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  1. Life Isn't Black And White

    You can be unhappy and still be in love.
    You can be in love and still walk away.
    You can walk away and still feel the weight of loss.
    You can feel the weight of loss and still stand tall.

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  3. Allow Me To Dream

    • By Jeff Mynatt
    • Published: April 2017
    World Of Peace And Love

    As I look across a field of green,
    I dream.
    I look to the stars and wonder just how far,
    and I dream.

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    This is beautiful. I share your dream even though these days I sometimes feel very naive. Are we moving farther and farther away from being able to get along with each other?

  4. I Love To Breathe In

    Recovering My Sense Of Smell After Covid

    The homely aroma
    of freshly baked bread.
    The scents from the garden
    infused in my head.

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  6. In Heaven

    Up in heaven,
    They have someone new

    At those gates,

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  7. Underface


    Underneath my outside face
    There's a face that none can see.
    A little less smiley,
    A little less sure,

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    What a perfect poem! At times we could basically tell how people were feeling despite their facial expressions. It was in their eyes the tell- tale signs that led us to see at least the...

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  8. The Song Of Wind

    • By Natalia Huja
    • Published: June 2017
    Spring Turning Into Summer

    Wind is like peace.
    A swaying song it sings.
    Drifting away in the summer wind.
    Dancing grass in the field,

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    I enjoyed reading your poem on wind. There is something magical about just listening to the sound of the wind.

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  10. The Girl I Used To Be

    Try as I may, try as I do,
    there are days when I wish
    I could go back
    to the girl I used to be

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  11. Worthy

    you’ve got to look
    straight into the
    tired eyes of the

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  12. The Butterfly

    Beauty Of A Butterfly In Nature

    The butterfly is a thing to behold,
    with colors more beautiful than gold.

    Flying hour by hour,

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    You are so right!! I live in the country, where nature is so obvious around us. We need to take time to smell the roses. It's a beautiful feeling.

  13. Memories

    • By Carley.Ruggles
    • Published: June 2011
    Moving Beyond Bad Memories

    Memories, memories
    I have had.
    Some were good, though most were bad.
    Physical and sexual abuse occurred

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    Thank you. What a powerful, moving poem. I truly hope you have grown to become who you dreamed you could be. There is plenty of beauty left in the world for us all to find and time to create...

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