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  1. Wrong Was Right All Along

    She HATES him,
    With all her heart and all her soul.

    He was hopeless,...

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    This makes me think about life. Why do people hate each other?

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  3. My Sweetest One

    • By Toby St. John
    • Published: January 2014

    As I stand by my own I look upon another's,
    It tears my heart apart but I must fight,
    Beautiful maze those eyes have become,
    A place where I never find the exit nor do I look for it,...

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    Wow I'm not going to lie! This poem did touch me in ways that one can't explain, a love like this is worth fighting for.

  4. My Lost Dreams

    • By Dulce K.L.
    • Published: April 2008

    You looked into my heart and found my lost dream,
    A very common one I guess it may seem.
    No one else like you in my heart is the same,
    Cuz I've really changed since in my life you came.

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    I had a friend. She made me felt better and always helped me through my tough times. She was always by my side and I knew she always loved me. But a few years back she went abroad. She used...

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  6. I Never Meant To Say Goodbye

    You'll never really know how much you meant to me
    My heart will be with you until the end just wait and see

    I feel far from what would seem close...

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  7. Take Back

    We were always together,
    you plus me equals forever
    Now, all I have are pictures of the past.
    When you care about someone very much,

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    really.......very emotional poem. it reminds me my past loneliness. Thanks

  8. Molly Girl

    Being Used

    My thoughts of you are in my soul
    my heart aches for your love
    I yearn for your touch
    my heart would skip a beat...

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  10. I Miss You More Than I Can Say

    Missing My Crush After A Move

    I wish upon the glistening stars,
    I pray night and day.
    I'm sad that we're so far apart,
    That you're so far away.

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    Every day of my life is pain since I lost my lover. She had respect and forgiveness for everyone. I'm just alive in my body, but to be honest, my heart is already dead. Tanya, my wife, was...

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  11. Scared Love

    • By Eric Sumner
    • Published: May 2009

    I'm afraid to write,
    For it may be the wrong thing.
    The words might mean flight.

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