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  1. 41. The Needle

    • By Trey
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2008

    I'm a teenager just trying to cope with the death of my little brother, addiction took over my life, my poems aren't the best but they are my true thoughts and feelings.

    Poem On Trying To Stop Drug Addiction

    why do I think putting this needle in my vein
    is going to take away the pain
    is avoiding my issues just going to make them go away
    or are they still going to be there when my high is gone the next day
    this upper is my downer but I'm already down
    can I get any lower
    I'm lower than the ground
    why is getting back on my feet so hard
    the pain to my body is nothing for I am emotionally scarred
    why does it feel like when I'm sober I'm high
    but when I'm high I feel sober
    why can't this affliction just stop and be over
    I ruined my teenage life to this point
    I lied when I said nothing more was to come of that joint
    weed was gateway drug for me
    then came sherm, ex,and pcp
    but the needle felt so right.
    so did wrapping the belt around my arm so tight,
    my high came fast and with out any pain,
    but my once sunny days are nothing but rain,
    but that's my fault and I messed up bad.
    rehab couldn't stop me,
    I wanted to get high,
    but I do what every addict does,
    I cheat steal and lie,
    so now I'm out and free,
    but this euphoric rush I crave has taken yet another member of my family,
    now I sit around thinking to my self " DAMN"
    I'm On the outs and I'm still feeling bad,
    but my life is now in my hands so I should be glad...

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    I am a proud granny of 3 precious grand daughters that belong to my middle daughter named Rebecca and of 2 grandsons whose mother is my oldest daughter. I also have a daughter named Sarah, my...

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  2. 42. Demons Dwell

    • By Frank Simental
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2008

    Soul defeated

    Soul Defeated

    Deep down inside my demons dwell,
    So secretly I've kept them well,
    Where were you the night I fell?

    Hell I fell deep into a hole,
    Misplacing for some time my soul,
    For 12 whole months they had their fun,
    But can't their damage be undone?

    I've laid them down to rest,
    But still they burn within my chest,
    They refuse to leave me in peace,
    God their voices never cease!

    I feel warm in the sun's brilliant light,
    But fall weak by early night,
    I feel safe when I'm awake,
    My soul is mine and not theirs to take,

    But when I recede into my bed,
    They seize control of all that's in my head,
    Rising quickly to their feet,
    I lower my head and admit defeat.

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  3. 43. Lost Time

    • By Tim Smith
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2011

    This poem is about how my life drastically changed from drug use in just 5 months. Everyone has a chance to change their life for the better. Making people proud of your recovery is the best high there is.

    Drug Addiction Starts With Pot

    The power of addiction is a horrible disease.
    You make think it relieves pressure,
    Or bring pain to ease.

    You will soon come to realize,
    That you are so very wrong;
    Whether it's after twelve lines,
    Or eight hits from a bong.

    It always starts with pot,
    No matter how sure you are.
    That's how it started for me,
    And at twenty I was behind bars.

    At times you may think,
    That you can have a few drinks;
    But a few turns into many,
    And soon you'll be kissing the sink.

    You lose some of your relatives,
    And even more of your friends.
    Before you see it coming,
    This disease will bring your life to an end.

    So after writing this poem,
    I'm asking you now:
    Do you still want to use,
    Or make people proud?

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  4. 44. Time To Face Facts

    • By Hope
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

    Been writing for a few years and this was written for a close friend I care about

    Meth Leads To Death

    You left loving friends
    Out in the cold
    All because addiction
    Had taken hold

    Friends that still care
    You left behind
    Still they tried to help
    But you declined

    Saying you were fine
    While living a lie
    Mets leads to death
    Get help or die

    Friends through it all
    We remain true
    Taking the next step
    Depends on you

    Its time to face facts
    Get back on track
    So we can celebrate
    Having you back

    Hope ©2007

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    I have a 20 year old friend whom is addicted to meth. She has done it since she was 17 and has gotten worse. She lost her 1 year old daughter behind it and still does it. I am a recovering...

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  5. 45. Just Drive

    This one is once again about my best friend of 10 years spiraling addiction. I am lost in a sea of confusion when it comes to her.

