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  1. What Was I Thinking?

    • By Michael Inthasky
    • Published: October 2011

    The night before, I made you mad
    I wasn't appreciating, the love that I had
    I came home so drunk, I was really quite late
    I left you alone, sitting home there to wait...

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    I have been separated for a few months after 20 years of marriage. I had no idea I was marrying an alcoholic until we were about 6 months into the marriage. We both had children, me 3 & he 2....

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  3. Time

    I'll Always Be Around

    Although you are so far away
    You're always in my thoughts
    I understand the circumstance
    Is dealt with by the courts....

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    This poem touched me when I read it. My fiance and I have been together for almost 3 years now but in February 2015 he was arrested and has spent the last several months in jail and will be...

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  4. Call Me Back

    • By Haley Brown
    • Published: January 2016
    Poem Left On An Ex's Voicemail

    You hear the ring, you know just what to say,
    but then there's no answer, and your confidence goes away.

    Your eyes blink back tears, and you begin to doubt.

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    I'm really touched...your situation and mine were definitely same. My ex boyfriend and I still keep in touch but he never expresses his feelings towards me. He keeps on hiding what's on his...

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  6. Miles Away From The One I Love

    Miles away
    I'm getting insane
    Of the distance we have
    How can we be together...

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    I live 3,805 miles away from the one I love. The pain of being so far hurts me on the inside and out. I'll never stop loving him, as much as I want to sometimes. My friends think I'm crazy...

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  7. Remembrance

    • By Tammy Bass
    • Published: February 2009

    Has anyone ever thought like this? The way I think when I think about you? I see you so clearly your eyes, your mouth, your nose, everything about you is so clear. I still feel your arm wrapped tight around me. our hands clasped, your thumb rubbing circles on mine. I feel you calloused hands on my back and I hope you feel mine. I want to see you will I ever be able to?

    Has anyone ever been in such agony over someone? Is this pain even bearable? I hear your voice saying my name and making it sound beautiful. I hear our conversations over and over in my head. Do you hear them to? I want to hear your voice. Will I ever get the chance to?

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    This touched me so much, I miss him so much , 6 more months till I get to feel him again...but everyday I replay all our conversations , laughter, memories...everything...I don't forget any...

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  8. Missing My Uncle

    • By Norena
    • Published: August 2008
    From A Loving Niece

    From a loving niece

    Missing my uncle
    He was only 54 , he had only just giving up smoking when cancer hit him.........

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  10. A Thing For You

    • By Ellie Bartlett
    • Published: April 2010

    I know we never had our first date
    things were difficult but we still stayed up late
    talking about what we wanted to be
    I wanted you, I thought you wanted me...

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  11. I Miss You

    • By Delores R. Ward
    • Published: February 2006
    Do You Ever Think About Me?

    Do you ever think of me
    As daylight turns to dusk?
    And all the world is quieted
    The stillness brings a hush

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  12. Why Me Why You

    • By Vanity
    • Published: April 2008
    Why Not Love Me Poem

    why is it when I look in your eyes,
    I see the love burning inside me.
    why is it when you hug me,
    the world melts with us.

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    This poem reminded me of 2 guys I had really loved at one point in my life.
    1. Was my ex best friend who I fell for but he would act like he wanted to be with me then he would take HER out...

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  13. Affliction

    • By Jessica Williams
    • Published: February 2009

    Can you possibly fathom how it feels
    To live without the unparalleled thing
    That you really, truly, genuinely want,
    That makes your heart throb and sing?...

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