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  1. 41. It Is Gone

    • By Phlicia Upshaw
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    This poem is about how you think you're in love then it quickly vanishes.

    The way I used to smile,
    and love our favorite song
    The way it felt so right
    and now today it feels so wrong
    Today it is much harder
    for me to carry on
    Knowing it will never work out
    between us
    Leaving the past and focus on the future
    Whatever happened to the days when we were in love
    Because we were so strong?
    And now it is gone

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    I have loved him since I saw him. I loved him when we had nothing but each other. Now he loves no part of me. Now part of me is dead, lifeless and depressed because all of me still loves him.

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  2. 42. Dwindling Love

    Days go by so slowly
    They seem to never end,
    Missing him is beyond words
    You've lost your best friend.

    Loneliness empowers you
    The days are hard to bear,
    You go to sleep with heartbreak
    Awaken, not to find him there.

    Sometimes the hurt is not as strong
    As strong as in the past,
    The nights go by more swiftly
    Your bed seems not so vast.

    You feel guilty that the hurt is dwindling
    Yet free of the grasp it holds,
    No longer a prisoner of the past
    Life is now in your control.

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  3. 43. Wait For Me

    • By Sabrina
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

    You know that feeling that you get when you think you love someone? Or when your falling in love for the very first time? Those are the feelings I got towards this one man. I've liked him since day one. When he finally asked me out my insides turned to lava, I felt like I could fly. Unfortunately, it was the wrong time for us. We were both way too busy with our own lives. So no matter how much it hurt me, I had to end it. To this day we are still very good friends, and not a day goes by that I don't wish that we were once again together.

    I know so little about you,
    But I'm falling in love with you.
    I have been since the day we met.
    When your eyes met mine
    My heart stopped on the dime.
    When you sent a smile my way
    My troubles allayed.
    It was so unexpected
    When our lips connected.
    Our hearts entwined
    As our bodies intertwined.
    Remembering your warm embrace
    Brings tears to this delicate face.
    It took all my might
    Not to leave with you that night.
    You said you'd take me far away
    From tears, fears, pain
    And this sick twisted game.
    You said you were serious,
    I still think you were delirious.
    Looking up at the sky
    I still ask myself "why."
    I really wanted us to work.
    The day I ended it my heart broke.
    Maybe one day we will once again be.
    As the days pass I will wish and pray
    That you will wait for me.

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    I love your poem because I have been in this place.

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  4. 44. What Hurts In Love

    • By Amy
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    This poem is dedicated to a boy that I love and lost.

    What hurt the most...
    Was loving you so much,
    But that not being enough.
    What hurt the most...
    Was watching you walk away,
    And knowing my chance was ruined.
    What hurt the most...
    Was having you so close,
    But not close enough.
    What hurts the most...
    Is watching you kiss and talk about another girl.
    What hurts the most...
    Is knowing I can never have you, but
    What hurts more than anything else...
    Is knowing that I had you.

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  5. 45. Losing The Best Part Of Me

    • By Casee Llanes
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2008

    No longer feeling whole after breaking up

    Feeling Lost After Love Poem

    I'm no longer whole
    And sadly neither is he
    We've been locked out by pain
    And cannot find the key

    We fight we struggle
    We kick and scream
    Please let us back in
    And wake us from this dream

    We both need a clue
    About what the future holds
    Will pain keep us locked out
    And see how we do in the cold?

    The cold air makes us forget
    Forget how to get back in
    Fighting and screaming won't help
    Pain wants to see how he will win

    After the struggle, the exhaustion takes over
    Leaves us both on our knees
    It's clearly too late...
    I've lost the best part of me

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  6. 46. Is It To Late Or Is There Still Time?

    • By Faith Mendez
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2008

    I fell in love with my best friend, and when I told him how I felt he told me I wasn't ready for him and urged me to go out with other guys. When I went out I realized that my heart wouldn't allow me to, but it was already too late. I hurt him because he didn't expect me to give up on him that easily. But I want to fight for him and that is what I have been doing.

    If he is ready to date
    I have no chance
    I would already be too late
    For there to be romance

    She will complete his loneliness
    And I will just be alone
    She will be getting his kiss
    And I'll be unknown

    I can try to win his heart
    But do I have a chance
    I have to play this smart
    And give this love a glance

    He is worth the fight
    He is worth so much more
    I want to make this right
    But will I see the door

    As I look around and see
    The pain I feel inside
    I wish he would want me
    To be by his side

    But instead I hurt him so
    And I want to make it right
    I wish that he would know
    He is all I think about at night

    Does he think of me?
    Does he feel the same?
    Or is it what I see...
    It is all just a game

    So why does he do this
    Why does he fight what is there
    Is it because he is pissed
    And not thinking clear

    Or is it possible to see
    That I am nothing for real
    When he looks at me
    How does he really feel?

    I will never know this
    Because he keeps it inside
    See all this I'll miss
    If I just step on by

    To read his mind one day
    Would be all I need
    Then there would be no game
    I would just see

    Does he want me to go?
    Walk away or at least try
    Or does he want to know
    I won't give up this time

    To find a special someone
    And see them walk away
    Hurts the heart a ton
    Like mine does everyday

    I have no chance to be
    The special girl in his eyes
    I messed this up you see
    So all I here is goodbye

    How do I walk away?
    From what I know could be
    What else can I say?
    To make him really see

    How do I get the chance?
    If he is looking else where
    How do I get a glance?
    If his head is somewhere

    I know I could make this better
    I could make this right
    If he would just give me a chance
    If he could see the light.

