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  1. 41. The Bottle

    • By Alex Trombley
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    I was really inspired to write this poem because I've been through and witnessed what this disease can do to people. I'm only 18 years old and it destroyed my life. I turned my addiction into a positive instead of a negative. My goal is to inspire people to become sober and live a healthy, happy life.

    you see the bottle,
    and don't no what to do
    you want some,
    but you don't know what will happen to you
    your mind says go ahead,
    one will be fine
    but you know what happens when you cross that line
    you keep trying to convince yourself that it will be alright
    but you know it will take control,
    no matter how hard you fight
    your will becomes weaker,
    and the temptations start to grow
    your resentments are winning,
    and your victories are low
    you convince yourself its ok,
    and finally give in
    another loss for you, and for the bottle
    another win

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    Wow this touched my heart...I cried as I read this over and over. I hope you know you have an amazing talent. I'm 16 and my dad has this conversation going on in his head. a lot. thank you. I...

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  2. 42. Time To Let Go

    • By Randi R. Brekhus
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    Those of who are addicted to substances that may ruin our lives need to stop and think about consequences.

    Today I sat and tried my best to think.
    If it could end your life why would you drink?
    I wish I knew how to change your mind.
    Life is too precious to leave it all behind.
    How can you just turn around and walk away.
    When we need a dad here for us today.
    Is that what you want the easy way out?
    To leave this world without any doubt.
    So stop a minute and take a deep breath.
    Drinking like this could lead to your death.
    Think of everything you have before you choose.
    If you don't stop drinking that is what you will lose.
    After all these years there is one thing I now know.
    If I love you this much it time to let go.

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    There I am standing looking in the mirror, tears rolling down my face,
    thinking, 'Why is it that this world is all going wrong? Is it the human race?,
    Is this world meant for people to...

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  3. 43. Addiction

    • By Kimberly Mcgowan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008

    I have been dealing with various addiction for the past ten years. I ended up in jail a few months ago and had a lot of time to think. Obviously. This is just one of the poems that came from that experience.

    Heroin, Alcohol, Cocaine Or Pot

    Addiction will always cause friends and family pain
    But looking at the big picture, what was there to gain
    Addiction does not judge you by age, sex, color or race
    It will only end you up in this small space
    Addiction will take all that you have got
    Heroin, alcohol, cocaine or pot
    Addiction can consume your whole life
    Making it impossible to be a good mother, daughter or wife
    Addiction is a disease making you feel hopeless
    Giving up seems like the only answer to this mess
    Please hold on just a little bit longer
    Recovery will only make you stronger.

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  4. 44. Show Me The Way

    • By Darinka Farrow
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    I'm a mother of four who's loosing a battle but never giving up hope (my youngest son being a heroin addict)
    As a Counselor I've seen and felt the pain that our children go through and thus being the reason for my writing this poem.
    I pray daily in hope that something can be done to help todays generation with the growing and painful problem many are facing.

    If only they knew, the pain I'm going through!
    I remember when I had fun,
    Felt like I was loved by every one.
    I had energy to burn
    So many things to learn
    And every now and then
    I believed I'll overcome this pain.
    In the deepest of the night
    Forgetting all my pride
    I pushed the loved ones aside
    Driving round in frenzy, swerving in pain
    Just one more hit, to make me good again
    Down the steep embankment, loosing all control
    Slamming down the brakes, my car began to roll
    Trapped in my own wreckage, unable to move
    Underneath the cars frame, pinned inside the groove
    By the wreck on Highway that stole my life away
    Stood a loving Angel and I heard him say
    This is your final journey from vast and distant trail
    I'm taking you to heaven on my wings you'll sail

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  5. 45. My Heroin(E)

    • By Michael Scarcelli
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2009
    Love And Addiction

    I am beginning to want you, before I even know you.
    I am wanting to save you, before I can hold you.

    And I am mad, which for both of us is true;
    But my addiction is not brown or white - it is you.

    For you express your distress, with artistic disdain;
    And you so eloquently allude to your tumultuous pain.

    But still, you make me nervous and weary of your plays,
    for I am not ignorant of the street corner's ways.

    And I am cautious and slow, experienced enough to know,
    that the tiger will always kill, for only blood can satisfy its fill.

    But I am not a lamb to be sacrificed;
    just a man who found his way from a life of vice.

    And now that our lives have crossed, mixed-up and lost,
    we are found, in these northern, cold-wintered towns.

    What could it mean, this life, this dream?
    Could that which is broken, ever mend?
    Or will seeking out the familiar fix always be the end?

