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  1. 41. Storm

    • By Melody
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014

    Often, I feel like a storm, and I don't think that I'm the only one.

    I am something that can be anywhere.
    At roofs, soil, and souls I always tear.

    I rain to cry,
    I can never die.

    Hail, snow, and hurricanes are my game,
    I have always a different human name.

    People hate me, so they try to fight,
    they just keep going until I once more disappear into the night.

    Then there is celebration until my return,
    Then inside, anger will burn.

    But there is one more of me,
    It is within all of you, can't you see?

    I come here and soon go,
    I yield rain, wind, broken hearts and snow.

    So remember, you may think a storm has gone away,
    But in many hearts, a storm will always stay.

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  2. 42. A Butterfly

    • By Silvia Burley
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2015

    The poem "A Butterfly" is dedicated to my Grandmother Eva, who has since passed over to Heaven. She is my inspiration. She was a person I could tell my secrets to, a person who would cheer me when I was sad and help me up each time I fell. My grandmother always looked to the positive in life, and although she is now on her journey into the afterlife, she still comforts me in spirit and in my dreams. I am never alone because my grandmother is with me always.
    Love you, Grandma...

    Poem About Being Comforted By Grandma's Spirit

    A caterpillar walks in beauty
    through the sunshine and the rain,
    leaving sweet memories
    to ease away the pain.

    In time her image changes,
    and yet her soul remains the same,
    returning to the heavens
    from that in which she came.

    A butterfly of beauty,
    dancing upon the reef,
    softly whispers to me,
    comforts me in grief.

    Do not cry for me.
    Together we are one.
    My love for you shines brighter
    than the ever glowing sun.

    Her beauty, the brightest colors,
    gentle touch of love,
    fluttering wings casting light,
    shining through the clouds above.

    A caterpillar walked in beauty;
    a gentle soul was she.
    Alas, she is now a butterfly.
    Yet she'll always be Grandma to me.

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  3. 43. Fire

    • By Oscar
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2010
    Metaphor Poem Comparing People To Fire

    red and hot
    blazing or not
    starts out small
    Then into a hall
    burning fiercely
    with all its might
    angry and tough
    putting up a fight


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  4. 44. A Stream, River And Ocean

    I'm from Sri Lanka. I'm 17 years old. This is my first poem. I hope you'll enjoy my poem about a young girl celebrating her journey to adulthood. Thank you.

    Poem Of A Journey To Adulthood

    She was born
    The stream, from an old spring and eternal mother.
    Goes down n' down with
    The help of the power of the spring,
    Till she becomes mellow.
    Now it's a beauteous young lady river
    Flowing down with strength
    Carrying the only desire in her heart
    Constant prayers of sweet whispers,
    To meet her beloved.
    Not that it's an easy journey. For hopeless,
    Lazy hours are endless to stop her fate.
    But none she cares
    Accompanying other women, her road is clear.
    The God like creature wastes her youth
    For dams, bridges, litter are in her bosom,
    Instead of the jewelry of pebbles, foam, fish and
    Precious gems she keeps for her beau,
    Are taken for his own desires.
    But none she care
    The desire to meet her beloved makes her mature and courageous
    For every woman is destined to her ocean.

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    I really like the creative image likening the course of a river from stream to an ocean with the journey from childhood to adulthood. It's a cool literary scene.

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