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  1. Finding True Faith

    • By Brooke Byall
    • Published: January 2011
    Poem About Being Transformed

    She looks to him day through night,
    She knows for him she has to fight.
    She gives her soul...her body,
    And her broken heart,...

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    This is the same story as mine. I was almost losing my faith way back then, when God finally made his way to let me came back on Him. It was precious and heart-warming, knowing that God...

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  3. My Love

    • By Keith Evans
    • Published: April 2011
    Poem About People Needing Help

    Today I spoke to God and this is what I heard
    If you're out there being selfish, you haven't heard my word
    People out here need you
    The young and old need help...

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  4. Only A Prayer Away

    Poem About God Helping Us Through Life

    When all seems down and lost
    Just think of he who died on the cross.
    He shall guide you through
    Your time of hurt and blue.

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  6. True Friend

    • By Ma. Agnes E. Abordo
    • Published: February 2015
    Poem About God Helping Those Undergoing Trials And Difficulties

    There's SOMEONE in your life
    Who's always there at your side,
    Someone who's ready to help,
    Even before you ask for it.

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  7. I Am Not Alone

    • By Stephanie Namm
    • Published: February 2011

    I thought for many years I was alone
    and walked a lonely path with no presence of HIM.
    I could not see a reason to go on.
    I was saddened when my faith disappeared. ...

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    God Bless You, we are not alone, if we have faith and we endure he will always be there for us. We must learn to Trust The Lord our God with all of our heart. Amen

  8. All Alone

    • By Dawn Pratt
    • Published: March 2013
    Poem About Words From God

    ...All alone
    waiting patiently to hear your soft voice
    thoughts of your love
    wrap around my flesh and bones...

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  10. God Loves!

    • By William Reichle
    • Published: April 2011
    Poem About Praising God

    The light in my darkness
    You are my beacon of hope
    All you take away is pain
    And all you give is comfort and love...

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    I thank God for answering your prayers. He has been soo good to me. I know that the answer does not come right away sometimes, but He will answer. Having patience, continuing to pray, and...

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  11. Call On His Name

    • By Jessica Johnston
    • Published: March 2012
    Poem About God Listening to Us

    When there's a day
    That you can't seem to stand
    Call on His name
    And He'll take your hand...

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  12. Secret Of Happiness

    • By Navdeep Babbar
    • Published: December 2008
    Poem About God Comforting In Times of Hurt

    when sadness fills your heart
    when tears make you fall apart
    when its gloomy all around
    when you hear a silent killing sound...

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  13. He's Only A Breath Away!

    Poem About God Being Aware of Us

    When I feel far from God,
    There's a special thing that I do;
    I take a very deep breath!
    He gave it also to you....

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