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  1. 61. I Need It From You

    When I was child I was molested by my papaw and abused by my daddy. I never told anyone. My older sister was molested by my daddy, which was her stepfather. She got the nerve to tell on him and I didn't tell until I was twelve.

    Sometimes I'm confused and don't know what to do,
    I need help and I need it from you.
    My life is full of "ups" and "downs",
    and I need someone to lift my "frowns".

    So much hurt and so much pain,
    sometimes I feel like I'm going insane.
    All the abuse and all the molestation,
    are you starting to understand all the aggravation?

    Wanting to be loved and just feel like I'm needed,
    am I starting to sound conceited?
    My mind is always pacing thinking of childhood days and nights,
    all of it's fears and all of it's frights.

    I just want the memories to disappear,
    if I could I probably wouldn't be drinking this beer.
    Oh God please help me, I don't know what to do,
    I need help and I need it from you!

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    I can relate to this because I have been in the same scenario with my dad...and so it's good to know that we are many in this. But the truth is, somehow, you have to talk about it. You may...

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  2. 62. A Cry For Help

    • By Barbara Green
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2013

    I am a grown woman who has been a victim of child molestation for years. I was raped as a teenager and then gang-raped again as an adult. I have struggled through life as most abused children do, but I am living proof that no matter what we go through in life...... we all have the strength to get through it and past it, if we allow ourselves to.

    Poem About the Effects of Child Abuse

    A child so small
    so vulnerable and weak
    helpless, powerless
    not allowed to speak.
    Lying awake in bed
    knowing he'll soon appear
    Frightened and trapped
    living a torturous nightmare.
    Body is shaking
    trembling within
    preparing for
    the terrible acts of sin.
    Left all alone
    with no one in sight
    The abused child cries silently
    all through the night.

    How does one heal
    from such a horrible crime?
    The scars, the damage
    lasts a lifetime.
    Emotionally I struggle
    to make it through
    Not knowing why
    I feel and act the way I do.
    The tragedy is over
    but the turmoil is still there
    I wonder, if my outbursts
    is a way to see if anyone cares.
    Please! God help me
    I cry out
    with so much anguish
    fear and doubt.

    Poem About the Effects of Child Abuse, A Cry For Help

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    I was molested by my father and all these years later I still get these feelings he's standing over me and this poem spoke to me and it's so true we still live it daily! You are not alone!

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  3. 63. Listen

    This poem is dedicated to all of the young girls who are crying out for help. Maybe someone doesn't believe you now. But keep trying to speak up and get help. Don't end up like the young lady in this poem. A similar thing happened to me. At first nobody believed me but I kept trying to reach out and get help. Eventually a very special person who I explained my story to, helped me before it was too late. The man who hurt me is now behind bars where he should be and he can never hurt another girl for the rest of his life. so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't give up hope. Reach out and get help. No girl deserves to go through what I went through...

    Don't Give Up Hope Get Help

    There is a reflection of pain in her eyes, as she fights back tears.
    Trying to figure out why she has put up with it all of these years.
    Innocence gone.
    Just taken away.
    Struggling to deal with it and be free someday.
    Tries to tell someone but no one believes her cries.
    Just another young girl getting some attention through lies.
    Suicide has crossed her mind but she will not go out that way.
    Thinking well maybe if he can't find me, he just won't rape me today.
    Perfect smile.
    Broken soul.
    Living in this situation that she just can't control.
    Things get worse and he beats her more.
    Loses all self respect for herself when he comes through that door.
    Fed up and full of hope she tried to fight back.
    He pulled out a knife, all she saw was black.
    Out of her misery and out of her pain.
    Put her in such a place that she can't even explain.
    But she tried to tell someone although they didn't believe her cries.
    Just maybe if someone would have listened...this young girl would still be alive.

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    This brought tears to my eyes. I went through something like this a few years ago. But this certainty touched me.

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  4. 64. Molested

    • By Angel
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2010

    This has haunted me for a long time and I feel that I need to share it to get it off my chest.

    Poem About The Long Term Suffering Caused By Molestation

    He touches me,
    He feels me,
    I cut and cut,
    To get rid of the pain,
    He touches and feels me,
    I will never let this go,
    It's burned in my mind,
    I built walls,
    That will never come down,
    No one can now get to me,
    No one can touch me again,
    I will never be able to let someone in again.

