Spiritual Poems about Nature

It seems that it is in man's nature to live a spiritual lifestyle. We need very much to live a meaningful life and therefore we look to find purpose in our lives. Religion is simply a system devised to live your life according to the meaning that you have envisioned for your life. Others find the structure of organized religion to be stifling. They find that going into nature is the best way to get in touch with the spirit. It seems that the trees, and the grass and flowers never lose sight of their purpose. In the same way, nature helps us get in touch with our inner spirit that never forgets.

The Beauty of Nature is strongly related to the Spiritual


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  1. Something Bigger Than What We See On The Outside

    The Artist Of Life

    How the stars are placed in ordnance so perfectly in the sky,
    You think of who created them and all the reasons why.

    Besides the science of the universe, there must be a poetic side.

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  3. My Garden Of Eden

    Poem About The Love Of Nature

    I'm not a people person, as everyone knows;
    It's in the garden where my energy flows.
    I talk to the birds, I talk to the trees,
    I talk to the ants, and at times even the bees.

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  4. The Soul Print

    • By Scott Mcintire
    • Published: July 2015
    Poem About Peaceful Places

    Sitting in peaceful places
    Upon Nature's natural faces
    Silent sounds of the River's rushing
    The Wind with the Trees harmoniously brushing

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  6. Where Peaceful Waters Flow

    • By Keith Burroughs
    • Published: February 2011

    The clouds break forth the streams of light
    To dance upon the earth,
    And cradled in the sands of time,
    Comes a newborn baby's birth.

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  7. My Soul

    My soul is courage flying like a dove
    My soul is wisdom and knowledge
    bursting like a horse galloping
    My soul is understanding like a puppy...

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  8. The Beauty Of God

    • By Charles Johnson
    • Published: March 2011
    Finding Beauty In Everything

    Look at the trees
    And what do you see?
    The beauty of God.

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  10. Why Am I Here?

    • By Justin N. Jones
    • Published: August 6, 2016
    Poem About Views On Why I Exist

    The sound of wind brushing through the trees
    The smell of the wet, quenching mist filling my nostrils
    Hearing the little birds chirping all around
    My feet submerging into the moist, dirty ground

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  11. Nature's Hand

    • By Carol Lafreniere
    • Published: February 2011

    Walking towards a wishful dream,
    By your side a crooked stream,
    Above, the clouds are fluffy cream,
    No longer do you want to scream.

    Nature's Hand

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  12. Upon The Hill

    • By Lynn Barany
    • Published: December 2008

    The roses smell so sweetly
    Behind the picket fence,
    The grass is rich and green
    It gives off a fresh cut scent.

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  13. Tall Pine

    Upon her crystal shores... waves of shimmering light.
    Part of a larger symphony near water's edge.
    Under tall pine a leaf gently spirals to the ground.
    A small note... unheard by most. A piece of that song....

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