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  1. My World

    • By Cara Jayde Mackellar
    • Published: April 2009

    Love. Is that what I crave?
    If it is, then why can't I find it?
    Hate. Does that mean anger?
    If it does, then why do I feel hollow?

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    This poem paints a vivid picture of my own internal struggles of being all alone.

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  3. Alone

    No One There To Help

    I waited, and you didn't come.
    I called, and you didn't answer.
    I knocked, but you weren't home.
    And I realized that I was alone.

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  4. At Least Try

    • By Anagha Kaduskar
    • Published: July 2015
    Poem About Not Being Understood

    I was bitten once and now I'm shy.
    I know I'm supposed to try
    To hold back the tears
    And face my fears,

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    No I wasn't touched by the poem. All I can is relate to how the freekin world drives me insane. I can't bare anymore of the damn lonliness. No one to talk to. Nowhere to look. Nowhere to go....

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  6. Lonely Nights

    • By Frank
    • Published: November 2007
    Poem About Being Alone At Night

    Set forth towards the light,
    For it will be a lonely night.
    As long as I live,
    As far as I see,

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    Lonely nights turn my windows into mirrors. Like old elevators bouncing back and forth, infinite reflections of reflections, a dizzying display of every mistake regret and loss. Until the...

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  7. Forgotten Man

    Feeling Abandoned

    Wind ruffles my edges.
    I sit along crumbling ledges.
    My cap's a broken toy
    That retains no semblance of joy.

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  8. You Don't Know Me

    • By Lucie
    • Published: November 2007


    Some of you pretend to know me...
    some of you don't care to
    Close family and friends you might be...
    but you still don't know ME.

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    This poem really touches me because I’m not close with my mom or my siblings. It was 12 of us, and when we were younger we were close, but as we got older, I was left out of a lot of things....

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  10. Lost Soul

    You pass me on the street and out eyes briefly meet.
    You hold the door open for me as I enter behind you.
    I say thanks, but you have no idea that my mind is blank.
    In the elevator you crack a joke, I flash a smile, ...

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    We all have loss in our lives. It will never go away! The sooner you accept this, the better you will feel. It is not your fault that this has happened and once you accept the...

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  11. The Nightmare Of Abuse

    • By Terri Edwards-Russell
    • Published: March 2012

    How are you feeling? What's going through your mind?
    Is that dream you're dreaming hurting deep inside?
    You wake up hearing yelling, yelling in your room,
    You wonder who it is then you realize it is you,...

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    It happened to me as a small child from 5 till I was 8 by my great uncle. I never told anyone. Now I'm a mom and 33. I fail at relationships.and don't trust letting my kids with most guys....

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  12. Be Silent With Me

    • By Brian Terry
    • Published: December 2012

    I walk on a path deep in a forest and the noise of loneliness fills my head.
    I think of all my friends and family that are long since dead.

    I listen to the wind blow through the trees, on my face I can feel the warm summer breeze.

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    My friends know me as a person who makes them smile. If I don't say anything, they question me. It sucks. Behind the laughter or smiles I give people, I am never gonna tell them how I feel....

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  13. Feelings Of Abandonment

    I keep looking for comfort from you
    I sit and wonder if your love is true
    You see me crying
    Inside you have to know I'm dying...

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    I feel like this but not with my mother. My husband of 32 years has made me feel alone. It is a horrible feeling whether it comes from mother or father or even our children, it hurts us.

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