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  1. Butterfly

    Poem About Needing Love


    I was sitting on the bench in the park one day,
    And saw a butterfly coming my way.
    I opened my hand, and to my surprise,
    the butterfly landed; consumed in cries.

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    This poem is so cute. Good writing. My husband and I were in Branson, Missouri, visiting and while standing outside, a big butterfly came flying by. It flew around and around, so I put my...

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  3. Waiting For Love

    • By Liz
    • Published: February 2011

    I can feel you near so I turn around,
    There you stand with the smile I love.

    My heart is beating rapidly now as I look into your eyes....

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    My forever love, we have been apart for 5 years. When we see each other, the love is still there. You touch me, and I smile. You look into my eyes, and my heart beats faster. A tear falls...

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  4. Words Unspoken

    • By Day
    • Published: February 2010

    It's been 2 months since you left
    And I think about you everyday,
    Whenever I get lonely
    I remember what you use to say...

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  6. Thinking Of You

    • By Philicia A. Talamantes
    • Published: February 2006

    I'm sitting here staring at the stars, thinking of you!
    I feel so alone when you're not around,
    It feel's as if the walls are coming down.
    I close my eyes, and you're here....

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    This poem is me all over. That is all I do is think of my old man. I feel lost without him. Part of it is we were inseparable if you seen one the other one wasn't far behind. I love reading...

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  7. Illusion Of A Fantasy

    • By Ice Vixen
    • Published: February 2012
    Poem About Does Love Exists

    Where do I go, which way do I turn
    searching for that love I so desperatly yearn
    fading memories of a past I'd soon forget
    isolated and alone waiting for the one not met. ...

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    I just quit a job that I hated. I live in a part of the country that is almost dead, no jobs. I am married to a wonderful man, but he cannot afford to pay my bills, vehicle and insurance. I...

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  8. Wondering

    • By Paige L. Barense
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem Thinking About Do You Still Love Me

    I was looking at the moon
    Wondering if you were too,
    I was looking at the stars,
    Wondering if you were too, ...

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  10. Dear Diary

    Healing From A Break-Up

    Dear Diary,

    As I make my entry today, again I cry.
    Never thought this love would be so complicated,

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  11. Lost From You

    Poem About Being Gone When I Needed You

    I reached for you
    But I couldn't find you
    I called for you
    But you didn't answer...

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  12. Tears Of Love

    • By Candace
    • Published: August 2009

    Tears of pain run down my cheek,
    wishing I was able to hold the one I seek.

    Tears from my heart I cry,...

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    I am throwing in the towel after 8 years of sadness, disappointment after disappointment, cheating and a guy that doesn't know how to treat a woman!! He's done so much to me over these...

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  13. Can You?

    • By Katie T
    • Published: October 2009
    Wishing Someone Was Holding You

    Can you just snap and the person you want gone, disappear?
    Can you find a way through every problem without shedding a tear?
    Can you hate a person that you hold so dear?
    Can you find the one you love and have him seem be too good to be real?...

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