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  1. God Of All Comfort

    Poem About The Comfort Of God

    Our God supplies us everything we need.
    When we need help, to Him we reach.
    He is always with us when we are lonely.
    He loves us so much and takes anger slowly.

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    Excellent poem. I love it. One of my favorites on Family Friend Poem website.

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  3. My Lord Told Me

    • By Kenny C.
    • Published: March 2015
    Poem About Trust In The Lord Jesus

    My LORD told me that HIS love would not fail,
    as HE showed me a hand that was pierced by a nail.

    HE told me I'm safe, started lifting the veil,

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    Thank you. This is exactly what I needed because I am at a low point in life and feel like, Where is God when I need him? This poem reminds me it's ok to fall, but to always remember God is...

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  4. Revealing Love

    • By Brittani
    • Published: September 2015
    Poem About God's Everlasting Love

    The roaring of thunder
    Sent forth within your hand
    Creating your image
    In the likeness of man

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    Present hour reality... the poem reveals the power of God, power above all dominions.. l was made to fall in love once again with the Lord of Lords.

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  6. Only A Test

    The Battles Of Life

    She grew weary and started to question God.
    She was sick and tired of life being so odd.
    She trusted him but just wished she understood,
    So much chaos even though she was doing good.

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  7. God Is In Control

    • By La'shawna Howard
    • Published: August 2014


    No matter what you have been told
    God is in control
    Yes, they came with a report one day
    But God has the last say...

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    The poem reminds me of those times when I could no longer do anything but to believe that everything will be alright. When I reach a dead end, my heart's cry is always "God is in control!"...

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  8. My Protector

    • By Julie Hird
    • Published: November 2010
    Poem Thanking God for What He's Done

    You are my protector
    You are my strength
    You are my light in my darkness, and my friend till the very end

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    This poem touched me because I was also saved by Jesus from a life of drugs and it reminded me of everything I'm so grateful for. Life is short and I threw away so many years running away...

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  10. Only A Prayer Away

    Poem About God Helping Us Through Life

    When all seems down and lost
    Just think of he who died on the cross.
    He shall guide you through
    Your time of hurt and blue.

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  11. My Personal Prayer

    Poem Asking God to Grant Us Our Needs


    God, grant me the strength to handle life's challenges,
    In order to overcome these life long obstacles.
    God, grant me the courage to stand up for what I believe in,
    In order to express my true opinions without fear....

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    I am reading this poem with tears in my eyes I love this prayer I'm seeing my self in it! This poem is very special to me!! I need God in everything I'm going through! Thank Angie May God...

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  12. Hope In God

    Poem About Focusing On God

    When everything seems hopeless,
    Don't focus on the whole mess.
    Just count on every blessing.
    Then slowly you'll start progressing.

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  13. Being Blind

    • By Scherwin D . W. Davis I
    • Published: November 2010
    God Made Us All Black and White

    If we all were blind
    maybe then we all could see
    that you must first have love
    for you and then for me....

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    I want to thank you for liking my poem. I'm a mixture of many races and American Indian is one of them. Stand tall and proud. God bless you and your family.
    Scherwin D. W. Davis I

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