    Be The Friend I Once Knew

    I made a wish for you I don't know if it'll come true.
    I wished you could get over your weakness and be the friend I once knew.
    I wished on so many stars, they all shone so bright.
    Looking up at them I wondered where you are tonight.
    Perhaps you are reading, sleeping, dreaming, or more.
    I know this is untrue because its 2am and I can almost see you climbing in the cars door.
    The bottles false truths have you feeling so strong,
    Invincible like nothing can go wrong.
    I sit on my couch and watch my phone.
    Hoping never to get the call telling me I'm all alone.
    The phone rings and I hold my breath so tight.
    Thank God it's just you telling me you're alright.
    You made it home one more night.
    No fiery crash but it doesn't mean it's right.
    What are we going to do, what could I say?
    To make sure some innocent drivers life isn't tossed away.
    How would you feel, how could you live?
    With a baby's blood on your hands, it gave you the hardest lesson its short life could give.
    Don't get in the car and for God's sake don't drive,
    Because someone else isn't drunk and they might be the ones to not survive.

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  6. 46. Will Sorry Ever Be Enough?

    Can the word "sorry" fix everything? Sometimes I am just not sure about anything...but in the end we all need to have hope.

    As I sit here and think
    Of all the lies that you told
    The nights I would lay awake and wonder
    The broken promises thrown out with last weeks recycling
    I think...
    If I even heard sorry the right way
    Would it be enough?
    Would I let go of all this pain inside?
    Would I magically emerge as the bigger person?
    Should I have to be the bigger person?
    Wasn't I always that bigger person?
    I think...
    Would I know sorry if I heard it?
    Are there enough words in the world to make us right again?
    Maybe it is me...
    Maybe I have to swallow my pride just one last time
    Maybe this time I have to believe you
    Maybe you are right
    Maybe I have to have hope.

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    The poem “Is Sorry Enough?” is a keeper. It hits the nail right on the head, relating to me and my brother. Since my father passed, my brother’s wife and him been spreading lie after lie. I...

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  7. 47. Driver Of The Car

    One of my friends used to always drink and drive so I made this poem up to scare him ....

    Driver of the car..
    Going to a party, raging all night long
    sex drugs and alcohol and a band singing a song
    one glass after another, you don't seem to stop
    than you have a cone of buds we all call it pot.
    Your head start to spin, around around and around,
    people holding you up before you hit the ground,
    your legs all wobbly not a moment to spare
    I'm in my car driving along, at this point I don't care.
    Driving home quicker and quicker
    is it all because of the liquor
    you see the lights your nearly there
    driving home drunk and despair.
    In a town just about home
    where a little girl was walking alone
    slammed on the brakes, just could not have missed
    caused through drinking and driving and being like this
    Jumped out the car like a lump of lead
    seeing a 10yr old girl who is now dead,
    caused through drinking and driving and having fun,
    you cant fix up something that's already done.
    I have to live with this for the rest of my life
    I don't drink alcohol, and now I don't drive
    dreaming all night can't blot it out of my head
    I should have been the one, I should have been dead .....

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    Wow, that was pretty intense. You should probably go to your local highschool and give this to the principal to read to the teens. Its pretty scary, it'll hopefully scare the seniors out of...

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  8. 48. Where Am I, Who Am I

    • By Lyla-lost
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2008

    This is a poem about myself. I smoke marijuana. If you smoke marijuana to my extent you might be able to relate... its terrible.

    Addicted to Smoking Pot Poem

    I wake up in the morning, see your not there.
    By 10am I feel sick, I need you my dear.
    Why can't I have you all the time.
    I need you. It hurts me it makes me cry.
    I can't handle the truth, reality and life.
    You are so good you make me feel unreal.
    I would rather be with you then anyone else.
    I can't eat or sleep without you baby, you are my world.
    You drive me insane.
    All I want is your pleasure,
    but hunting for you is pain.
    What the heck am I going to gain.
    forgetful, always broke and looking dopey.
    who wants to be friends with a phony.
    I will pay you back, maybe next month.
    I do nothing until then but sit on my ass.
    While I constantly smoke my grass.
    24/7 its a full time job.
    Now I'm bored with life
    God why did you let me see.
    at such a young age, how good marijuana can really be.
    It has ruined me from time to time,
    I'm just hanging in there I will be just fine..
    Fighting fighting and more abuse.
    I'm lost in my own world and can't anybody see.
    now nothing is making sense to me
    I don't know who I am any more.
    I've lost the plot until the very end.
    I have no feelings my friend.
    I'm not a person nor human, male or female.
    I am a doped up scumbag and I can never change.....

