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  1. Shattered Lives

    Betrayal And Heartbreak Due To Drug Use

    Memories are all that's left of the love we used to know.
    Memories of happier times now seem so long ago.

    What started out as friendship grew into so much more.

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    I’m 13 years old, going on 14, and this happened to me. My boyfriend broke up with me. We go to school together, and he’s in all of my classes. When I see him, all I want to do is just tell...

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  3. Flower That Bloomed In The Dead Of Winter Died Of Loneliness

    • By Judii
    • Published: June 2008

    I believe at the end of my life
    the credits will read tragedy,
    that with the last blink of my eye your face will cross my mind,
    and I'll go back to that day

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    I am 26 and have been in a relationship with a 22 year old girl. She has a daughter, but I am not the biological father. After I found out that the daughter is not mine, I forgave her and we...

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  4. Hearts Incomplete

    • By Anela Arif
    • Published: February 2016
    Poem About Letting Go Of The Past

    I made a mistake. I wanted someone more than my own heartbeat.
    I gave my love, my life, my soul to hear that one's heartbeat.

    I thought we'd be forever.

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    I've been lonely my whole life. Then one day at age 23 I found the one, or so I thought. The only thing I feel in love with was his looks. He never fell for me. He keeps leading me on. Will I...

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  6. She Waits...

    A Love That's Not Returned

    She loves him, he loves her not.
    He refuses to give her just one shot.
    She's falling apart. He has no clue.
    Things would be easy if only he knew.

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  7. The Stranger

    • By Daniela Jude
    • Published: June 2018
    What I Let Him Do To Me And To My Soul

    It was a late night in September,
    The beginning of autumn,
    When the image of a stranger
    Appeared on the left corner of my laptop.

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