    • Published: October 2008

    Sleeping softly through the day,
    Never making a sound.
    Only seeming to wake up,
    When the sun goes down,

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  11. String And Ribbon

    Poem About Love For A Cat

    Thump. thump. thump.
    Her tail gently lifts up, and then falls back to earth.
    She lies, curled in a ball by the window.
    The sun shines down on her lustrous black coat.

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  12. A Moment To Smile

    • By Louis Gander
    • Published: March 2009
    Poem About Ants

    Deep into the woods in my truck I seemed lost.
    The brisk, chilly breeze was still holding the frost.
    Because it was dried up and totally dead,
    I decided to cut down this big tree instead.

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  13. Ant Flying Day

    • By Antonia Armstrong
    • Published: March 2013

    With unlocked eyes
    and finally sure of her status,
    she scrambles alongside the ones,
    who've spent their days waiting...

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