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  1. Uncertainty Of Trust

    Walking past all the anger and pain of years past
    I sit here confused and lost
    Not knowing what to feel anymore
    Not knowing what to expect...

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    I hope for you Des that things get better. Everyday is a new day. Things in our life have been better since I wrote this poem, amazing in fact. To this day though I am waiting for that...

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  3. I Bleed

    • By Stephanie vonWille
    • Published: December 2007
    Desperate Feelings Of Addict

    Behind these eyes;
    My entire soul cries;
    Pieces of my heart;
    Unfold under hurt;...

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  4. Good-Bye

    Battling Alcoholism

    (Ode to Alcohol)
    The queasy feeling in my stomach
    The pounding in my head
    The only thoughts in my mind

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    I really enjoyed reading this, it made me reflect back to what I have done to my son. My life is so much better today. I have been 14 months sober from alcoholism. Thank you for letting me...

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  6. Close My Eyes

    • By Briana
    • Published: November 2007
    Drug Addicted Boyfriend

    What are these emotions, it's hard to tell.
    In my mind, I close my eyes and picture you going to jail.
    Me, the wife type.
    You, in the drug life...

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  7. Addict

    • By Rian Kays
    • Published: October 2007
    Day In The Life Of An Addict Poem

    For the rest of my life, cursed with this disease.
    For all those who suffer, we just got to believe.
    Believing in yourself is the hardest thing to do,
    so take a look in the mirror and ask do you see you?

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    Sister Evelyn,
    I’ve been clean for 23 years from crack cocaine. I’m also a born again Christian. Let me share a few recommendations. Number 1 – I know the doctors say you are dying, but that...

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  8. Time To Let Go

    • By Randi R. Brekhus
    • Published: February 2006

    Today I sat and tried my best to think.
    If it could end your life why would you drink?
    I wish I knew how to change your mind.
    Life is too precious to leave it all behind....

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    There I am standing looking in the mirror, tears rolling down my face,
    thinking, 'Why is it that this world is all going wrong? Is it the human race?,
    Is this world meant for people to...

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