    And I could let go, like the river and flow.
    My mind a stream, wandering with gleam.

    But I could stay; together we may,
    make sense of it all, and forever, we fall.

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  6. 46. I Need Your Support

    I’ve had many (maybe too many) times where I chose the poison. Maybe it was a guy, a drink, my depression, food... and the people around me, most of them just told me what I should or shouldn’t be doing when all I needed was support. If you know someone struggling, hold them, love them, tell them they are strong. Support them, believe in them and trust that it will pass. Hold them along the journey.

    This is my drowning,
    my teeth sinking
    into sour apples
    and I’m not hiding

    but I don’t need you
    to tell me to stop picking
    poison fruit. I need you
    to tell me you know I’m strong,

    to offer your arms as tender
    until I discover on my own
    that I no longer crave
    the bite.

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  7. 47. It Makes The Pain Go Away

    • By Rene Bennett
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

    I wrote this poem while enjoying a glass of wine, after a fight with my husband. It seemed like it was the only thing to make the hurt go away, and opened me up to writing what I feel. Enjoy.

    When you yell at me, it hurts so much inside,
    like a knife, dragging through my insides.
    I try to yell back, my voice goes unheard,
    so I don't even bother,
    I just retreat to writing poems, that hopefully will be heard.
    I pour a glass of wine, sweet to my liking,
    a passion for the drink I am thriving.
    Each glass better than the last,
    I am opening up slowly to write about my past.
    Your presence goes un-noticed, with every glass I pour,
    I wonder if you'd even notice if I walked out the front door?
    Every sip makes me care even less, about the fight we just had,
    I don't even care if we go to bed mad.
    And as I sit and wrote this poem, my mind free from anger,
    what will tomorrow bring, will this fight linger?
    But what do I care? I have my freedom drink,
    how much lower must I sink?
    Into a stupor, I have sunk,
    I can't even think straight, for I am D-runk!
    What were we fighting about again? My mind begins to wander,
    I am growing tired now, aching for a slumber.
    I'm out of wine now, I have no other reason to be awake,
    except to tell you how much my heart aches.
    I wish you'd respect me, for the woman I am,
    instead of yelling "God Damn!"
    I am who I am, it's not like you didn't know,
    from the time we started dating; you make me feel so low.
    But this glass of wine is teaching me,
    that I am me, I am free,
    to say what I need to say, nothing more nothing less,
    I am me, and for that my family can attest.
    I've let people walk all over me,
    letting them have more than what should be.
    But I'm done with that, at least for now, for this drink has set me free.
    I don't want to be addicted, I won't let myself go down,
    but can I make myself feel better, without being drowned?
    With my glass of wine beside me, I feel like I can do anything,
    but I wonder, does this poem mean anything?
    To me, it means that my mind is free,
    to feel and say anything,
    my heart is sad, my mind is mad,
    Is this really me?
    By now, I feel like I've said too much, how will people judge me?
    For now I don't care, because my drink is beside me.
    But tomorrow will bring the answers I seek, as angry and truthful they might be,
    but for now, I have the one thing I need, my glass of wine beside me.

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  8. 48. Wasn't You!

    • By Hillary Hamilton
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2008

    What happens when life is led by drugs.

    Life Led By Drugs

    You think it's cool when you get high.
    You don't even see the things that go by.
    Time flies when you're having fun.
    But one day you body can't handle
    What you have done.

    Your body is weak
    But you think you are strong
    The next month has came along
    You're in the hospital
    Thinking what have I done.
    You O.D that's quite sad
    Your going to end up just like your dad
    Living on the streets no place to go
    Bumming off money so you can
    Sniff up the nose. That sounds
    Great what a plan If you
    Stop now we can get you help
    You don't have to be like this
    It's like you are crying for help
    What made you do drugs
    We haven't a clue
    But we know it's done bad
    Things for you

    It's been a few months you're back in ER
    Pumping your stomach
    That don't go very far.
    You had a choice
    Of what to do so I guess this
    Is the new you, this is what you
    Accomplished in the past few years.

    As time goes by your addiction gets worse
    You're in the hospital once a week.
    As days go by you can barley get up
    On your feet.

    Today's the day you get put in the ground
    I guess you made your choice. You didn't make it
    As far as your dad but hey some people just end
    Up lucky when they do drugs that one WASN'T YOU!

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    ADDICT AND WIFE. I'm a meth addict for 13 years now. My wife and I have been married for 15 years and been together for 17 years. Until just this past year I've hidden my addiction from her...

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  9. 49. Uncertainty Of Trust

    Just sitting here praying for a miracle...

