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  1. 61. Think Of People Who Care

    • By Hope
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

    Thinking of a friend and their addiction

    Think of all the money wasted
    Just so you can get high
    Think of the people who care
    They keep on asking why

    Had you ever stopped to think
    Where has the time gone
    While life was passing you by
    You closed out everyone

    Addiction screws your psyche
    Messes with your brain
    As you cast loved ones aside
    The dark side you remain

    It should give you time to think
    Whilst inside jail you sit
    Remember friends and family
    All hope and pray you quit


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    My aunt has had diabetes since she was a child. She never let anything put her down. She was very smart and a great actress not to mention beautiful. Then she got into drugs and drinking and...

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  2. 62. Razor's Edge

    This is a story about me and my ex boyfriend's drug addiction. We broke up when he got sent to a four-year rehab for meth and cocaine addiction. I hope this can speak to others.

    It sits on the razor's edge,
    A tear, crimson within itself.
    I sit there, constantly reminded of you.
    This was our thing,
    To be sullen and sleep together,
    To be nothing but vomit and meth,

    Saturating in this sunlight,
    A vibrant relief for the fatigue that overdose brings.
    You're getting clean, but I never will.
    I've come to terms that I am nothing but lies.
    I've come to terms with the tears
    That come screaming out of my eyes
    When I hold that needle to my veins.

    Now I walk down the road,
    Holding only myself as I remember it was once you.
    You're in rehab, I hope.
    I hope getting clean was worth losing me.
    I hope you're happy living while I sit here and die,
    Bit by bit as I pick at my arms
    And light up every chance I get.

    Two years ago I didn't know what weed was,
    Much less chew and blow.
    Yet here I am with a rolled up ten and a mirror.
    I push the coke off and stare into my eyes.
    Well, if you can call dark sockets eyes.
    I scream at myself for being so stupid.
    I break my needle and I throw the mirror.
    The shatters sparkle as they fall to the floor like snow or sparkles.

    I don't want to be clean, I just want more and more.
    I don't care who I have to steal from or beat up.
    I just want another line or another bowl.
    I just want another day I don't throw up or cry.
    I'm sick of standing in a puddle of bloody vomit soaked into my carpet.
    No, I don't want to be clean, I want to more.
    I want to take a shower and think,
    I want to take a shower and let the stench of dope rush off with the water.
    If it doesn't come off, I'll cut it out of my blood,
    And let it sit on the edge of the razor.

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  3. 63. Defects Of Grace

    • By Chase Russow
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

    I have never been a writer of poet I was told to put my thoughts on paper. So I started writing my sponsor said putting my thoughts on paper would help me stay clean. I am sober 10 months now one day at a time. I hope this helps someone thanks Chase.

    Whiskey, Cocaine And Beer To Hide My Fear

    I have lived a life of Isolation...
    felt alone even in a congregation...
    Fear of people places and things...
    I stayed quiet so as not to be seen...
    I used whiskey, cocaine and beer to hide my fear...
    they gave false courage for a time...
    but when morning came I felt only despair and grime...
    on the dark side of life I have seen Love though myself unaware...
    of the feeling it brings to your soul or the songs it sings...
    my dark side lives on the side of Pride....
    Pride is evil for it brings false feelings anger and rage...
    it has consumed me to the point I was back in a cage...
    in that cell though not on my knee's...
    I prayed please end this insanity this disease...
    I have the grace of a Higher Power today...
    that lifts my spirit my thoughts and ways...
    he brings a sense of ease to my reckless life...
    and gave me Compassion to feel, wrong from right...
    I once served sin but now I'm free...
    I pray for Wisdom to shower my soul to be...
    the thought of Peace is new you see...
    not worrying what wrong is waiting for me...
    Material things was my biggest fear I had to let go and let him steer...
    all the material worries of what I have and what I don't...
    is not important but hard to let go...
    and my Lust for women and rich's and power...
    will turn to dust in that final hour...
    the hour is now if you so choose...
    a Higher Power will fill your shoes...
    if you ask he is there Serenity awaits with only a prayer...

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  4. 64. What Happened to You

    • By Jaymie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2010

    This is dedicated to one of my best friends who is doing drugs.