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    Hi, this is so very sad. I have suffered the same problem. It is a form of self torture. I have however given up now. I work full time. This drug is still smothering my partner.
    I wrote a...

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  9. 49. Time To Let Go

    • By Randi R. Brekhus
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    Those of who are addicted to substances that may ruin our lives need to stop and think about consequences.

    Today I sat and tried my best to think.
    If it could end your life why would you drink?
    I wish I knew how to change your mind.
    Life is too precious to leave it all behind.
    How can you just turn around and walk away.
    When we need a dad here for us today.
    Is that what you want the easy way out?
    To leave this world without any doubt.
    So stop a minute and take a deep breath.
    Drinking like this could lead to your death.
    Think of everything you have before you choose.
    If you don't stop drinking that is what you will lose.
    After all these years there is one thing I now know.
    If I love you this much it time to let go.

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    There I am standing looking in the mirror, tears rolling down my face,
    thinking, 'Why is it that this world is all going wrong? Is it the human race?,
    Is this world meant for people to...

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  10. 50. This Last Dance

    • By Lanae
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2009

    I wrote this poem when I was addicted to cocaine. This has been several months ago, and I've stayed clean.

    Cocaine Is My Sweetest Friend

    My sweetest friend has gone away
    The price of love, I cannot pay
    In times of need, my darkest hour
    Twas YOU my friend, to whom I'd cower
    You took me up, and made me see
    The other side of reality
    You've shown me worlds where time stands still
    and revealed the gap that only you can fill
    where love is none, and friends are few
    It's there you've shown what you really do
    You've blinded my eyes to all the pain
    but my heart you've killed, and my soul you've drained
    You've stolen my life and you've taken my friends
    And I feel like it's time for this journey to end
    But no matter the pain you've caused me to feel
    The money you've stolen or the people you've killed
    I'll always remember the good times we shared
    The places you took me and the way that you cared
    So we'll take this last dance, and then we'll dance no more
    I'll miss you my friend, forevermore.

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    I never had trouble quitting cocaine and I had a $300 a day habit. My father had left me a substantial amount of money when he died and it was like the devil was waiting for that to happen. I...

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  11. 51. The Bottle

    • By Alex Trombley
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    I was really inspired to write this poem because I've been through and witnessed what this disease can do to people. I'm only 18 years old and it destroyed my life. I turned my addiction into a positive instead of a negative. My goal is to inspire people to become sober and live a healthy, happy life.

    you see the bottle,
    and don't no what to do
    you want some,
    but you don't know what will happen to you
    your mind says go ahead,
    one will be fine
    but you know what happens when you cross that line
    you keep trying to convince yourself that it will be alright
    but you know it will take control,
    no matter how hard you fight
    your will becomes weaker,
    and the temptations start to grow
    your resentments are winning,
    and your victories are low
    you convince yourself its ok,
    and finally give in
    another loss for you, and for the bottle
    another win

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    Wow this touched my heart...I cried as I read this over and over. I hope you know you have an amazing talent. I'm 16 and my dad has this conversation going on in his head. a lot. thank you. I...

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  12. 52. Detour

    • By Lisa A. Bryant
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2011

    This poem is mostly about making good choices and of course, bad choices. Sometimes, you can't go back and make a good choice and it seals your fate. I have had a problem with alcohol and drug addiction most of my life and some choices I have made I regret deeply. I see this addiction in people that I love so much and wish I could change something - anything - and make a softer landing for them, but I can't. The choices are ours and of course, fate's.

    The road said, "Detour," and without hesitation, she went straight ahead.
    In hindsight, she wished she would have listened to what the Good Book had said.
    But don't do that and do this had no appeal,
    There was no awakening, nothing was for real.

    She once had a life, a future full of hope,
    Now after her great sleep, she can barely cope.
    Self-destruction made its way into another's life,
    Hardening the heart and adding to strife.

    Awake! Awake her young heart might have said,
    But it seemed too hard, and her conscience was dead.
    Redemption could have come, but was it too late,
    Life behind a steel cage, self-destruction sealed her fate.

    Can't look in the mirror or see what you saw,
    Only a vision of what could have been, half but not all.
    Fate, are you laughing at the one road that could have been?
    There was no choice. Detour was the end.

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    He walked with a demon who had him hooked. This angel of darkness had his soul shook. He left out the door without a goodbye. His heart broken mother feared he would die. He walked into...