    Walking past all the anger and pain of years past
    I sit here confused and lost
    Not knowing what to feel anymore
    Not knowing what to expect
    When you walk through the door
    Who are we now?
    Do we even remember what we were?
    Our lives have become a battle ground
    We are both left defeated
    Casualties are all that is left
    Do you know the pain you caused?
    Do you know I need to heal too?
    Will I ever here a true sorry?
    I need one today
    Today I am feeling helpless and empty
    Yesterday I was okay
    Will I ever trust you again?
    Will you resent me for that?
    I want to get off this ride
    I don't like roller coasters anymore
    I want our feet to stay on the ground
    What will happen after hello?
    The letter you wrote was unfamiliar
    You never wrote me a letter before
    It only scared me more
    Are you worried about who we are?
    Are you scared that there is too much damage?
    Are we totaled or can we be saved?
    Will you really be able to do this?

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    I hope for you Des that things get better. Everyday is a new day. Things in our life have been better since I wrote this poem, amazing in fact. To this day though I am waiting for that...

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  10. 50. Will Sorry Ever Be Enough?

    Can the word "sorry" fix everything? Sometimes I am just not sure about anything...but in the end we all need to have hope.

    As I sit here and think
    Of all the lies that you told
    The nights I would lay awake and wonder
    The broken promises thrown out with last weeks recycling
    I think...
    If I even heard sorry the right way
    Would it be enough?
    Would I let go of all this pain inside?
    Would I magically emerge as the bigger person?
    Should I have to be the bigger person?
    Wasn't I always that bigger person?
    I think...
    Would I know sorry if I heard it?
    Are there enough words in the world to make us right again?
    Maybe it is me...
    Maybe I have to swallow my pride just one last time
    Maybe this time I have to believe you
    Maybe you are right
    Maybe I have to have hope.

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    The poem “Is Sorry Enough?” is a keeper. It hits the nail right on the head, relating to me and my brother. Since my father passed, my brother’s wife and him been spreading lie after lie. I...

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  11. 51. White Lies

    • By Laurie Stewart
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2010

    I wrote this when my niece lost another one of her five children. It is very hurtful to see a child abandoned from the evil effects of drugs and to wonder whether the one doing the drugs is going to be alive the next day. Our family has been through rehab after rehab supporting her but to this day she still chooses the drugs over her beautiful gifts from God, her children. I just don't understand how she can do this to her children, her babies.

    They shun their families and their friends
    and sometimes they lose their babies..

    They play a game they can never win
    while their loved ones live on hopes and maybes

    They tell us lies that we want to believe
    but it is only their selves that they deceive

    They only live for the here and now
    and they can not see the why or the how..

    They break our hearts and awaken our fear
    and their babies cry but they do not hear..

    They tell us lies a thousand times old
    while we shelter their babies from the cold..

    They harbor their shame and use it as guilt to hide,
    and they close their eyes to the pain inside.

    Laurie Stewart (c)

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    isn't every word the truth????!!!??? A story I couldn't have said better myself. I have been there done that as an addict. Losing my girls, my place to live and the respect of my friends and...

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  12. 52. They Have No Clue

    • By Dora
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    the hurt addiction can cause

    Hurt Addiction Can Cause

    They have no clue the heartache they cause
    They have no clue the hurt they cause
    They have no clue the cruel things they say stick with us forever
    They have no clue how much our kids go through
    They have no clue the damage lasts forever
    They have no clue how our hearts ache
    They have no clue that just because they don't remember, we do and will never forget
    They have no clue how much we hope for an apology
    They have no clue that when we finally get an apology how much more it would mean if we knew it wouldn't happen again
    They have no clue how much we crave a normal life
    They have no clue how much we dread and fear when they drink just "one" more
    They have no clue what they do to our self esteem
    They have no clue how cruel and hurtful they can be
    They have no clue what they do to our mind, our heart, and our soul

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    oh they have a clue, in the morning when they have come out of the haze some they see the damage that has been done. They know the hurt and the heartache because they have it to. They crave a...

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  13. 53. Addict's Heart

    • By Jeremy C.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2014

    Just a young man with his eyes and ears open to the world he lives in. Trying to learn to open his heart.

    Short Poem About Addiction

    We are the dry wind,
    but broken shadows of our former selves,
    Left with nothing
    but our own carnal pleasures
    That day by day, hour by hour
    dry up the very well of our souls.

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  14. 54. One Lesson Learned

    • By Shauna Ryner
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009

    I wrote this poem in dedication to all of the people in this world who has lost a friend, family member or loved one to a drunk driver.

