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  1. Does God Listen?

    • By Jeff L.
    • Published: September 2014
    Poem About God's Love For Me

    Does God listen when we pray?
    Or when we speak does He turn away?

    When life is tough, is it His doing?...

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    We shouldn't be ashamed or afraid to voice our doubts. I can relate to this poem as I have done so many times in my life: be close and far from God yet still believe in Him.

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  3. He Alone

    • By Michelle Grah
    • Published: August 2015
    Poem Encouraging Finding Peace Through God

    He comes to us asleep, when no one can tell.
    He comes to us awake, he knows us so well.
    He appears at our weakest, most vulnerable state.
    He is always present, even when things are great.

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    Very uplifting to see yourself in the mirror of others. I connect with your words. Thank you for posting it.

  4. Masterpieces Of God

    • By Andreas Yonatan
    • Published: September 2008

    You are special!
    Created by the hands of God himself!
    Awaken by His breath!
    Filled with His spirit!...

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    I was looking for something to send to my daughter and her husband, that are going through some trials right now, their home was hit by a tornado and then recently their son returned from...

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  6. This Pain

    Healing Power Of Love And Forgiveness

    This pain that I feel cuts through me like steel.
    It's like an open wound that just won't heal.
    They say that time is the key that turns the lock and sets you free,
    But why, God? Why, is this happening to me?

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  7. You Are The Music

    Recognizing God In Music

    You are the music. You are the song.
    You are the words of truth and love.
    You are the voice that speaks to our heart.
    You are the music, the song of our heart.

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    Actually, there is music to this poem that was created in 2013.

  8. Secret Of Happiness

    • By Navdeep Babbar
    • Published: December 2008
    Poem About God Comforting In Times Of Hurt

    When sadness fills your heart,
    When tears make you fall apart,
    When it's gloomy all around,
    When you hear a silent killing sound,

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  10. God Of All Comfort

    Poem About The Comfort Of God

    Our God supplies us everything we need.
    When we need help, to Him we reach.
    He is always with us when we are lonely.
    He loves us so much and takes anger slowly.

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    Excellent poem. I love it. One of my favorites on Family Friend Poem website.

  11. You Take Me There

    Poem About Needing God

    As I search for your saving grace,
    I know one day I'll see your face.
    Waiting is the hardest thing for me.
    I know with you I will be so free.

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    This poem is so great. I can feel the love and faith of God.

  12. Chill And Be Still

    Poem About God Bringing Us Comfort

    Chill and be still, my child, for I am God,
    the Creator of all things, the Master upon high,
    Lord of all Lords, King of all Kings.
    With your faith in me I can change anything.

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  13. Agape

    • By Kjn
    • Published: September 2016
    God's Unconditional Love For Us

    She had never been in love;
    His was from above.

    She didn't like compassion;

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    I really like how your poem tells of someone who pushed away from God but He still loved her. And how in the end she goes to Him and is saved.

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