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    Reach out to your mom or sister who have been through the same thing. They are your best audience and support system because they can relate to your pain and they love you and care for you...

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  5. 65. A Mothers Pain

    • By Lynda
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2007

    My Daughter was molested by my brother. She held this secret inside for years. She recently came out with the truth. I love her so much. I pray and hope everyday gets better for her.

    Molested By Uncle

    She looked up to you.
    I did to.
    I told her you were a good role model.
    Over and over I did.
    Used you as an example as a good man.
    Wanted her to follow in your footsteps.
    Not knowing what you did to her
    There in the dark.
    I was so careful to keep her safe.

    The truth is out now.
    The past can never become undone.
    You took something that you can never give back.
    The road she was on was already uphill.
    You knew the odds
    Yet your selfishness took over
    I will never understand
    No longer try to.
    I am to busy.

    Now I spend my days trying to put back together pieces.
    The pieces you created.
    She hurts everyday.
    Filled with so much pain and sorrow.
    How could her uncle do that to her.
    Will she lose the ones that she loves, that love you to.
    She just wants it to go away, not knowing how.

    Life goes on for you.
    Hers has stopped
    Paralyzed in time.
    Can't move on
    Can't go back.

    I never knew the depth of love until I had kids.
    I never knew the depth of hate until you did what you did.

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    I'm so sorry that your brother betrayed your trust like that. I love my brother so much and could never imagine something like that happening to me. But I do know what it's like to be...

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  6. 66. Before I Sleep, I Cry

    • By Alison
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    I don't like to sit upon your lap
    and cuddle close to you
    I don't like it when you touch me
    and do the things you do,
    I know I shouldn't do it,
    although I don't know why,
    but every time it happens,
    before I sleep, I cry.

    Don't tell me that its all my fault,
    or that I'm the one to blame,
    because I am just a little girl,
    and I can't share your shame,
    Don't smack me when I'm not naughty,
    and don't watch me get undressed,
    Don't let me see you without your clothes,
    And when it's time for bed PLEASE LET ME REST!!!

    Soon it will be time to go,
    And mum won't let you near me,
    Then when I give a cry for help,
    Someone will be there to hear me,
    I'll be glad when I don't have to stay here,
    Then you'll leave me alone,
    I'll be glad when I'm a big girl,
    and then I can take a bath on my own!!!!!!

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    I was sexually abused by my blood dad when I was just 12 years old. The coward not only sexually abused me but my older sister too. The sexual abuse went on for 2 years and I stood quiet. I...

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  7. 67. Kristen--R.I.P

    • By Samantha
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2008

    Wow....its only been 2 days since, but my best friend Kristen, killed herself because of her dad abusing her...sad...

    Killed Herself Because Her Dad Abused Her

    I understand:

    I understand there are some problems with your life,
    everything's changing around us,
    and nothings the same.
    I still don't understand or comprehend it,
    anything that happened,
    I still don't get it.
    your life was turned around quickly.
    you should have told someone what was going on now,
    someone could of helped you,
    we could of took you out of that house,
    then you would of still been alive,
    I still cant believe this happened, Hun,
    your dads in jail,
    along with your mom now.
    and I hope you're living good up there.
    I had to testify against your parents today.
    I know why you killed yourself.
    It's hard living with that type of family.
    I know trust me,
    they found out about those bruises on you,
    they knew, they knew why you killed yourself.
    they explained it to me today.
    told me why, why you did so.
    the day I found that out, is today,
    I had to testify the same day at noon.
    then I came home and wrote this, man,
    I love you, I broke down,
    crying on the stand,
    I yelled out your parents today,
    cussing soooo much,
    they took me out of there,
    told me it was ok,
    and it was better for her,
    I told them no it's not,
    she was sooo young,
    so much stuff she had to finish.
    everyone knew how much she meant to me,
    that you meant so much to me babe!
    you were me best friend,
    I wish I never would of lost you,
    you were special to me,
    one of a kind,
    like someone I will never meet again.
    I love you girlie!---
    Samantha Bender to me very best friend RIP hun!

