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  1. Dear Broken Heart

    • By Sarah N. Hilliard
    • Published: October 2015

    Dear broken heart, why can't you fix me?
    And dear broken heart, are you still with me?
    And when I lay my head down and
    Think of the things that I'll never do,

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    I have a boyfriend who I loved so dearly. He was everything to me. He was my whole world. But when he moved to Sweden, he started calling me names like "bitch" and always took my jokes...

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  3. To Whom It May Concern

    • By Callum Bruce
    • Published: May 2012
    Poem About When Friendship Doesn't Turn To Love

    I think today I lost a friend, how did I let it happen?
    We laughed and played and joked around, WHY did I let it happen!
    clashing sounds of falling pins, and the smell of fresh brewed coffee
    all the things of our glory days, that haunt me without folly.

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    I did this exact thing to someone. It took me many years to forgive myself. I can only hope the person who wrote this poem has found someone to make him or her happy. To the person who was...

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  4. Accepting Heartache

    Poem About Accepting Reality

    I used to know you
    I used to care for you
    Even though you weren't true
    I saw something in you

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    I went out with this guy, he was my life until he cheated on me with his ex girlfriend. He was everything to me, even told me that I was the one. I broke down, and stopped caring about life....

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  6. Shattered Soul

    What Heartbreak Feels Like

    Heartbeat falls upon deaf ears,
    Slowly take away all my fears.
    Coldness closes in all around
    As your shattered soul falls to the ground.

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  7. Love: Friend Or Foe

    Poem About The Good And Bad Of Love

    Love has hit me once before, has had me flying high
    Love has left me down and out, falling right out of the sky.
    Love has brought me lots of joy, made my life a thrill
    Love has brought me lots of sorrow, left my heart roadkill.

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  8. Love Lost

    • By Lexi
    • Published: November 2015
    Poem About Living Life After A Breakup

    Dawn breaks, the sun rises,
    Cars rush down the road,
    People walk the streets,
    Shops open, newspapers outside.

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  10. My Last Love

    • By Mtarandfeather
    • Published: July 2012
    Broken Heart Poem For Him

    Her hair of black and eyes of brown,
    so very sweet and pretty she was.
    From another country way on down,
    fascinated by what she says and does.

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    I met her on the 17th of June. We became so excited on finding how very compatible we were. On the 19th of July, we decided to make things official between us. Everything was perfect and...

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  11. I'll Lie To Myself

    • By Hilary Wong
    • Published: February 2014
    Poem About Pain and Heartbreak

    There's nothing left of me
    Nothing more to take
    I'm nothing more than just another story
    Just give me a break

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  12. My Empty, Broken Heart

    • By Teresa Forbes
    • Published: October 2009

    My empty, broken heart is left in the pouring rain to soak up my tears.
    I lay all night all by myself
    with tears running down my wet face,

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  13. Non-Existent Promise

    • By Michelle
    • Published: May 2015
    Poem About Forever

    That night we spent together, I wished it
    would have lasted forever, I always thought
    we would be together, now I'm sitting here
    alone thinking my forever will never be

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