Anger Poems about Love

Trust is a special gift. Don't betray it.

When we are in love it feels like it will be forever. We put all our trust in the person we are in love with and we share our darkest secrets. When we feel that our beloved has not lived up to our expectations we are left feeling angry and bitter. The feelings of betrayal that ex-lovers feel are some of the strongest feelings of hatred and anger that are expressed in the world. Ex wives and husbands often can not even be in the same room together. Two people that once shared the same bed and most intimate secrets cannot even have a civil conversation.

Sad Love Poems about Anger


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  1. When We

    Poem About Giving Up On Love

    When all we hear are the empty promises and lies,
    That leave behind broken hearts and shattered lives,
    When trust is gone and hope is lost,
    What are we fighting for and who really pays the cost.

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    I have been with my husband for a little over 5 years now. We have a beautiful little girl who is 4. And we are both going through exactly what this poem is saying with my husband. I feel...

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  3. Forget Forgiving!

    You say it doesn't matter,
    It's all in the past.
    You never see my pain....

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    I can relate to some of her story. I also had an abusive boyfriend but instead of us being together for a short time I gave him 12 years of my life. We argued cursed and fought almost every...

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  4. Let Me

    Anger Towards An Ex

    Let me go one day
    without looking at you, please.

    Let me sleep one night

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    This same thing happened to me. He would show up in my dreams, and I would constantly beg God to never have to see him again, and he broke me then had the nerve to text me and ask me how I...

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  6. You Lied

    • By Amber Bentz
    • Published: March 2011

    You told me that you would never leave me
    You Lied
    You told me you would love me forever and never let me go
    You Lied

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    This was truly touching I am inspired honestly so much

  7. I'm Alone

    Poem About Being Abused By Lover

    Feeling alone, scared and deep despair
    Did you know how much I cared?

    You touched my heart and soul

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    All people care about is how large is your smile but they never cared how large is your pain.

  8. Abandonment

    • By Catherine White
    • Published: March 2009
    Why Do I Attract Losers

    Ten long years
    Three additional months
    Being told I'm "loved"
    By someone who can't even remember my birthday.

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    Wow Catherine I am so proud if you. It is so hard not to believe what others think of you or to finally really know you deserve better. I am in a similar circumstance, 51 married to a mean...

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  10. I'm Done

    • By Caitlyn R. Rich
    • Published: December 22, 2016
    Giving Up On Relationships

    I've cried too much over boys.
    I'm done crying.

    I've given my all to the boys I've loved.

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  11. I'm Not Waiting Anymore

    Poem To Ex Boyfriend

    I waited on your kiss,
    Your warm embrace;
    I waited on your lips and the way your hands twist.
    I waited on your excuse,

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  12. Lost

    • By Kelly Bavis
    • Published: October 2009

    I got lost in a fragment of time,
    I got lost when he asked me if I wanted to run away with him,
    I got lost when he took my hand and looked in my eyes and said I love you,
    I got lost when he said everything will be okay,

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  13. Destruction

    • By Ashley Saldana
    • Published: July 2016
    Deep Thoughts From A Broken Soul

    Overcoming the heartache you caused me,
    Trying to rebuild my esteem,
    Convincing myself I am truly enough,
    Questioning why you were always so mean.

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