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  1. The Box

    • By Peter Tamburrino
    • Published: April 2009
    Forgive Yourself Poem

    He ascended those stairs that day, why he did, he could not say.
    But reached for that old dusty knob of his attic door insight.
    A turn to the knob so gently,
    Cautiously he made his entry, entry into the attic that night.

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  3. A Spiritual Journey

    Journey Of Self-Discovery And Tranquility

    Across from the mountains,
    A little house sits in the trees.
    I'm lost in tranquility
    As my soul tries to breathe.

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    I too was a messed up kid and left with a lot of bad memories, I am going through another dark patch in my life but this poem has reminded me that I will rise again and soar and in doing so...

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  4. Religion: What Is It That Makes Us Mark Ourselves?

    • By Jerry Lee
    • Published: April 2008
    Questioning The Role Of Religion

    Why continue to fight against
    your brother for a vengeance
    that is not your own?

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  6. Looking Up!

    Determined To Have Faith

    I know you see me,
    I know you're there,
    But in my heart it's not fair.
    If I look up I see the sky,

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    Recently my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm her "Soul Mate" she tells me. This poem touched me, and reminded me not to give up faith. I believe.

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