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  1. Abuser

    • By Patty Newkirk
    • Published: March 2011

    Shame on you for playing with her mind.
    I know a place for one of your kind.
    I know some day you'll get your due.
    Cause the devil is waiting for you....

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  2. Broken

    • By Mark Bugeja
    • Published: March 2012
    My Father Beat Me

    No where to go, No one to see
    Trapped in the heavens like a caged Parakeet
    Crying out to its master
    Let me leave, Let me be ...

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    The numbness still stays with you and me. I hope that you have found at least a good home. I still suffer at the age of 13 but quietness is what my soul is.

  3. Mommy He Molested Me

    I have so much to tell you
    In so little time
    My heart is cursed ...

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    My mom also didn't believe me, I told her while it was happening and she said, I was making it all up It went on for 7 more years until he moved out and I still haven’t tried to tell her...

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  4. Nightmares

    • By Julie
    • Published: January 2014

    Today was the day I died inside,
    Today was the day it all went up in flames,
    or should I say everything ran cold,
    the day where you hurt me so bad,...

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    I feel your pain believe me, and I blacked it out, grew up angry young man until something happened and I remembered from that day on no one ever touched me again. You said no one will miss...

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  5. The Day The Angels Descend

    Poem About Wanting Abuse To End

    Hits of fury,
    Gasps for air,
    Visions blurry,
    Eyes a stare.

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  6. Nobody Will Listen

    • By Holly
    • Published: October 2009

    My name is Shay
    I'm the youngest of 3
    My daddy is scary
    he often hurts me...

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  7. Object

    Abusive Step Dad

    There's a reason this poem doesn't have a rhyme,
    It doesn't have a beat,
    Make you tap your feet,
    Sure a couple of words will fit,...

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    My mum and bad broke up when I was young and I got a replacement dad. He is very violent but doesn't just hit he put me through a glass window once.

  8. Masks

    • By Lenny Dean
    • Published: April 2009
    My Father Broke Me

    No one knows me
    Not the real soul
    They see my mask
    Deceiving them is my goal...

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    I've been through this too. If only I knew better then to let my father.... This happened for 6 years and kept happening until I finally turned him in....Yes it was hard but girls we must be...

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  9. I Love My Dad

    • By Kaitlyn
    • Published: May 2011
    Poem About A Dad Who Sexually Abuses His Daughter

    I feel it.
    I can feel.
    You make me sit.
    You make me kneel....

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    I know you have been sexually abused but how could you still love him after what he did to you?

  10. Shades Of Grey

    • By Hailey
    • Published: June 2012

    I only see,
    Ugly shades of grey.
    From when I was with him,
    And he made me stay....

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