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  1. 21. Left Behind By Dad

    • By Carly
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2008

    I wrote this poem because its the way I feel about my dad. I live in a family of 10 kids and my parents. We live with mum and my dad lives in another city.

    I was told you love me
    I guess I heard wrong
    I lay here in the Darkness
    All alone
    No one else
    Just me
    You still were still here
    To comfort me at times like this
    Times of Darkness
    I need you here to hold me when I cry
    To tell me it's ok
    To give me hope for the future
    But it's to late
    Your gone
    You could've been there but you weren't
    Your were off doing your own thing
    I lay here waiting for you to come back
    But you never do
    Day by day it gets worse
    Tear drenched eyes
    Shattered heart
    You may love us
    But do you care what happens to us
    If you did you wouldn't have left us this way
    I still lay here waiting
    Waiting for one thing only
    Waiting for my dad to be a Dad

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    My dad left before I was even born. However, he said when I was younger he tried to visit and talk to me. I don't know whether to believe him or not. I have visited him multiple times, and...

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  2. 22. I Am Looking At You

    Dedicated to the teens that are confused.

    As I try to change,
    you never see me,
    I stare at you,
    but you never look at me,
    how stupid can I be?,
    all the songs I listen to,
    always remind me when there was a me & you,
    things were not like they were before,
    How you wouldn't even turn your head & recognize me anymore,
    Even though you let me go,
    there's just one thing that you should know,
    When you get another girl to forget about me,
    now your the one who's going to be staring at me,
    watch you'll see . . . .

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  3. 23. Girl Finally Smiles

    • By Lorene Larissa Georgina Harshman
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2009

    She believed that life truly sucked...But then she gradually started to let people into her life

    She walked around with a tattoo of a frown upon her face
    she thought she had no reason to smile or to even live
    She believed that life truly sucked
    she thought I would never get better ever...she absolutely hated life

    she walked around all alone
    she dressed in so much black nobody would come near her
    she didn't want anybody to dare to get close to her or even try to
    she got hurt so many times she began to hate everyone around her

    But then she gradually started to let people into her life
    she was sick of walking all alone
    she didn't want to be alone for the rest of her life
    she began to finally see the good side to life the positive side to life
    she began to think that life was really not that bad
    she finally started to walk around with a tattoo of a smile upon her face!

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  4. 24. How Do You Fail To See?

    Sometimes I feel as if the people who are closest to me fail to truly see the pain I suffer every day. It's hard for me to face each day knowing everything won't be okay.

    Poem About Those Closest To Us Not Seeing Our Pain

    How is it I cry all night,
    Yet you still believe everything is alright?
    How can you not see my pain
    When it is clearer than the rain?
    How can you not see my world ending?
    How can you not see my shattered heart that needs mending?
    You won't be there to catch me when I fall.
    It seems as if you don't care at all.
    You can't understand this pain I feel.
    It hurts so bad it's unreal.
    I know you truly do love me.
    What hurts is the pain that you fail to see.
    How can you not see that when I'm writing poetry
    There's pain everyone failed to see?
    The pain I feel is very real,
    But to you it's no big deal.
    You just fail to see
    What's really wrong with me.

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  5. 25. My Life

    • By Carrie Hall
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2008

    I have been through hell and back. I tried to explain what I've been through in this poem. It's about stuff that no teenager really wants to go through.

    Hell And Back

    I'm lost and confused,
    miss-treated and miss-used,
    Raped and abused,
    Unloved and refused.
    I was always being excused,
    I started doing drugs,
    Dating some thugs.
    I was being a tease,
    and getting pleased.
    I love that life
    now I'm stuck,
    in this rock.
    restrained from the one I love.
    screaming inside my mind,
    even though everyone thinks I'm fine.
    crying myself to sleep every night,
    wishing the next day my sister might be in sight.
    I was dropped in this town,
    to never be found.
    I was beaten
    I was raped
    I was unloved
    I was refused
    and most of all I was confused.

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    For seven years or more I lived with abuse I still haven't completely dealt with, I'm a guy but still have at least a cursory understanding of how she feels, my father to this day has...