    I Though We Were Best Friends

    I don't even know you anymore.
    I thought we were best friends.
    You know..BEST. FRIENDS.
    Secrets told ; secrets kept.
    Fun nights ; inside jokes.
    Acting weird in public ;
    taking random pictures.
    Finishing each other's sentences ;
    doing each other's hair.
    I thought we had everything.
    I thought we were everything.
    Everyone used to call us twins,
    even though we looked nothing alike.
    Our personalities were like twins,
    Everyone used to call us, "Bonnie and
    Now it's just, "Clyde."
    And all that happened when you started
    to go to parties.
    Getting high and drunk.
    Started doing drugs in my bathroom.
    What happened to us?
    What happened you?

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  5. 65. Uncertainty Of Trust

    Just sitting here praying for a miracle...

    Walking past all the anger and pain of years past
    I sit here confused and lost
    Not knowing what to feel anymore
    Not knowing what to expect
    When you walk through the door
    Who are we now?
    Do we even remember what we were?
    Our lives have become a battle ground
    We are both left defeated
    Casualties are all that is left
    Do you know the pain you caused?
    Do you know I need to heal too?
    Will I ever here a true sorry?
    I need one today
    Today I am feeling helpless and empty
    Yesterday I was okay
    Will I ever trust you again?
    Will you resent me for that?
    I want to get off this ride
    I don't like roller coasters anymore
    I want our feet to stay on the ground
    What will happen after hello?
    The letter you wrote was unfamiliar
    You never wrote me a letter before
    It only scared me more
    Are you worried about who we are?
    Are you scared that there is too much damage?
    Are we totaled or can we be saved?
    Will you really be able to do this?

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    I hope for you Des that things get better. Everyday is a new day. Things in our life have been better since I wrote this poem, amazing in fact. To this day though I am waiting for that...

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  6. 66. It Makes The Pain Go Away

    • By Rene Bennett
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

    I wrote this poem while enjoying a glass of wine, after a fight with my husband. It seemed like it was the only thing to make the hurt go away, and opened me up to writing what I feel. Enjoy.

    When you yell at me, it hurts so much inside,
    like a knife, dragging through my insides.
    I try to yell back, my voice goes unheard,
    so I don't even bother,
    I just retreat to writing poems, that hopefully will be heard.
    I pour a glass of wine, sweet to my liking,
    a passion for the drink I am thriving.
    Each glass better than the last,
    I am opening up slowly to write about my past.
    Your presence goes un-noticed, with every glass I pour,
    I wonder if you'd even notice if I walked out the front door?
    Every sip makes me care even less, about the fight we just had,
    I don't even care if we go to bed mad.
    And as I sit and wrote this poem, my mind free from anger,
    what will tomorrow bring, will this fight linger?
    But what do I care? I have my freedom drink,
    how much lower must I sink?
    Into a stupor, I have sunk,
    I can't even think straight, for I am D-runk!
    What were we fighting about again? My mind begins to wander,
    I am growing tired now, aching for a slumber.
    I'm out of wine now, I have no other reason to be awake,
    except to tell you how much my heart aches.
    I wish you'd respect me, for the woman I am,
    instead of yelling "God Damn!"
    I am who I am, it's not like you didn't know,
    from the time we started dating; you make me feel so low.
    But this glass of wine is teaching me,
    that I am me, I am free,
    to say what I need to say, nothing more nothing less,
    I am me, and for that my family can attest.
    I've let people walk all over me,
    letting them have more than what should be.
    But I'm done with that, at least for now, for this drink has set me free.
    I don't want to be addicted, I won't let myself go down,
    but can I make myself feel better, without being drowned?
    With my glass of wine beside me, I feel like I can do anything,
    but I wonder, does this poem mean anything?
    To me, it means that my mind is free,
    to feel and say anything,
    my heart is sad, my mind is mad,
    Is this really me?
    By now, I feel like I've said too much, how will people judge me?
    For now I don't care, because my drink is beside me.
    But tomorrow will bring the answers I seek, as angry and truthful they might be,
    but for now, I have the one thing I need, my glass of wine beside me.

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