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  1. 61. Detour

    • By Lisa A. Bryant
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2011

    This poem is mostly about making good choices and of course, bad choices. Sometimes, you can't go back and make a good choice and it seals your fate. I have had a problem with alcohol and drug addiction most of my life and some choices I have made I regret deeply. I see this addiction in people that I love so much and wish I could change something - anything - and make a softer landing for them, but I can't. The choices are ours and of course, fate's.

    The road said, "Detour," and without hesitation, she went straight ahead.
    In hindsight, she wished she would have listened to what the Good Book had said.
    But don't do that and do this had no appeal,
    There was no awakening, nothing was for real.

    She once had a life, a future full of hope,
    Now after her great sleep, she can barely cope.
    Self-destruction made its way into another's life,
    Hardening the heart and adding to strife.

    Awake! Awake her young heart might have said,
    But it seemed too hard, and her conscience was dead.
    Redemption could have come, but was it too late,
    Life behind a steel cage, self-destruction sealed her fate.

    Can't look in the mirror or see what you saw,
    Only a vision of what could have been, half but not all.
    Fate, are you laughing at the one road that could have been?
    There was no choice. Detour was the end.

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  2. 62. Razor's Edge

    This is a story about me and my ex boyfriend's drug addiction. We broke up when he got sent to a four-year rehab for meth and cocaine addiction. I hope this can speak to others.

    It sits on the razor's edge,
    A tear, crimson within itself.
    I sit there, constantly reminded of you.
    This was our thing,
    To be sullen and sleep together,
    To be nothing but vomit and meth,

    Saturating in this sunlight,
    A vibrant relief for the fatigue that overdose brings.
    You're getting clean, but I never will.
    I've come to terms that I am nothing but lies.
    I've come to terms with the tears
    That come screaming out of my eyes
    When I hold that needle to my veins.

    Now I walk down the road,
    Holding only myself as I remember it was once you.
    You're in rehab, I hope.
    I hope getting clean was worth losing me.
    I hope you're happy living while I sit here and die,
    Bit by bit as I pick at my arms
    And light up every chance I get.

    Two years ago I didn't know what weed was,
    Much less chew and blow.
    Yet here I am with a rolled up ten and a mirror.
    I push the coke off and stare into my eyes.
    Well, if you can call dark sockets eyes.
    I scream at myself for being so stupid.
    I break my needle and I throw the mirror.
    The shatters sparkle as they fall to the floor like snow or sparkles.

    I don't want to be clean, I just want more and more.
    I don't care who I have to steal from or beat up.
    I just want another line or another bowl.
    I just want another day I don't throw up or cry.
    I'm sick of standing in a puddle of bloody vomit soaked into my carpet.
    No, I don't want to be clean, I want to more.
    I want to take a shower and think,
    I want to take a shower and let the stench of dope rush off with the water.
    If it doesn't come off, I'll cut it out of my blood,
    And let it sit on the edge of the razor.

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  3. 63. Just Drive

    This one is once again about my best friend of 10 years spiraling addiction. I am lost in a sea of confusion when it comes to her.

    Be The Friend I Once Knew

    I made a wish for you I don't know if it'll come true.
    I wished you could get over your weakness and be the friend I once knew.
    I wished on so many stars, they all shone so bright.
    Looking up at them I wondered where you are tonight.
    Perhaps you are reading, sleeping, dreaming, or more.
    I know this is untrue because its 2am and I can almost see you climbing in the cars door.
    The bottles false truths have you feeling so strong,
    Invincible like nothing can go wrong.
    I sit on my couch and watch my phone.
    Hoping never to get the call telling me I'm all alone.
    The phone rings and I hold my breath so tight.
    Thank God it's just you telling me you're alright.
    You made it home one more night.
    No fiery crash but it doesn't mean it's right.
    What are we going to do, what could I say?
    To make sure some innocent drivers life isn't tossed away.
    How would you feel, how could you live?
    With a baby's blood on your hands, it gave you the hardest lesson its short life could give.
    Don't get in the car and for God's sake don't drive,
    Because someone else isn't drunk and they might be the ones to not survive.

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  4. 64. King Cocaine

    I wrote this poem to show the arrogance of an addict. No matter how dismal the situation may be an addict can convince him or herself that things ain't that bad. You cannot scare an addict because an addict has no fear. Even when we see our friends die of overdoses we still think it won't happen to us.

    Poem About Why Don't Addicts Get Help

    King Cocaine has come out smoking,
    I've taken hit after hit.
    It's plain to see he's not joking,
    And it's obvious I should to quit.
    There's no attack for me to mount,
    I do not belong in this fight.
    I should just stay down for the count,
    But it's still early in the night.

    King Cocaine has come out swinging,
    The Champ is pushing me around.
    Misery is what he's bringing,
    His jabs are making my head pound.
    My confidence is badly bruised,
    My ego is shattered again.
    All night long I have been abused.
    But something tells me I can win.

    King Cocaine has ruled the whole night,
    Because The Master is quite deft.
    He's hit me with so many rights,
    He's got me begging for a left.
    Once again I am on the ropes,
    The Champ is having me for lunch
    My pride tells me my only hope,
    Is to knock him out with one punch.

    King Cocaine has won every round,
    It's plain to see the end is near.
    It's obvious I should stay down,
    Let the misery end right here.
    Because I know I'm bound to die,
    If I don't throw the towel in.
    But I look The Champ in the eye,
    I then get up and fight again.

    King Cocaine is pleasing the crowd,
    Dancing like Muhammad Ali.
    Acting like he has done them proud,
    As he moves in to knock out me.
    I hear the crowd begin to cheer,
    I hear The Champ say, "This is it."
    I tell him, "I'm still standing here,"
    Before I take my final hit.

    by Ronnie Doe

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  5. 65. What Happened to You

    • By Jaymie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2010

    This is dedicated to one of my best friends who is doing drugs.

    I Though We Were Best Friends

    I don't even know you anymore.
    I thought we were best friends.
    You know..BEST. FRIENDS.
    Secrets told ; secrets kept.
    Fun nights ; inside jokes.
    Acting weird in public ;
    taking random pictures.
    Finishing each other's sentences ;
    doing each other's hair.
    I thought we had everything.
    I thought we were everything.
    Everyone used to call us twins,
    even though we looked nothing alike.
    Our personalities were like twins,
    Everyone used to call us, "Bonnie and
    Now it's just, "Clyde."
    And all that happened when you started
    to go to parties.
    Getting high and drunk.
    Started doing drugs in my bathroom.
    What happened to us?
    What happened you?

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  6. 66. Driver Of The Car

    One of my friends used to always drink and drive so I made this poem up to scare him ....

    Driver of the car..
    Going to a party, raging all night long
    sex drugs and alcohol and a band singing a song
    one glass after another, you don't seem to stop
    than you have a cone of buds we all call it pot.
    Your head start to spin, around around and around,
    people holding you up before you hit the ground,
    your legs all wobbly not a moment to spare
    I'm in my car driving along, at this point I don't care.
    Driving home quicker and quicker
    is it all because of the liquor
    you see the lights your nearly there
    driving home drunk and despair.
    In a town just about home
    where a little girl was walking alone
    slammed on the brakes, just could not have missed
    caused through drinking and driving and being like this
    Jumped out the car like a lump of lead
    seeing a 10yr old girl who is now dead,
    caused through drinking and driving and having fun,
    you cant fix up something that's already done.
    I have to live with this for the rest of my life
    I don't drink alcohol, and now I don't drive
    dreaming all night can't blot it out of my head
    I should have been the one, I should have been dead .....

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