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  6. 26. Inside Of Me

    • By Victoria
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2010

    I wrote this poem when I was going to a new school. I wanted to express myself in a way that I never did before, by reading poetry and singing. To be noticed and not just the new girl.

    inside of me
    there's a girl you do not see
    she's nice, friendly, and talented
    but she'll never be me
    she can "walk the walk"
    and "talk the talk"
    but she's not really me
    trapped, and alone
    she will not be freed
    she's not me and never will be
    trapped inside
    she will hide
    like an bird that can't fly
    she's trapped forever
    never to be released
    by me.

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  7. 27. I Am Not

    • By Rachael Weaver
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    I am a 15 year old girl who has gone through a lot in my life, when I was almost 12 my sister Vicki died in a car accident. I've also lost 10 more people in my life since then, its hard and sometimes I don't know what to do so I wrote this for my parents.

    I know I get angry, I know I rant and scream
    But all I want to do is wake up from this dream
    I try to stop being rude, I try to brush things off
    But it's hard to do all this when I feel I'm not good enough
    I'll never be a Vicki, beautiful, loving, and brightly glowing
    I'll never be a Markee whose hard work is always showing
    I'll never be a Crystal who's organized and neat
    I'll never be a Madison who beats everyone in a meet
    I'll never be a Candace who's the baby of our crew
    I'll never be any of them; I can't fill any of their shoes
    I'm just a teenage girl, who doesn't know what's going on
    I'm just another troublemaker who has a thousand cons
    I'm not that good at dance, my singing is just okay
    I'm not the prettiest thing to look at, things don't go my way
    I'm the one in the family who cries myself to sleep at night
    I'm the one who for some odd reason can't get anything right
    I'm the one who feels unwanted and hated by a lot
    I'm the one who takes the blame when someone else gets caught
    I'm the one who feels like me life can't continue the way it should
    I'm the one who let Vicki leave, and she'd die because I would
    I'm the one who can be successful but won't execute what I know
    I'm the one who writes these down; I have nowhere else to go
    I'm the one who can't say this, to my family's face
    I'm the one who's walking at a different pace
    I'm the one who runs away when something in life goes wrong
    I'm the one who's been hurting inside for almost way too long
    I'm the one who can't put into words the way I really feel
    I'm the one who doesn't believe good things are really real
    I'm the one who attacks myself when I go down the wrong road
    I'm the one who has been carrying on my shoulders, on big heavy load
    I'm the one who has tried to change, but can't do it on my own
    I'm the one who is so sorry, so I wrote this poem

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    This poem was so touching. I want to say that I know what you are going through, but I can't. I have my own problems that I feel guilty about and wish I could escape them. But I can tell you...

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  8. 28. Secret Keeper

    • By Ravyn
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2015

    Well, my name is Ravyn. I'm 17. I've had a hard life, especially at love. It takes everything I have to speak out loud due to fear of abandonment. For many years I have found myself bottling up emotions because simply, I can't trust anyone. One day I woke up and realized that trust does not have to be in a person. I don't have to confide in someone to show my feelings. All I need is a piece of paper. And so, my poetry writing began.

    Poem About Expressing Emotions

    You hold all my secrets
    Now that he's gone,
    A simple phrase or emotion held for days,
    To you, it don't matter how long.

    My true feelings, emotions I never show,
    I tell you and learn which way to go.

    When chaos takes place, I don't cry anymore,
    Now I can let it go.
    I simply say I'll tell you later.
    I know you won't tell anyone.
    You can't.
    You're just a piece of paper.

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  9. 29. Keep Fighting Those Demons

    • By Tori Stewart
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2012

    We all have demons we battle daily. We all have things that cause pain. Let all keep fighting those demons. You're stronger than you think and please comment.

    You don't know and I'll never tell,
    If you look at me you'd never know what's really inside,
    I may laugh and smile,
    And you'll think I'm OK

    I may act sunny and bright,
    But really I'm dying inside,
    I'm sinking slowly into a deep dark trench,
    I wish begging for someone would show me the sun

    To help me battle this thing inside me,
    My demon,
    My curse,
    This thing inside me

    All I want is someone to understand,
    Someone else with my pain,
    Someone with my curse,
    So I don't feel so alone

    I crave to have someone who know what it's like,
    Someone who has my demon,
    Someone who can fight with me.

