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  1. He's Gone Now!

    • By Penny
    • Published: August 2008

    Even though it was wrong,
    He thought it was right.

    I had been told to keep it quiet,...

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    Hi I know how you feel the same thing happened to me but the man did not get caught he still lives next door to me I see him everyday, no one really now how I feel but I blame myself I suppose x

  2. My Home Is Not Safe

    • By Christina
    • Published: December 2007
    Get Help With Sexual Abuse

    It's 2:00 PM time to go home,
    He's waiting for me at home,
    I don't want to go home,
    I walk through the drive way to the side door,...

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  3. Silent Tears Hidden From View

    • By Evieb
    • Published: July 2009

    Hidden from view my silent tears flow freely
    No one cares though as I hold Teddy dearly
    This horrible pain has gone on far too long
    I try to forget as I hum my own little song...

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    I was angered by the words, "You destroy them and leave them with no power".

    My dear, you might feel destroyed today, but you still have power to overcome the situation you are in. If you...

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  4. Kristen--R.I.P

    • By Samantha
    • Published: September 2008
    Killed Herself Because Her Dad Abused Her

    I understand:

    I understand there are some problems with your life,
    everything's changing around us, ...

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    Two years ago I lost one of my best friends to suicide, only two days after I had my first baby. It was the saddest and happiest time of my life. She was the only person I could talk to about...

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  5. Happiness In The Pain

    A girl stormed out of her house one night,
    After her and her mother had had another fight,
    "She does not understand me, She does not know."
    Each thought she had was another blow....

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  6. Don't

    • By Trisha Eckenrode
    • Published: November 2009

    Please daddy don't
    please daddy don't walk away
    don't go daddy that's all I have to say
    daddy don't leave me on this sidewalk...

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    That's so sad!! I hope you are ok and getting through life ok...!

  7. The Broken Girl

    Welcome to my broken home,
    There's nobody here I'm all alone.

    The walls they scream of things once said,...

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    Can't seem to put into words how you blessed my mind with your poems. They have helped me come out of my shell. Thankful you are comfortable putting this out there for the world to see....

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  8. Sorry Daddy

    • By Keri L. Exsterstein
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About Physical Abuse From Father

    You call me names,
    You curse me out,
    When I make you mad,
    You scream and shout,...

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    I’m so sorry you were hurt at 4 and you’re still in pain at 15. I am 55, and I have been where you are, abused, broken, tossed aside, unloved, and unwanted. I found help through a Christian...

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  9. Innocence Lost

    Serpents slip into the night hoping you won't put up a fight.

    Tempted to do the unthinkable crime
    wanting to fill their lonely mind....

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  10. Just Your Child

    • By Daphney Martin
    • Published: May 2011

    I'm standing in the dark and into the light,
    Can't you see me?
    I am standing in your sight.
    You don't want me, ...

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