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  1. Revealing Love

    • By Brittani
    • Published: September 2015
    Poem About God's Everlasting Love

    The roaring of thunder
    Sent forth within your hand
    Creating your image
    In the likeness of man

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    Present hour reality... the poem reveals the power of God, power above all dominions.. l was made to fall in love once again with the Lord of Lords.

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  3. I Am Not Alone

    • By Stephanie Namm
    • Published: February 2011

    I thought for many years I was alone
    and walked a lonely path with no presence of HIM.
    I could not see a reason to go on.
    I was saddened when my faith disappeared. ...

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    God Bless You, we are not alone, if we have faith and we endure he will always be there for us. We must learn to Trust The Lord our God with all of our heart. Amen

  4. God's Side

    God's Loyalty To Us

    I do my very best each day
    Though some days prove worse than others.
    I'm everywhere I'm needed,
    No need more crucial than another.

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  6. Call On His Name

    • By Jessica Johnston
    • Published: March 2012
    Poem About God Listening to Us

    When there's a day
    That you can't seem to stand
    Call on His name
    And He'll take your hand...

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  7. God At Work

    Inspiring Reminder To Trust God

    I am a work of art
    In the Almighty's hands.
    The intent of His heart,
    He totally understands.

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  8. Being Blind

    • By Scherwin D . W. Davis I
    • Published: November 2010
    God Made Us All Black and White

    If we all were blind
    maybe then we all could see
    that you must first have love
    for you and then for me....

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    I want to thank you for liking my poem. I'm a mixture of many races and American Indian is one of them. Stand tall and proud. God bless you and your family.
    Scherwin D. W. Davis I

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  10. Give It All To God

    • By Irina SImakova
    • Published: July 2016

    Let not one sin remain.
    Let all your worries go.
    Give it up. Give it all.
    Give everything to God.

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  11. Sometimes

    Poem About Questioning God Existence

    Sometimes I look at the stars, Lord, and wonder if you're there.
    I have so many questions for you, I have so much to share.
    Sometimes I feel your presence, sometimes I feel you're near.
    If I tell you how empty I feel, would you still be there to hear?

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    I'm reading this at a time my soul need it most, it's a reflection of my condition. More Grace

  12. Faith

    • By Cassandra Ramirez
    • Published: March 2017
    An Encounter With God

    I was going so fast.
    I don't know how you chased me down.
    I was growing tired.
    You knew I'd finally hit the ground.

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    Well written. Everyone should stand up to attention when reading this beautiful poem. So true.
    Jac Judy A. Campbell

  13. My God Is Everything

    • By Murphy G.Washington Sr.
    • Published: April 2017

    Oh, how I worship my Lord
    with all of my might,
    for he'll lead me home.
    Yes, he'll fight my fight.

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