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    This is a really good poem. I, too, pretend to be okay when all I feel is an unending emptiness. It's like feeling everything all at once and then suddenly feeling nothing at all.

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  10. 30. She Never Shed A Tear

    Sometimes you just feel lonely and too alone...

    When she was young, she bumped her head
    She did not shed a tear
    She scraped and bruised her knees
    She did not shed a tear
    She was scolded by her mom
    She did not shed a tear
    She asked for a cup of ice cream but was ignored
    She did not shed a tear
    She was humiliated in front of a crowd
    She did not shed a tear
    She lose people dear to her
    She did not shed a tear
    She watched a movie, everyone cried
    She did not shed a tear
    She failed
    She did not shed a tear
    She was hurt, but again
    She did not shed a tear
    All the tears were gone, a long time ago
    It dried as long as she can remember
    She was tired, she needs to rest
    She slept thinking it was the best
    She was wrong everything was the same
    Nothing changed.

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    This is so true. I cry almost every night. Nobody knows. People wonder why I get no sleep at night and they wonder why I never cry. Truth is I do cry, just not around them. I cry silently in...

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  11. 31. Suicidal

    • By Lucy
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2015

    My friend was feeling suicidal, so I wrote this for her.

    Poem About Not Wanting To Be Alone

    Nobody knows
    Nobody sees
    Nobody hears
    Her cries and her pleas
    To, just for once,
    Be as everyone else
    To, just for once,
    Not be herself
    She's alone in this world
    No one to call friend
    She'll be alone in this world
    When she comes to an end

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    Yes it really did touch my heart. That's why I am starting a group called 'The Survivors'. It's for the people that have been bullied and mentally, sexually, and physically, abused.

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  12. 32. I Am Alone

    • By Ariana Nicole Butler
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011

    This is a poem that I wrote a few months back, from the outside I look like that kind of girl who seems to never feel sad but on the inside I hurt really bad. You can't always see the pain someone is feeling.

    The yells,
    yells and screams,
    unwanted dreams,
    I'm never wanted,
    as it seems.

    My wrists,
    Wrists with scars that show,
    friends are the only ones,
    that truly know.

    sitting on my bed,
    all the screams,
    go through my head.

    searching for my dreams,
    just trying,
    to ignore the screams.

    falling, I am lost,
    a broken heart,
    that's what it costs.

    chances I try to take,
    but each time I try,
    my heart sure breaks.

    sing and dance is what I do,
    spend all my life,
    trying to impress you.

    gone, I'm all alone,
    no one here to heal,
    my heart of stone.

    greatness is in my soul,
    but when I speak out,
    I become a fool.

    people everywhere,
    when I walk by,
    they all just stare.

    same, I want to shout,
    they all fit in,
    but I stand out.

    running from my fears,
    I have no one,
    to wipe my tears.

    Trusting in my heart,
    somewhere in this world,
    I'll find my part.

    Boom, my heart beats slow,
    there will be a time,
    when I shall glow.

    cheering, I must not boast,
    I owe it all,
    to my ghost.

    smile, I must not frown,
    many people,
    I can't let down.

    sometimes I pretend I'm okay,
    I hold back the tears,
    and just walk away.

    so now my heart is stone,
    wish someone could see,
    that I'm all alone.

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    Even when I am alone, I feel this way. I have scars on my wrist from the times I couldn't take the pain of living with people who tell you you're not good enough. that no matter what you do...

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  13. 33. I Miss You Daddy

    • By Anonymous Person
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009

    I didn't want to tell him this so I will tell you. I miss you Daddy.

    how can you go again?
    you've been here only 2 days
    I didn't know who you were till 3
    for business was always first
    your away here one month then there the next
    all the birthdays you've missed
    do you even know how old I am?
    you always say not to fret
    for its only for a while.
    but then that fateful night
    when you were gone
    someone tried to sneak in
    but you weren't there to stop them
    doggy had to be brave
    and bark the intruder away
    you weren't there when mommy was scared
    or to hold me tight when I was awake wondering
    will they come back?
    you were never there when I had nightmares
    and mommy was too tired to come to me
    so I lay there and cry
    then look up at the sky
    and wish upon a star
    Daddy please come home
    because I miss you.