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  13. 53. The Dream

    • By Steven
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    This poem was written in my first sixty days getting clean from a horrible drug addiction. It came when I first realized there was hope for me.

    Hope For Staying Clean After Addiction

    The dream of getting out.
    We live in a place where fear walks around like a school yard bully.
    It's in our face every minute of every day.
    There is a nothingness about fear.
    We move about our world, trying to avoid our fear.
    But it's everywhere we go.
    We hide it, disguise it.
    Store it away.

    Darkness creeps in.
    At first, it's oh so beautiful.
    There is no fear.
    A line.
    It's crossed.
    Time passes in shades of gray.
    Everything pure is lost.
    The child cries out for the light.
    Cries so loud, but only to a deaf ear.
    But, what a dream.
    The dream.
    The dream of life beyond the darkness.
    How to attain it?
    An outstretched hand.
    A hug.
    Hope brings with it a smile.
    The smile warms a frozen heart.
    What was once gray explodes into color.
    A stair well appears.
    First one, then two, and slowly to the third step. Must keep going.
    We find solid ground in which to stand.
    We ascend the fourth step.
    And then the fifth disregarding the fear.
    We walk right through .
    We continue the journey one step at a time.
    No need for getting out.
    I'll stay right here.

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    Hi this poem touched me. I have a son that is very lost and is deeply using drugs. He is in so much emotional and physical pain and I feel hopeless because I have tried everything to help...

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  14. 54. White Lies

    • By Laurie Stewart
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2010

    I wrote this when my niece lost another one of her five children. It is very hurtful to see a child abandoned from the evil effects of drugs and to wonder whether the one doing the drugs is going to be alive the next day. Our family has been through rehab after rehab supporting her but to this day she still chooses the drugs over her beautiful gifts from God, her children. I just don't understand how she can do this to her children, her babies.

    They shun their families and their friends
    and sometimes they lose their babies..

    They play a game they can never win
    while their loved ones live on hopes and maybes

    They tell us lies that we want to believe
    but it is only their selves that they deceive

    They only live for the here and now
    and they can not see the why or the how..

    They break our hearts and awaken our fear
    and their babies cry but they do not hear..

    They tell us lies a thousand times old
    while we shelter their babies from the cold..

    They harbor their shame and use it as guilt to hide,
    and they close their eyes to the pain inside.

    Laurie Stewart (c)

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    isn't every word the truth????!!!??? A story I couldn't have said better myself. I have been there done that as an addict. Losing my girls, my place to live and the respect of my friends and...

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  15. 55. Drunk Driving

    • By Amber
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2010

    A wonderful friend who lost his life for a stupid night of drinking

    If I knew you were going I would have done a lot more,
    but I didn't see until recently and now you've closed the door,
    I would have told you that I love you and how I need you so,
    to keep my life going but now you'll never know,
    you kept hanging out with bad people,
    you were easily slipping away.
    And it all ended, on this unfaithful day
    for you went to a party and you drank and drank and drank.
    And you got into a car with some dirty skank.
    You turned the key in the ignition, put the pedal to the floor.
    You were going to fast, and now you're here no more.
    Why did you drink and drive?
    Didn't your mother tell you it was bad?
    Didn't she tell you that if you did, it would make everyone so sad?
    You killed yourself in that stupid car and now your gone,
    you've gone too far for I can't see your lovely smile or your beautiful face.
    I can't hear your wonderful voice.
    I can feel no more grace.
    After school I took the long way home,
    I walked so slow I just wanted to be alone.
    Bad things were running through my mind,
    I just couldn't get you out of my head,
    Well I thought, this is the end.
    I'm so selfish, so unkind.
    I took a knife into my room and sild it along my wrists,
    got out a photo of you and gave you a kiss.
    I laid there for hours, just waiting to die.
    My friends were all that I could think of and all could do is cry.
    "Oh My God" What have I done I've left everyone!
    I tried to sit up, I tried to yell out to but I was too weak, it was too late.
    This is the end, this is my fate
    I'm sorry mum, I'm sorry dad.
    Don't be sad, please don't be mad.
    As my breathing got shorter as I held his picture tight,
    and I laid there on my bed and died there that very night.