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    Two years ago I lost one of my best friends to suicide, only two days after I had my first baby. It was the saddest and happiest time of my life. She was the only person I could talk to about...

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  8. 68. Sexual Abuse Victim

    • By Tiasha Anderson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008

    My name is Tiasha and I'm here to tell others my story! I was sexually abused by my mother's ex-boyfriend! I used to be scared to say anything about the rape, but I knew it was best for me to start talking about it! Although I'm scared to be around any male alone, I've decided to let the world know my story!

    Tears are always running down my face.
    I hang my head low thinking, "What a disgrace?"
    The tears are coming from all the damage you caused.
    What do you want now, a round of applause?

    I've watched you rape and molest me right before my eyes
    Now the only thing left to do is cry
    You stole my virginity without my consent
    PLEASE tell me why this is the way it went

    All I wanted was for you to get off of me
    But getting you off of me just wasn't that easy
    You hit me in my face then ripped my shirt
    Then you pushed it in to the point where it hurt

    I remember it like it was yesterday
    Answer this, will I ever forget about this and be okay?
    The thoughts are crucial & all I can do is cry
    Sometimes I just think then ask myself "why didn't I die?"

    The bastard didn't care if I lived or if I died
    All he cared about was being satisfied
    I feel dirty, I feel low, I feel used
    I'll always know that I'm a victim of sexual abuse!

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    I don't even know where to start. When I was 4 years old i came into foster care with my little sister (she was 2 years old). One day our case worker came to our house to tell us that a...

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  9. 69. You Don't Understand Unless You've Been Through The Same

    • By Millie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009

    None of this should happen to anyone ever.

    You won't understand what I've been through
    Until you've been through the same thing
    So don't say to me "I know what you're going through" until you honestly do
    You don't know what it's like to cry yourself to sleep at night
    Wondering if what happened today will happen the next
    You don't know what it's like for your brother and sister sitting in the next room pretending not to hear,
    His fists hitting me and me falling to the floor
    You don't know what it's like to feel unprotected by your own mother
    When she comes home from work seeing a lot of new bruises
    Yet says nothing
    You don't know what it's like to not being able to trust men anymore
    Even your own dad
    You don't know what it's like to live in fear for your own life
    Because you don't know what will set him off this time
    So don't say "I know what you're going through" unless you honestly know what I'm going through.

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    All of this is so incredibly accurate that it's like I wrote it. Though, it probably hurt you more that it was your real father, while for me it was a step-dad. All in all, I love this poem.

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  10. 70. Brother

    • By Loraya
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008

    To my brother who took my childhood away

    Why did you do it,
    Dearest brother of mine.
    How could you commit,
    Such an atrocious crime.
    You touched me and held me,
    I was just a little girl.
    And now when I think of it,
    It makes me want to hurl.
    I trusted you to protect me,
    To save me from the monsters.
    But in turn that was exactly,
    Exactly what you are.
    I wanted someone to help me,
    But no one would believe.
    I tried to tell my counselor,
    But she just wouldn't see.
    So I locked away,
    All my hurt and pain.
    Trying never to remember,
    Until that tragic day.
    When you wrote me that letter,
    And told me what you want.
    To touch me and kiss me,
    And you called me a cunt.
    But by then I was older,
    I could protect myself.
    I found someone who believed me,
    And I went to them for help.
    While you'll never know,
    how you broke my heart.
    I can honestly say,
    You never tore me apart.
    I stood my ground and protected body
    Unlike that little girl who could only say sorry.
    She shouldn't have felt that,
    Unbearable pain.
    And I'll never out-run it,
    I'll relive it again and again.
    But I'm stronger now,
    No thanks to you.
    So I will live my life,
    Doing what I have to do.

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    This made me feel pride...when someone goes through this but is as strong as they possibly can be. I'm so happy that this is a thing. I only found this website yesterday, and now I know I'm...

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  11. 71. Darkness

    • By Kim Balliet
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009

    Darkness unfolds when one man's touch
    Caresses the body you cherish so much

    You close your eyes, you close your mind
    Your childhood years are left behind

    Oh Mommy please help me your mind shouts the words
    Mommy won't listen your fears are unheard

    Your innocence gone your soul slowly dying
    There's nothing left but a young child crying

    Nothing you can do no one you can tell
    For the darkness has closed in and left you in hell

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    This is beautiful <3
    2 of my sisters went through this crap, as well as me.
    Both had half brothers that decided it was ok.
    One is in prison, the other walks free - too scared to break her...

