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  1. Lost Innocence

    Looking back on a time and place
    Seeing a child's innocent face
    Knowing that things aren't as they appear
    For inside she cries silent tears...

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    You're gonna make it. I'm pretty sure. Your'e 19 already and you're beautiful. Stay strong for me please. Thank you :)

  2. I Have A Secret

    • By Ciara Coper
    • Published: June 2007

    Mother is there when I get home from school,
    I'm happy there, hyper and playing the fool.
    But as I pull on the handle and turn the key,
    I feel a sense of dread and fear fill me....

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    I can relate. My mother has done horrible things that made me end up in the hospital, but my dad never left, but he didn't know until I told, so now I'm living with him. Safe, I guess, but I...

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  3. Daddy And His Girl

    • By Aelfin
    • Published: October 2008

    Trapped in a box, eating up the oxygen.
    Breath fast, fast, faster
    Fight to swallow all of my chances.
    Before he comes with the rise of the sun....

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    I feel your pain. For years my stepfather raped me but it was not until I had my own girls that I could admit it to anyone. My mother stood by me 100% & she is still my rock. I became a nurse...

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  4. Before I Sleep, I Cry

    • By Alison
    • Published: May 2008

    I don't like to sit upon your lap
    and cuddle close to you
    I don't like it when you touch me
    and do the things you do,...

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    I was sexually abused by my blood dad when I was just 12 years old. The coward not only sexually abused me but my older sister too. The sexual abuse went on for 2 years and I stood quiet. I...

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  5. You Took My Childhood Away

    I was a tiny child
    So innocent and mild
    You told me to play a game
    Did you have no shame?...

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    I know how you feel. I was 7 years old laying asleep in my aunts living room floor beside my 2 little cousins when I got up to get a glass of water. My dads brother, Randy was his name, met...

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  6. Stronger

    Victim Of Sexual Abuse

    Bottled up inside are the words I've never said
    The feelings that I hide
    You can see it in my face
    You can see it in my eyes...

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    Thank you for sharing your story. I'm praying for you to know real, true love in your life and find some way to have the peace of forgiveness, because you know that you are so much stronger...

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  7. Finally Awoke From The Dread

    • By Koreena
    • Published: November 2007
    Fighting Against Abuser

    When I wake up in the morning I feel a sensation none other can feel,
    The heart has stopped, steady and steal.
    Like a rocket shooting for the moon, I'm a child trying to hide in a human cocoon.
    Bruises and bumps that appear over my body, new ones happening every day. ...

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  8. Till The Day I Die

    • By Miranda
    • Published: October 2009

    I told no lie,
    But he is still free,
    Walking and roaming the streets,
    For what he did to me was not fair,...

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    I am in foster care too. I have been abused by many foster parents your story touched my heart.
    Thank you,
    Sky'e Lynnette

  9. My Innocence, Never To Regain

    • By Ellen
    • Published: May 2011

    If God granted me one wish
    I know what it would be.
    To return the child's innocence
    That you stole from me. ...

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    Thanks for sharing your story! I'm praying that God will show you comfort and love in your life, and forgiveness and peace for all the things that happened to you. God bless.

  10. The Arms That Hold Him

    • By Ashley Anderson
    • Published: July 2011

    Ashley Nicole Anderson-2005

    As the blood ran down her face
    she realized this is not the way ...

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