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  1. Just Drive

    Be The Friend I Once Knew

    I made a wish for you I don't know if it'll come true.
    I wished you could get over your weakness and be the friend I once knew.
    I wished on so many stars, they all shone so bright.
    Looking up at them I wondered where you are tonight. ...

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  3. Dear Addiction

    Inspiring Change For Addicts

    I'm writing this to you,
    Telling you we're through.
    I can't take you anymore,
    Don't know what I liked you for.

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    I've been cutting since I was in 3rd grade, and it's a very bad addiction for me. I still do it to this day. I stopped for about 6 months, but then I had a relapse; I deal with depression,...

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  4. I'm Your Disease

    Fighting An Eating Disorder

    Sucked like a vacuum, I held my fear,
    built up anger you want to hold near.

    Shaking and trembling is what I feel,

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    I love this poem. It truly is sad what we go through. Only each person that goes through this knows why they are and do. As for myself I was pushed to a low self esteem after a bad...

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  6. Dear Heroin

    • By Summer Sager
    • Published: August 2008
    Addicted To Heroin Poem

    I am angry...

    You made me believe you were the cure for my every kind of pain.
    I had you wrapped around me while I let you take control of my veins.

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    Hi, I was inspired by reading the stories. I decided I would share my experience, strength, and hope. I started using drugs at the early age of 12. I was introduced to my first NA meeting and...

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  7. The Bottle

    • By Alex Trombley
    • Published: August 2008

    you see the bottle,
    and don't no what to do
    you want some,
    but you don't know what will happen to you...

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    Wow this touched my heart...I cried as I read this over and over. I hope you know you have an amazing talent. I'm 16 and my dad has this conversation going on in his head. a lot. thank you. I...

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  8. Show Me The Way

    • By Darinka Farrow
    • Published: August 2008

    If only they knew, the pain I'm going through!
    I remember when I had fun,
    Felt like I was loved by every one.
    I had energy to burn...

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  10. Drugs Are My Best Friend

    • By Sasha
    • Published: July 2008

    Another lonely day
    For me to get through
    I need to find my way
    But that's hard to do....

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  11. Cocaine Lady

    Cravings For Cocaine

    Cocaine Lady

    You bring me up when I'm feeling down,...

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  12. The Needle

    • By Trey
    • Published: April 2008
    Poem On Trying To Stop Drug Addiction

    why do I think putting this needle in my vein
    is going to take away the pain
    is avoiding my issues just going to make them go away
    or are they still going to be there when my high is gone the next day...

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    I am a proud granny of 3 precious grand daughters that belong to my middle daughter named Rebecca and of 2 grandsons whose mother is my oldest daughter. I also have a daughter named Sarah, my...

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  13. Will Sorry Ever Be Enough?

    As I sit here and think
    Of all the lies that you told
    The nights I would lay awake and wonder
    The broken promises thrown out with last weeks recycling...

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    The poem “Is Sorry Enough?” is a keeper. It hits the nail right on the head, relating to me and my brother. Since my father passed, my brother’s wife and him been spreading lie after lie. I...

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