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  1. The Chrysalis

    Learning To Forgive

    We are never finished products,
    No matter how long we live.
    There's always something we can add,
    Like learning to forgive.

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  3. Down But Not Out

    Depression Is Real

    Depression is real
    It zaps your zeal
    Weakens the bones
    Confuses the tones

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  4. Tomorrow's Unrevealed Blessings

    Having Faith That Tomorrow Will Be Better

    Although you can't see your way today,
    Tomorrow holds unrevealed blessings

    That you don't know about.

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  6. God's Flight

    Overcoming Fear To Soar To New Heights

    On the ground sits a bird
    That's too afraid to fly.
    Beautiful wings could make it soar,
    But the pain of past failure is its lonesome cry.

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    I love this poem. Not only is it beautifully written, but its message is wonderful. I have been going through very hard times and felt so angry and deserted by God. I lost all my faith in...

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  7. The Journey

    Hopeful Poem About Life's Journey

    Until you've walked the road that I've trod,
    and pushed your foot in my shoes,
    and felt how worn out they are because of the distance I've traveled,
    you can never tell me you know how I feel.

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    This is a very heartfelt poem! In my life's journey. I've experienced a very distressing event. Somehow, I wanted to give up on it. I've asked God for the solution to that problem. I was able...

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  8. Stand Strong

    • By Sammy Kisinga Mwangangi
    • Published: March 2011

    When things seem difficult miserable
    Life is turning away from you
    Intimidated and worn out you remain
    In darkness at a corner you examine

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    A wonderful poem for everyone, especially those who are searching for life's purpose. I have been searching also for my destiny. It wasn't an easy way for me. I have been into doubts, and my...

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  10. Lighten Up Today

    • By Dave Roberts
    • Published: June 2011
    Uplifting Poem About Having Hope And Faith


    When you're going through life's valleys,
    And you think there's no way out,
    You're not the first to feel this way.
    There's hope, without a doubt.

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  11. Looking Up!

    Determined To Have Faith

    I know you see me,
    I know you're there,
    But in my heart it's not fair.
    If I look up I see the sky,

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    Recently my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm her "Soul Mate" she tells me. This poem touched me, and reminded me not to give up faith. I believe.

  12. Send Me An Angel

    • By Jes
    • Published: February 2015
    Uplifting Poem About Someone Watching Out For Us

    Send me an angel when I have a bad day,
    Send me an angel at night while I lay.
    Send me an angel when troubles take over,
    Send me an angel to find me a lover.

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  13. The Box

    • By Peter Tamburrino
    • Published: April 2009
    Forgive Yourself Poem

    He ascended those stairs that day, why he did, he could not say.
    But reached for that old dusty knob of his attic door insight.
    A turn to the knob so gently,
    Cautiously he made his entry, entry into the attic that night.

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