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  1. Wasn't You!

    • By Hillary Hamilton
    • Published: April 2008
    Life Led By Drugs

    You think it's cool when you get high.
    You don't even see the things that go by.
    Time flies when you're having fun.
    But one day you body can't handle ...

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    ADDICT AND WIFE. I'm a meth addict for 13 years now. My wife and I have been married for 15 years and been together for 17 years. Until just this past year I've hidden my addiction from her...

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  3. The Voice Of Addiction

    • By Carrie Roush
    • Published: March 2008

    Well, it's nice to finally meet you.
    I've been waiting for your call.
    I've noticed you've been crying,
    And I've watched you pace the halls.

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    You are not alone. Many of us are on that same boat with you. Some wear life jackets while others don't. Life jackets are treatments, group meetings, speaking to someone other than family,...

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  4. Stopping Addiction

    • Published: March 2008

    I have nothing to say
    to you anymore.
    I'm taking my life back
    and shutting the door....

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    Well spoken and you WILL succeed! It is hard, you might struggle a lot at first. Sobriety is more then getting clean it is relearning to live and stepping into the roles of mother and wife...

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  6. The Dream

    • By Steven
    • Published: March 2008
    Hope For Staying Clean After Addiction

    The dream of getting out.
    We live in a place where fear walks around like a school yard bully.
    It's in our face every minute of every day.
    There is a nothingness about fear.

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    Hi this poem touched me. I have a son that is very lost and is deeply using drugs. He is in so much emotional and physical pain and I feel hopeless because I have tried everything to help...

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  7. The Drug

    • By Ryan Groisboecfk
    • Published: March 2008
    Warning For Loved Ones Using Drugs

    Have you ever been tempted?
    Have you ever wanted to try?
    The things I will say
    May cause you to cry.

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  8. Icy Hell

    Looking forward with fear I stare.
    I face the mirror to see there.
    I've lost my family, my friends are few.
    You've controlled my life but now I'm through....

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    Tasting the soft ashes in an ashtray was my first known addiction. Innocently I remember if I could just make it to where it always was to be found I knew that taste would be waiting....

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  10. They Have No Clue

    • By Dora
    • Published: March 2008
    Hurt Addiction Can Cause

    They have no clue the heartache they cause
    They have no clue the hurt they cause
    They have no clue the cruel things they say stick with us forever
    They have no clue how much our kids go through...

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    oh they have a clue, in the morning when they have come out of the haze some they see the damage that has been done. They know the hurt and the heartache because they have it to. They crave a...

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  11. Where Am I, Who Am I

    • By Lyla-lost
    • Published: February 2008
    Addicted to Smoking Pot Poem

    I wake up in the morning, see your not there.
    By 10am I feel sick, I need you my dear.
    Why can't I have you all the time.
    I need you. It hurts me it makes me cry....

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    Hi, this is so very sad. I have suffered the same problem. It is a form of self torture. I have however given up now. I work full time. This drug is still smothering my partner.
    I wrote a...

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  12. Demons Dwell

    • By Frank Simental
    • Published: February 2008
    Soul Defeated

    Deep down inside my demons dwell,
    So secretly I've kept them well,
    Where were you the night I fell?

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  13. A Life Well Learned

    • By Herabera
    • Published: December 2007
    Poem About Dealing With Addiction

    A naive girl led down the wrong path
    A promising future pulled from her grasp.
    So innocent and true for him
    her heart grew.

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