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  12. 72. The Broken Girl

    I am 27 now, but I had a horrific childhood. Everything from an alcoholic mother, a dead beat father, and step-dads molesting me, and beating my mom and being cruel to my brothers. Writing was my only outlet a way that made me feel I was telling someone and to this day I still hurt a lot from my past.

    Welcome to my broken home,
    There's nobody here I'm all alone.

    The walls they scream of things once said,
    They constantly echo in my head.

    The door in front it never closes as people never stay,
    The hatred and guilt always drives them away.

    So welcome to my broken home I don't have anything to offer you,
    No love, no face I'm out of place and there's not much I can do.

    I sit in here and do nothing at all,
    But stare at these empty walls.

    It portrays the life of hurt and hate,
    My destiny, my anguish, my solitaire fate.

    It's like a projection screen playing a never ending show,
    It's like it's in slow motion, so painfully slow.

    So run now from my broken home, keep the door open as you leave,
    Because being trapped in here I still need air to breathe.

    Tell now about my broken home of all things heard and said,
    Because even as a woman that house still lives in my head.

    That little girl trapped inside, well that little girl is me,
    Even though I'm older now the horrible thoughts won't me be.


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    Can't seem to put into words how you blessed my mind with your poems. They have helped me come out of my shell. Thankful you are comfortable putting this out there for the world to see....

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  13. 73. Sorry Daddy

    • By Keri L. Exsterstein
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    This poem tells a sad story of a little girl who is abused by her father but is convinced it is because she has done wrong. When the doctor's ask her where she got the bruises she tells them she did it to herself.

    Poem About Physical Abuse From Father

    You call me names,
    You curse me out,
    When I make you mad,
    You scream and shout,
    I know you love me,
    and I know you care,
    there's times when you show it,
    but those times are rare,
    I hardly get to see you,
    but the times that I do,
    You're either drunk or high,
    but Daddy.. I still love you,
    You hit me a lot,
    but it's because I do you wrong,
    I must do you wrong plenty,
    since these bruises stay for so long
    I keep my feelings
    locked up inside,
    the bruises and scars,
    I try to hide,
    When the doctor asked,
    who gave these bruises to me
    I didn't tell them it was you Daddy
    I told them it was me,
    I don't know if they believed me,
    but they put this needle in my arm, Daddy I pray that when I'm gone they will do you no harm,
    Daddy I'm getting scared,
    I look around
    and you're no where to be found
    as I take my very last breath,
    I go peacefully, without you, to my death.

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    I’m so sorry you were hurt at 4 and you’re still in pain at 15. I am 55, and I have been where you are, abused, broken, tossed aside, unloved, and unwanted. I found help through a Christian...

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  14. 74. Living With God

    A story about a poor child and her sister.

    She's Screaming and crying,
    I don't know what to do.
    I try to help her,
    But I can't move.
    My daddy,
    He hits her again and again.
    My poor little sister,
    My one and only friend.
    I know one thing,
    It's my turn next.
    He's a child abuser,
    You can tell from the text.
    I cannot run,
    He'll chase me down.
    I'm not daddy's princess,
    I have no crown.
    The beatings,
    They go on and on.
    I can't get help,
    I have no mom.
    No mom to hold me,
    And make things better.
    My sister,
    From blood,
    Is getting redder and redder.
    You have no idea
    Of the pain I'm being dealt,
    My sister is dead now,
    Soon I'll know how she felt.
    No one knows how sorry he may feel,
    He doesn't realize lunch from school could be, My last meal.
    Goodbye to this world.
    Hello to my friend,
    Because God says, right now, it's time for my life to end.

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  15. 75. Please Don't Hurt Me

    This little girl is...me. I am now 27 and I have a beautiful daughter and son. I couldn't imagine anything like this happening to my children. Because it hurts so bad and scars you forever. I have had 2 step-dads that have done wrong to me. No matter how much time passes it always stays with you.

