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  1. Brown Eyes

    • By KarisJuliana
    • Published: September 2016
    Poem About Crushes

    I've always used words to describe him
    In my mind.
    I guess that's why I've found the words for him
    In his eyes.

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  3. Sorry I Didn't Say

    • By Jay Sullivan
    • Published: June 2008

    why did you go so quickly
    I didn't say I love
    why did you go so quickly
    now my heart won't think of anything but you...

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    Dear heart why him, the one who hurt me so badly the one that left a big scar in my heart , him the one who now I talk to like everything's alright, while deep inside it still hurts , every...

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  4. Loved By Hate

    Alone Dealing With Pain

    Fear is poison.
    Sexy and tempting by all,
    desirable and fulfilling to the empty soul
    and harvested by the evil that lives there. ...

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    I'm sitting here feeling stupid for letting you go but after all the pain I went through to fight for our relationship I am right. You said we were going to be together "forever" you said...

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  6. The Guys In My Life

    Dating Good And Bad Guys

    I have liked many,
    Dated a few,
    Been Serious with one.
    I want one guy who has a clue...

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    Oh my gosh! I really love this poem. It reminds me of my ex-lovers. Their attitudes are mostly the same. They are good at making promises but are liars and cheaters! I hate them.

  7. Lone Gentleman

    The gay young men and the love-sick girls,
    and the abandoned widows suffering in sleepless delirium,
    and the young pregnant wives of thirty hours,
    and the raucous cats that cruise my garden in the shadows,

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  8. First Love

    • By Ashley
    • Published: May 2008
    Broken Heart From A First Love

    What did she have
    That I didn't?
    I mean...

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    I might not know what it feels like, but one thing I know for sure is that there is a chance that deep down she might still love you dearly. Don't give up till the very end!

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