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  1. All The Same

    • By Nettie Van Jaarsveld
    • Published: July 2008

    kiss me quick and make me weak
    take my power, my voice to speak
    lead me into the pouring rain
    love me like you'll never love again

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  3. Getting Over You

    I'm sitting here trying to get over you.
    Let's get one thing straight; I'm only 19 and tried to run away
    Because I was so hurt and didn't know what to do.
    I was lost and it was all because of you.

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    Even if it’s your mistake, you shouldn’t be sending him any texts or even calling him because if he wanted you, he wouldn’t have to wait for your call. He would man up, so go out and find...

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  4. Never Again Shall I Speak

    • By Brianna Stewart
    • Published: May 2008

    I want to tell you all my secrets,
    what lays beneath these brown eyes

    If I were to tell you,

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    This poem tells my feelings regarding my brother. Wow. Very powerful. I am fighting myself letting it go and setting boundaries.

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  6. This Time You Cannot Stay

    Not Taking A Man Back After Leaving

    Said you are a new changed man, asking me to take you back.
    When you left me, love and passion were what you lacked.

    You walked away, leaving me with a bleeding wound so many times before.

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  7. What Happened?

    • By Megan Kidd
    • Published: April 2009
    Poem About A Guy I Was In Love With

    Every time I look at him I see your face.
    It turns my stomach just thinking of how much I miss you and why.
    You treated me so badly.
    Only God knows why I still have feelings for you.

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