    Poem About Stepdad Abuse Scars Forever

    Scared and alone a sad little girl cries herself to sleep,
    No hand to hold, no one to tell so alone at night she'd weep.

    Tears falling down her nine year old face,
    she felt so unloved, she felt out of place,
    She told all her secrets to her pillowcase.

    See there was a man much older than she,
    He was suppose to be in love and married to her mommy.

    But her mom would leave and while she was out of the house,
    He would sneak around quiet as a mouse.

    He would find that lonely little girl,
    And ruin her entire world.

    And when he was through he'd look her in the eye,
    And say "if you say a word your brothers and mom will die."

    So she kept that secret through all of the years,
    She spent her time crying all of the tears.

    That man got away with all that he did,
    Trying to make a woman out of a little kid.

    She never told her mom but one day,
    Her mom read it in a journal she had, had hidden away.

    She talked to her mom and they tried to make him pay,
    For all of the years he had taken away.

    So that little girl answered questions day after day,
    Of all the things he would do and say.

    One thing after another, time after time,
    She had to relive all of this in her mind.

    But there wasn't enough hard evidence to make the case last,
    After all of the years that had come and passed.

    So the man had to register as a sex offender for a couple of years,
    For making that little girl cry all of those tears.

    She paid more than he did and still does to this day,
    For now she has a daughter she can hardly let play.

    Because what that man did scarred her like a knife,
    She feels like less of a woman, and feels like he stole her life.

    Every once in awhile she swears she sees his face,
    At a store, a station, just any place.

    And it is enough to send a chill to the bone,
    Will he hurt me again, will he follow me home?

    After you went through misery like that,
    You can never have your normal life back.

    You think about it sometimes, you know he's still there,
    You wonder if he will come and get you, you have to live with that fear.

    Once you have been violated in such a way,
    You can't help but think he'll still get you one day.

    No matter how safe you are, or what anyone has said,
    He could be gone from this earth, but he's forever in your head.


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    Thank you for sharing your story. I was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused by my step-father from the time I was 7 until I was 20. I know the pain you feel or the anger you might...

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  16. 76. Bring Me Down

    • By Jenni Lee
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

    Don't ever let him convince you that it's your fault, as this poem suggests.

    Bring me down
    to the ground
    if not verbally
    then physically

    Yes it's me
    I know it's me
    You wouldn't hurt me if I didn't speak

    I didn't put it away
    so you made me understand

    you wouldn't be a man
    if you didn't raise your hand
    to put me in my place

    I talk too much
    and I shouldn't say
    what made me hurt so bad today

    cause if I do
    that's when I'm screwed
    I just made you bring me down

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    This poem describes what I am going through now. I thought I was the only one. Now I know that I am not.

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  17. 77. Abuse

    • By Maria
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2008
    Losing Trust

    I still sit up in my bed and think what did I do.
    I remember the hurt I've seen
    The pain I felt
    I tried to tell
    I tried to yell
    I tried to tell about those bruises
    Those scars
    Those cuts

    I went to school
    & lied
    They asked
    But I didn't tell
    No I didn't tell about
    Those cuts I was forced to make
    Those bruises that I had pounded into me
    Those scars that she carved into my body

    Every time she came near
    I screamed
    She came near with a knife
    She came near with a fist
    She came near with a stick

    I tried to hide
    I tried to run
    She still found me
    She still hurt me
    She still thrust pain upon me
    She still forced me to carve my own pain

    She made me sick
    When I saw my own blood drop
    She made that laugh
    Ring through my ears

    I tried to save them
    She came near them

    She tried to harm them
    I tried to protect them

    Each time she punched
    I yelped out of pain
    Out of agony
    Out of hurt

    My heart throbbed of hurt
    Of pain

    I lost my trust
    Gained my pain
    Because of her
    I lost my trust
    I still tried to tell
    I tried to tell of what she did to me
    I tried to tell of what she did to them
    I tried to protect them
    I gained my pain
    Because each time she sliced
    I screamed
    My screams, their screams
    Where full of hatred
    I lost my trust
    They lost their trust
    Because of her
    We don't trust

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  18. 78. Don't Worry Mother

    There is always hope for the most miserable and only God can supply us with it.