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  16. 56. A Boozers Advice

    This is about my life from my late twenties to 10 months ago

    If you booze you lose, or so they say
    I didn't believe that back in the day
    When I was young it seemed so funny
    Clubbing together, so we had enough money
    Just weekends it started at first
    Then in the week to quench my thirst
    But as I got older the liquor got stronger
    Hangovers began to last much longer
    In the end they would last three days
    And my memories were a blurry haze
    Then one day I hit rock bottom
    With self-esteem long forgotten
    All that mattered was my next drink
    It took to long to make the link
    Till finally unable to function
    And coming to a life threatening junction
    Choose to drink my life away
    Or stop and live the proper way
    Getting dry was hard to do
    I wouldn't wish that shit on you
    With sweats and jolts and a terrible shake
    How long would my recovery take
    Slowly, slowly, less and less
    Now my life is not a mess
    It was something I had to do
    And now can write this verse for you
    It can happen to anyone
    I started off just having fun
    So be weary of this evil trap
    Or you life could end up feeling crap
    But for now it's over anyway
    And I live to fight another day
    Not every one's hit by the demon in drink
    But when your young you just don't think
    I'm not telling you what to do
    This is just my advice to you
    Looking through an addicts eyes
    Those drunken days have made me wise
    Not everyone has to lose, it's up to you to safely booze.

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  17. 57. They Have No Clue

    • By Dora
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    the hurt addiction can cause

    Hurt Addiction Can Cause

    They have no clue the heartache they cause
    They have no clue the hurt they cause
    They have no clue the cruel things they say stick with us forever
    They have no clue how much our kids go through
    They have no clue the damage lasts forever
    They have no clue how our hearts ache
    They have no clue that just because they don't remember, we do and will never forget
    They have no clue how much we hope for an apology
    They have no clue that when we finally get an apology how much more it would mean if we knew it wouldn't happen again
    They have no clue how much we crave a normal life
    They have no clue how much we dread and fear when they drink just "one" more
    They have no clue what they do to our self esteem
    They have no clue how cruel and hurtful they can be
    They have no clue what they do to our mind, our heart, and our soul

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    oh they have a clue, in the morning when they have come out of the haze some they see the damage that has been done. They know the hurt and the heartache because they have it to. They crave a...

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  18. 58. Addict's Heart

    • By Jeremy C.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2014

    Just a young man with his eyes and ears open to the world he lives in. Trying to learn to open his heart.

    Short Poem About Addiction

    We are the dry wind,
    but broken shadows of our former selves,
    Left with nothing
    but our own carnal pleasures
    That day by day, hour by hour
    dry up the very well of our souls.

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  19. 59. I Bleed

    • By Stephanie vonWille
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2007

    Feelings of desperation from an addict

    Desperate Feelings Of Addict

    Behind these eyes;
    My entire soul cries;
    Pieces of my heart;
    Unfold under hurt;
    All I have left to hold;
    Is myself, behold;
    Empty and broke;
    Listen, my words are spoke;
    Screaming from within;
    I want out of my skin;
    Feelings of abandon;
    Bearing the scars of years I branded;
    Into my veins;
    Evil spirits remain;
    Fighting for freedom;
    I hold on longer than most;
    Tired and sick I feel within;
    Needles and poison heal the webs I spin;
    Surrender I must;
    I come to the trust;
    Take away my pain I plead;
    I'm just like you, We are the same;
    I've cut my ties and here I bleed.

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  20. 60. Cocaine Lady

    The cravings for cocaine

    Cravings For Cocaine

    Cocaine Lady

    You bring me up when I'm feeling down,
    I can never seem to get enough of you.
    You make it fun to go out on the town,
    It's crazy the things you can do.

    Every time we get together you make my heart race,
    you kiss me and my mouth goes numb.
    When your not near how I crave your taste,
    I want you... every last crumb.

    When you leave me I feel worse then before,
    It's almost sad to see you go.
    All these feelings come back and I just want you more,
    Oh how I crave you blow.

    What has happened to you? It's not quite the same,
    The rush you gave me before.
    I know it's not you who I have to blame,
    maybe if I just do some more.

    What's happened to me, I depend on you now,
    Oh I just hate you so much.
    I want you to go even though
    I know I will strongly crave your touch.

    Leave me be...please go away,
    I don't want you no have no need to stay,
    Then again... you are on my mind each and everyday...
    Maybe one more line...

    The cocaine lady led me astray...
    And I pay for it still even today.

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