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  1. Razor's Edge

    It sits on the razor's edge,
    A tear, crimson within itself.
    I sit there, constantly reminded of you.
    This was our thing,

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  3. Think Of People Who Care

    Think of all the money wasted
    Just so you can get high
    Think of the people who care
    They keep on asking why...

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    My aunt has had diabetes since she was a child. She never let anything put her down. She was very smart and a great actress not to mention beautiful. Then she got into drugs and drinking and...

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  4. Driver Of The Car

    Driver of the car..
    Going to a party, raging all night long
    sex drugs and alcohol and a band singing a song
    one glass after another, you don't seem to stop...

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    Wow, that was pretty intense. You should probably go to your local highschool and give this to the principal to read to the teens. Its pretty scary, it'll hopefully scare the seniors out of...

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  6. They Have No Clue

    • By Dora
    • Published: March 2008
    Hurt Addiction Can Cause

    They have no clue the heartache they cause
    They have no clue the hurt they cause
    They have no clue the cruel things they say stick with us forever
    They have no clue how much our kids go through...

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    oh they have a clue, in the morning when they have come out of the haze some they see the damage that has been done. They know the hurt and the heartache because they have it to. They crave a...

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  7. Uncertainty Of Trust

    Walking past all the anger and pain of years past
    I sit here confused and lost
    Not knowing what to feel anymore
    Not knowing what to expect...

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    I hope for you Des that things get better. Everyday is a new day. Things in our life have been better since I wrote this poem, amazing in fact. To this day though I am waiting for that...

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  8. King Cocaine

    Poem About Why Don't Addicts Get Help

    King Cocaine has come out smoking,
    I've taken hit after hit.
    It's plain to see he's not joking,
    And it's obvious I should to quit....

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    I am an addict living one day at a time. I do not say I'm in recovery, cuz I don't want to jinx myself. When all my using, craving dreams and thoughts leave me forever, then I will say I'm...

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  10. Will Sorry Ever Be Enough?

    As I sit here and think
    Of all the lies that you told
    The nights I would lay awake and wonder
    The broken promises thrown out with last weeks recycling...

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    The poem “Is Sorry Enough?” is a keeper. It hits the nail right on the head, relating to me and my brother. Since my father passed, my brother’s wife and him been spreading lie after lie. I...

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  11. Detour

    • By Lisa A. Bryant
    • Published: December 2011

    The road said, "Detour," and without hesitation, she went straight ahead.
    In hindsight, she wished she would have listened to what the Good Book had said.
    But don't do that and do this had no appeal,
    There was no awakening, nothing was for real. ...

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    He walked with a demon who had him hooked. This angel of darkness had his soul shook. He left out the door without a goodbye. His heart broken mother feared he would die. He walked into...

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  12. Where Am I, Who Am I

    • By Lyla-lost
    • Published: February 2008
    Addicted to Smoking Pot Poem

    I wake up in the morning, see your not there.
    By 10am I feel sick, I need you my dear.
    Why can't I have you all the time.
    I need you. It hurts me it makes me cry....

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    Hi, this is so very sad. I have suffered the same problem. It is a form of self torture. I have however given up now. I work full time. This drug is still smothering my partner.
    I wrote a...

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  13. Defects Of Grace

    • By Chase Russow
    • Published: January 2009
    Whiskey, Cocaine And Beer To Hide My Fear

    I have lived a life of Isolation...
    felt alone even in a congregation...
    Fear of people places and things...
    I stayed quiet so as not to be seen......

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