    The fact is he won't
    I am wasting my time
    He will never want
    My love or my mind.

    So I walk away in tears
    I don't look back at all
    With all of the fears
    I know what I saw.

    I know what I had
    And I lost it so
    I did something bad
    And forgiving me is a no.

    So that is all
    I hope he knew
    I'll be waiting for a call
    Saying I need you.

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    I know how it feels. Your poem made me cry. Thank you. I am trying to rekindle a flame with my wife. We have been together for 13 years and have 5 beautiful, smart kids. I love to write; it...

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  7. 47. Could Never Tell Him My Name

    • By Sam
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2014

    Poem about a boy I fell in love with but he probably didn't even know I existed

    I fell in love with a boy
    he had jet black hair
    with eyes a startling green
    and a smile so rare
    that every time I saw him
    all I did was dream
    that we would be together
    but all in vain it seemed
    and it was, in vain
    as I could never tell
    that I loved him so much.
    when near, his fragrance I smelled
    I never spoke to him
    I used to smile and stare
    I never had the courage to say
    I never dared
    couldn't tell how I felt
    although when friends mentioned him
    my heart would melt
    the fact was, I loved him
    but he didn't even know my name
    i just couldn't even tell him my name...

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  8. 48. Vagabond Soul

    • By Lissette Lewis
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    Lost love, change can all be times of great sorrow. For a writer, though, these can be the times of greatest growth. The words that come through a soul in the depths of pain are those that cannot be explained by some. That is the work of a writer. The feelings put onto paper in the "wake of the midnight hour", are universal. I am healed every day a little more when I find others who understand the meaning of these very words in their lives.

    In the wake of the midnight hour
    Left without the power
    Of a hope or prayer
    Somewhere out there is my love...
    Through the shadows of every corner
    Lies the promise of tomorrow
    Whether happy or alone
    Hearts that travel through the valleys
    Of past and present
    Will never know just how to win
    Take me somewhere into the roses
    Where all that grows is fresh and new
    Leave me only
    When the day has started
    And I can find another you

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  9. 49. Love Lost

    • By Carol
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011

    I am a reader of poetry and romantic novels. Presently I am a high school teacher. I enjoy taking walks, admiring nature and participating in out-door activities. I like to cooking too. I speak English, French and several African languages. my joy is in talking to friends, making new friends an of course writing poetry. The earliest writing I did was in high school.

    I Still Love You

    I still love you.
    we were friends with him,
    when he introduced me to you.
    I instantly found you
    funny, humorous,
    and happy go lucky.
    how I feared that!

    you would make me laugh
    make my heart flip over
    make my body warm
    just by looking at me.
    yet I clung to him.

    I clung to him thinking
    that friendship was commitment.
    foolish me.
    you invited me out
    I felt it would be
    you seeked me out
    I stuck to him, thinking I had to
    for if not I'd be a traitor
    foolish me.

    now I look at you
    with a woman you love not
    a woman I loath.
    fifteen years later,
    four babies later,
    and my heart is still yours
    yet we cannot belong, each to the other.

    oft times I've wished
    you would have been more aggressive,
    that we would have kissed,
    just once
    for me to know
    the taste of your lips
    for memories sake.

    I still love you
    and it burns in my chest.
    how I wish
    I had listened to my heart
    and chosen you
    in place of him.

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  10. 50. Butterfly Wish

    What I wish for....

    What I Wish For

    Wish I was a butterfly
    With colorful wings soaring up high
    Gracefully singing into the air
    With such silent notes, songs never heard

    No one could guess where I will lead
    No one could notice the heart that weeps
    For such soundless voice only tears will show
    Fading as I may... they will never ever know

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  11. 51. Angel Of Mercy

    • By Amber
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2008

    Sometimes what you want is standing right in front of you, and you realize it too late.

    She Longs To Tell Him I Love You

    A small spark kindles in eager young hearts
    With a smile, a song, and a destiny
    Their souls a perfect match from the start
    How sad she was blind to her eternity
    She spent many years wasted in searching
    Looking for true love with other men
    Always believing their love was abiding
    Only to have her heart broken again
    Angel of Mercy, comfort her tonight
    Show her what's wrong and what's right
    He adores her heart, he loves her soul
    Angel of Mercy, wrap her in your love
    Teach her how to let go
    All these years the spark still survives
    A small ember in ashes of the past
    One look into his eyes and her truth arrives
    Her true love she recognizes at last
    Spark to flame, flame to inferno
    All in one look, in one breath
    How she missed it before, she will never know
    But now she knows she is his to her death
    Angel of Mercy, comfort her tonight
    Show her what's wrong and what's right
    He adores her heart, he loves her soul
    Angel of Mercy, wrap her in your love
    Teach her how to let go
    She longs to tell him 'I love you'
    And turns with her arms open wide
    Where once he stood, so solid and true
    Now only emptiness and darkness reside
    She cries out his name in pure desperation
    Her soul weeps 'Where has he gone?'
    The universe answers with a sad intonation
    'I'm so sorry. You simply waited too long.'
    Angel of Mercy, comfort her tonight
    Show her what's wrong and what's right
    He broke her heart, she lost her soul
    Angel of Mercy, wrap her in your love
    Please teach her to let him go.

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    My uncle was a sheep herder and his wife left him and took off too the land of sails with his sheep and my uncle was shredded at heart and I showed him this and he cried it was great good job :)

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