    I wake up from bed with a fear in my eyes
    Another painful day will lead to my cries
    I look around the room and all I see
    Is a room full of hurting memories
    Getting beaten and wiped until I turn gray
    Mom whispering "stay one more day"
    Her weeps for him to stop just leads to more
    Leaving her bleeding and full of sores
    I wonder when this all has to stop
    One day ill be brave enough and call the cops
    But until I do I have to stand this pain
    That burns in my heart like an angry flame
    I don't care about what I'm going through
    But the sad thing is moms going through this too
    All for me and that's why
    I think I deserve this and I'll go by
    One day looking for a door that'll lead to a clue
    That mom and I will go through
    And leave my dad to live in hell
    And burn within the steel jail cell
    One day it'll happen when I can't take no more
    And this pain that remained to store
    Grief will go away
    And ill be in heaven, there to stay.

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  19. 79. Night

    • By Michaela
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2010

    I have been through more than my share of pain. my parents divorced when I was 2. my dad gave me up when I was 8. I was molested when I was 10 through 14 by my step brother. my mom has an incurable disease. my grandma is gay, the other one died of cancer. my grandfather died of a brain tumor. I haven't seen my brothers in 7 years. and my mom is in the middle of her second divorce right now. but all these experiences have made me who I am. I'm stronger now, I'm unbreakable, I'm me.

    the lord made the day when all was right
    a beautiful child was born that night
    the man and woman brought life into this world
    the demons owned him when the doctor said it was girl
    he tried to fight the pain
    then the demons started screaming his name
    after a few years he finally broke down
    a new life of terror is what he found

    how did you not notice that he would leave your bed every night.
    he would tuck me in and turn out the foreseeing light.
    yet he would stay longer than a kiss and hug.
    he got more than a daughter's love.
    he was my father and he thought he can.
    I was a fragile child morphed into a woman.
    you were such a deep sleeper you didn't hear him get up.
    you didn't hear me scream after every sinful touch.
    he would throw me on my bed.
    climb on me cradle my head.
    he took off my warm safe clothes.
    then the pressure started to grow.
    with the evil in his eyes he took my childhood.
    maybe it was just because he could.
    night after night I didn't need this pain.
    but it didn't matter every night was the very same.
    I would perspire, cry and bleed.
    he cleaned me up after his ritual deed
    yet no matter I knew that I would never be clean.

    the lord made the night when the skies were gray
    the beautiful child was forever changed, never to be the same
    how much longer will she be able to live in this hurricane
    will she forever live with the pain

    welcome to my home
    it isn't just me but somehow I'm all alone
    the door is always open for everyone seems to leave
    no one can take the lies and deceit
    the locks have been broken so father can have his way
    so you won't ever have any personal space
    welcome to my man made hell
    you can just leave like everyone else.

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  20. 80. Daddys Little Girl

    • By Faylee Ann
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2010

    This is a poem I wrote about my father, who sexually and physically abused me for the first 9 years of my life.
    To this day, he has never served time for his crimes.

    I though I was his princess,
    His baby girl.

    First came the fist,
    Later it was frying pans,
    Once even a baseball bat.

    I started to believe this is how daddy's show love,
    Because I was still daddy's girl.

    I knew I wasn't alone,
    My brother and sister were victim's to.

    I thought I could take the hits,
    It's not so bad.
    He still loves me, his baby girl

    One night daddy came home,
    He was drunk.
    Brother tried to hide me and sister.

    His efforts were pointless,
    Daddy found me under the bed.

    He said he was fed up,
    It was time to pay up.

    I remember I was six.
    He took something I was to young to understand.
    But I believed, it was daddy's love.

    He said I was special, his little girl
    Told me to keep this a secret.

    Almost five years later,
    I learn I'm not the only one with a secret,
    Sister is one of daddy's victim's.

    We cried all night,
    Sister said its going to be alright.
    Said we'd put up a fight.
    ....We never once won.

    Three years go by,
    Mummy left daddy,
    Said he was a bad man.
    Said he hurt mummy.

    Turns out he hit mummy too.
    Sister and I tell mummy our secret.
    But as always, we lose our fight.
    Daddy got away, took off in flight.

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