Sad Poems about Love

Sad Love Poems express anger, betrayal and heartbreak over a great loss. When our dreams are shattered, our vulnerabilities attacked and our soulmate exposed as a charlatan, we are left void and empty. It is any wonder that we turn to poetry to express the inexpressible.

Poems about Lost Love


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  1. In The Orchard

    In The Orchard By Muriel Stuart

    "I thought you loved me." "No, it was only fun."
    "When we stood there, closer than all?" "Well, the harvest moon
    "Was shining and queer in your hair, and it turned my head."
    "That made you?" "Yes." "Just the moon and the light it made

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  3. Just I Love You & Goodbye

    Not once did I expect this to happen.
    Never in my wildest dream that I've fallen,
    To a boy who wasn't my prince charming
    Nor to someone who is my friend....

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    I loved how this poem kind of makes me think of something similar that I went through and I can see how this person feels because I have been down a road a lot like hers.

  4. Free From Bad Relationship

    • By Alone
    • Published: February 2008

    As I sit in my corner and think about your lies,
    I have nothing else to do but break down and cry.
    You knew it would end,
    You knew it would die,...

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  6. Someday

    • By Sarah
    • Published: February 2008

    Some day you will cry for me
    Like I cried for you
    Some day you'll miss me
    Like I missed you...

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    I really like this poem. It's so short compared to some, but it says everything that I'm feeling. It's what a lot of people feel at some point in their life.

  7. For Love's Sake

    I'm so tired of this empty feeling
    I'm so tired of being alone
    I lay here staring at the ceiling
    Waiting by the phone...

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    Right when I read this poem my eyes filled like an over flowing sea. It's ironic because Thursday is the only day I get to see mine too. He will be incarcerated for the next few years, but my...

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  8. Cheating And Lies

    • By Meagen Deitz
    • Published: October 2007

    Would you care if we quit talking
    Would you care if I went walking
    I need to know how you feel
    So I know how to deal...

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    I love this poem. It's awesome! I just can't believe you have stayed with him. I would've kicked him to the curb. And to catch him in the act?? You have a lot of strength. I probably would've...

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  10. Forbidden Love

    • By Penny Pierce
    • Published: January 2008

    I love you with a love that's forbidden, yet I can't stop.
    you make me feel like no man has ever made me feel before,
    with just a look I swoon.
    I dream of your arms around me, your lips on mine. ...

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    I just hate sharing stories about forbidden love! All I know is that it hurts so much to know that you love somebody who is not capable of loving you back or the other way, somebody who loves...

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  11. Pain Of A Broken Heart

    • By Erika
    • Published: December 2007

    Tears of blood fall from my broken heart.
    I never thought we would be apart.

    When you held me, you said "forever."

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    This poem has deeply touched me. He was my second love after I had lost the first one who was also playing me. The second was loving. He did everything the first one did not. He would call...

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  12. Good Bye

    • By Tanya
    • Published: November 2007
    Trying To Keep Relationship Alive

    I'm tired of your apologies,
    I'm tired of your Lies..
    You've left me feeling empty,
    Ready to say Good Bye......

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    You're writing is amazing and really hit home. I'm at the point you described in my marriage now. It seems like one of the hardest and most lonely points in a relationship. Thank you for sharing.

  13. She

    • By Kirstie Dorgan
    • Published: July 2010
    Playing Games With A Girl Who Can't Say No

    She's a girl and he's a guy
    why they're together, I don't know why
    she is caring, loving, honest and true
    he is mean, nasty, selfish and cruel...

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    I have been in many relationships. Recently, I was asked out by one of my close friends. We met in juvi, we ended up telling our story to each other. We became close. Before we both got...

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