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  1. Hey Boy ... Hey Girl

    • By Rose Bennett
    • Published: June 2010
    Poem About Crack Abuse

    Hey Boy...Hey Girl
    Let me introduce myself to you
    Most people call me "Crack" but I'm Jum to you
    If I don't get you that first time second or third...

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    I like this a lot because it tells you what this drug can do and then its tries to convince you to not do the drug. And that's all you really need in this kind of poem one where it explains...

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  3. The Truth About Drugs

    • By Kristy
    • Published: March 2010

    I pray for the one who uses for the first time today...They wont want to leave, they'll want more so they'll stay...

    They will do it for fun at first, or maybe even the high...They will like when they're using, they're far from being shy...

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    Wow! Well said. I have complete mercy on the unfortunate soul who picks up for the first time today.

  4. What Happened to You

    • By Jaymie
    • Published: February 2010
    I Though We Were Best Friends

    I don't even know you anymore.
    I thought we were best friends.
    You know..BEST. FRIENDS.
    Secrets told ; secrets kept....

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  6. White Lies

    • By Laurie Stewart
    • Published: January 2010

    They shun their families and their friends
    and sometimes they lose their babies..

    They play a game they can never win...

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    isn't every word the truth????!!!??? A story I couldn't have said better myself. I have been there done that as an addict. Losing my girls, my place to live and the respect of my friends and...

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  7. One Lesson Learned

    • By Shauna Ryner
    • Published: October 2009
    Death By A Drunk Driver

    One breath, one moment. First step, first smoke. We start out young. Innocent, unknowing. Yet as we grow, we learn. Learn of good and bad. The ways of the evil.
    One more time you say. That's all it is, yet you said that same line last time. One more drink you say, then we'll go home. It all seemed fine, and your friends didn't mind. But as you drive, impaired and no seat belt, you start having second thoughts. She came out of nowhere. Your car was too close. You swerved to miss her, but it was too late.
    One breath, one moment. One hit, one death. The sirens are wailing, bystanders shocked. Your friends are all scared, but you are the worst. Her death hangs over your head. A burden never to be forgotten.
    The police officer's come over, grim faced and sad. They take you away, your friends all go too....

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  8. My Heroin(E)

    • By Michael Scarcelli
    • Published: September 2009
    Love And Addiction

    I am beginning to want you, before I even know you.
    I am wanting to save you, before I can hold you.

    And I am mad, which for both of us is true;...

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  10. Goodbye

    • By Nathan Chance
    • Published: September 2009

    The time has come to say goodbye
    Don't be sad, and please don't cry
    The times we shared were full of fun
    When I needed someone you were the one...

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    I like this poem, reminds me of my alcohol addiction when I was young. Dependent by the age of 15, I added spirits to everything, even my food. Soon enough I became a pill junkie, and no not...

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  11. This Last Dance

    • By Lanae
    • Published: September 2009
    Cocaine Is My Sweetest Friend

    My sweetest friend has gone away
    The price of love, I cannot pay
    In times of need, my darkest hour
    Twas YOU my friend, to whom I'd cower...

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    I never had trouble quitting cocaine and I had a $300 a day habit. My father had left me a substantial amount of money when he died and it was like the devil was waiting for that to happen. I...

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  12. I Love You Daddy

    You were born today
    A gift from God
    The blessing we waited for
    Your small fingers, your tiny toes...

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    This poem really touched me! I have 3 beautiful kids of my own and I couldn't imagine losing them. It's a cold hard reality with the world were living in. So sad

  13. A Life That's Wasted


    a life that's wasted
    a breath that's gone
    he knows he's been fighting this addiction too long

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    I'm so sorry to hear of your husband. You must be devastated. I'm addicted to oxycodone. I've been on them ten years and am due to be weaned off. I hate being the only addict in the family. I...

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