    Death By A Drunk Driver

    One breath, one moment. First step, first smoke. We start out young. Innocent, unknowing. Yet as we grow, we learn. Learn of good and bad. The ways of the evil.
    One more time you say. That's all it is, yet you said that same line last time. One more drink you say, then we'll go home. It all seemed fine, and your friends didn't mind. But as you drive, impaired and no seat belt, you start having second thoughts. She came out of nowhere. Your car was too close. You swerved to miss her, but it was too late.
    One breath, one moment. One hit, one death. The sirens are wailing, bystanders shocked. Your friends are all scared, but you are the worst. Her death hangs over your head. A burden never to be forgotten.
    The police officer's come over, grim faced and sad. They take you away, your friends all go too.
    "This cant be happening, I'm only eighteen, you think to yourself. The girl was seventeen and because of me, she's no longer living."
    These thoughts swirl around in your mind. It feels unreal, as if you were just one of the bystanders, rather than the driver.
    Her parents were called. They're in the next room. Her mother hysterically cries out
    "WHY? Why did my daughter have to die?"
    Everything your parents taught you comes flooding back. They warned you, time and time again, yet it flew over your head. And now these lessons finally sink in.
    One breath, one moment. One hit, one death. One lesson learned, too late.

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  15. 55. Cocaine Lady

    The cravings for cocaine

    Cravings For Cocaine

    Cocaine Lady

    You bring me up when I'm feeling down,
    I can never seem to get enough of you.
    You make it fun to go out on the town,
    It's crazy the things you can do.

    Every time we get together you make my heart race,
    you kiss me and my mouth goes numb.
    When your not near how I crave your taste,
    I want you... every last crumb.

    When you leave me I feel worse then before,
    It's almost sad to see you go.
    All these feelings come back and I just want you more,
    Oh how I crave you blow.

    What has happened to you? It's not quite the same,
    The rush you gave me before.
    I know it's not you who I have to blame,
    maybe if I just do some more.

    What's happened to me, I depend on you now,
    Oh I just hate you so much.
    I want you to go even though
    I know I will strongly crave your touch.

    Leave me be...please go away,
    I don't want you no have no need to stay,
    Then again... you are on my mind each and everyday...
    Maybe one more line...

    The cocaine lady led me astray...
    And I pay for it still even today.

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  16. 56. Defects Of Grace

    • By Chase Russow
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

    I have never been a writer of poet I was told to put my thoughts on paper. So I started writing my sponsor said putting my thoughts on paper would help me stay clean. I am sober 10 months now one day at a time. I hope this helps someone thanks Chase.

    Whiskey, Cocaine And Beer To Hide My Fear

    I have lived a life of Isolation...
    felt alone even in a congregation...
    Fear of people places and things...
    I stayed quiet so as not to be seen...
    I used whiskey, cocaine and beer to hide my fear...
    they gave false courage for a time...
    but when morning came I felt only despair and grime...
    on the dark side of life I have seen Love though myself unaware...
    of the feeling it brings to your soul or the songs it sings...
    my dark side lives on the side of Pride....
    Pride is evil for it brings false feelings anger and rage...
    it has consumed me to the point I was back in a cage...
    in that cell though not on my knee's...
    I prayed please end this insanity this disease...
    I have the grace of a Higher Power today...
    that lifts my spirit my thoughts and ways...
    he brings a sense of ease to my reckless life...
    and gave me Compassion to feel, wrong from right...
    I once served sin but now I'm free...
    I pray for Wisdom to shower my soul to be...
    the thought of Peace is new you see...
    not worrying what wrong is waiting for me...
    Material things was my biggest fear I had to let go and let him steer...
    all the material worries of what I have and what I don't...
    is not important but hard to let go...
    and my Lust for women and rich's and power...
    will turn to dust in that final hour...
    the hour is now if you so choose...
    a Higher Power will fill your shoes...
    if you ask he is there Serenity awaits with only a prayer...

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  17. 57. Close My Eyes

    • By Briana
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2007

    About me loving my boyfriend, being in the drug life and I don't want my life to be thrown away if something goes wrong. but I love him too much to let him go

    Drug Addicted Boyfriend

    What are these emotions, it's hard to tell.
    In my mind, I close my eyes and picture you going to jail.
    Me, the wife type.
    You, in the drug life
    I have a mind of my own,
    But I don't use it because you are on the thrown.
    You, a big time drug dealer.
    I ,the ride or die chica.
    You, behind that glass pane
    Me, holding the phone on the other side its you.
    Then I clear my mind.
    I go back to sleep for another ride.
    In my mind I close my mind and watch me cry,
    over your casket, you left me.
    You went out and got shot in the streets.
    Now I have nothing to do and its all because of you.
    I loved you so much I put myself on the back burner, I was the fool.
    Then I opened my eyes and kept them open,
    because me and you forever is what I'm hoping.

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  18. 58. Drunk Driving

    • By Amber
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2010

    A wonderful friend who lost his life for a stupid night of drinking

    If I knew you were going I would have done a lot more,
    but I didn't see until recently and now you've closed the door,
    I would have told you that I love you and how I need you so,
    to keep my life going but now you'll never know,
    you kept hanging out with bad people,
    you were easily slipping away.
    And it all ended, on this unfaithful day
    for you went to a party and you drank and drank and drank.
    And you got into a car with some dirty skank.
    You turned the key in the ignition, put the pedal to the floor.
    You were going to fast, and now you're here no more.
    Why did you drink and drive?
    Didn't your mother tell you it was bad?
    Didn't she tell you that if you did, it would make everyone so sad?
    You killed yourself in that stupid car and now your gone,
    you've gone too far for I can't see your lovely smile or your beautiful face.
    I can't hear your wonderful voice.
    I can feel no more grace.
    After school I took the long way home,
    I walked so slow I just wanted to be alone.
    Bad things were running through my mind,
    I just couldn't get you out of my head,
    Well I thought, this is the end.
    I'm so selfish, so unkind.
    I took a knife into my room and sild it along my wrists,
    got out a photo of you and gave you a kiss.
    I laid there for hours, just waiting to die.
    My friends were all that I could think of and all could do is cry.
    "Oh My God" What have I done I've left everyone!
    I tried to sit up, I tried to yell out to but I was too weak, it was too late.
    This is the end, this is my fate
    I'm sorry mum, I'm sorry dad.
    Don't be sad, please don't be mad.
    As my breathing got shorter as I held his picture tight,
    and I laid there on my bed and died there that very night.

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  19. 59. Think Of People Who Care

    • By Hope
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

    Thinking of a friend and their addiction

    Think of all the money wasted
    Just so you can get high
    Think of the people who care
    They keep on asking why

    Had you ever stopped to think
    Where has the time gone
    While life was passing you by
    You closed out everyone

    Addiction screws your psyche
    Messes with your brain
    As you cast loved ones aside
    The dark side you remain

    It should give you time to think
    Whilst inside jail you sit
    Remember friends and family
    All hope and pray you quit


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    My aunt has had diabetes since she was a child. She never let anything put her down. She was very smart and a great actress not to mention beautiful. Then she got into drugs and drinking and...

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  20. 60. My Friend Is Sinking Into Addiction

    I grew up in a whole family of alcoholics and addicts. It just wasn't Christmas till Aunt Susan fell down drunk. My mother was the ONLY person in my family to escape her addiction. She made it through after a few relapses. Now I watch helplessly, not knowing what to do as my best friend since the 6th grade falls into the pit of addiction. She can't even see it as a problem. I am stuck at a fork in the road, leave my friend to her own peril or make her hate me by trying to force her sober. I know you can't make someone get sober if they don't want to; I've been going to AA meetings with my mom since I was 5 but you still always feel like you can save someone. This poem isn't great but is how I feel. Enjoy and thank you. (There is inappropriate language for all who are easily offended)

    Sitting here unaccompanied, concerned and not knowing what to do.
    Should I attempt to save you, what have I got to prove?
    I've already waded my way through a life packed with addicts.
    Can I live through one more? Through all the pain you inflict?
    Lives have been lost. People I loved, trusted, and admired.
    All lost in addictions, what all has transpired?
    You forget your friends, and family that care.
    All you care about is drinking and dancing while flipping you hair.
    When you see video of you drunk you think it's funny and laugh with glee.
    All the while the rest of us are hoping you can just f***ing see!
    See how you are, the way you act!
    You act like a moron and physically attack.
    How can you continue when you almost lost me as a friend?
    I guess 10 years mean nothing when you get to the bottles end.
    Why do what you've said you would? Acid is so much more fun!
    I can't go on watching you drown, maybe the addictions already won.
    What should I do? Should I cut my losses? Just walk away?
    If I asked you to stop to save our friendship what would you say?
    Would you tell me it's you life and to go to hell?
    Would you see you need help or just f***ing bail?
    I'm at my wits end; I can't even answer your call.
    The drugs and bottle have got you enthrall.
    What do I do, dear God what can I do?
    When you see a friend drowning and are unable to rescue.

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