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  14. 34. Vandalizing Me

    • By Heather-Joy
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    It was all too much..
    I couldn't watch my mother get hurt any longer
    My siblings were astound by the way he was treating her so he wanted us gone.. we never left.. and the more attached to mum we got the more pain we all went through..
    He's gone now, home is a safe place (:

    I was happy once
    but never again
    will I stand for your ignorance
    and suffer your pain

    I have tried to maintain
    the sanity of mind
    but every step I take
    Is just a step behind

    I look out of my window
    and plan my escape
    But the more I accomplish
    the less steps I take

    Year after year
    I suffer more
    Being ignored and hated
    is not what I'm for

    I am just young
    there's no need for my hurt
    You've seen me cry but
    I'm still treated like dirt

    I long for company
    From a personal friend
    But the more I explain it
    The guiltier I am

    I haven't a coin
    Or a note as such
    But a few extra dollars
    wouldn't hurt you that much

    But the daily abuse
    and hatred from you
    just gives me more choice
    on what I should do

    I could easily have
    a police man on side
    to take you away
    so I don't have to hide

    You think you are king
    But you are just a fool
    Who do you think you are
    You are so far from cool

    You are such a child
    a manipulative one
    who can't stand a chance
    against me and my mum

    Yeah serve me bad food
    and call me bad names
    but I am much too smart
    for your childish mind games

    You see me whisper
    In my mothers right ear
    but then you just mock us
    and let out a sneer

    I am happy that mum
    can finally see
    that your good for nothing
    just vandalizing me....

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  15. 35. Diamonds

    This poem is very symbolic of my emotional walls.

    Poem About Building Emotional Walls

    I built walls to the heavens made of diamond.
    I sit in my crystalline castle as workers reinforce the walls with steel rods.
    My new home is unbreakable.

    I do not like guests; they are forbidden here.
    My quarters are so indestructible that they are known by the gods.
    My new home is unbreakable.

    I need more diamonds.
    They need to build the walls higher!
    My new home is unbreakable.

    Years have passed. My icy walls are complete.
    Now I sit alone; just me, my steel, and my diamonds.
    At least my home is unbreakable.

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    I can relate to this poem on a personal level. More often than not, I shut people out to protect myself, but then I realize that I am left alone with my own thoughts. I just want to say...

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  16. 36. No One Special Just Me

    • By Tiana
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2011

    This is basically how I feel and I don't think any one in my family cares or maybe they just don't know. They think cuz I get good grades that everything's great but they never look deeper. They hurt me every day not necessarily on purpose but still. By ignoring me giving me dirty looks things like that that they think don't matter. um so yeah that's me.

    I had nightmares since the age of five
    and I hated myself for being alive
    I struggled through my primary years
    I had to hide to cry my tears
    went to primary here and there
    I schooled basically everywhere
    my mum became my teacher so
    another school I had to go
    secondary next like a normal girl
    but I was living in a messed up world
    all my ambitions were out of my sight
    and my mind didn't appear to be working right
    but I started at the royal school
    and my life became kind of cool
    in there I made amazing friends
    who'd be there for me until the end
    but sometimes I got kind of sad
    so I became kind of bad
    I felt from life I had nothing to gain
    and my anger gave me a crave for pain
    I train tracked my arm so it looked like bars
    and I was satisfied when I saw the scars
    but a solution for me we couldn't find
    so the royal got left behind
    I started afresh but I didn't fit in
    and I bottled all my feelings in
    once again I turned to self harm
    and I kind of lost who I am
    but I told myself I would be strong
    I knew I had to carry on
    but as I sit here I'm not so sure
    if my life ahead I can endure
    although I tend to scream and shout
    my true feelings do not come out
    so I guess now that I'm forced to see
    the harsh but true reality
    my mother never wanted me
    I'm a failure to my family
    I don't mean to swear to push or shove
    but I've quite forgotten how to love
    people just turn me away
    don't listen to what I have to say
    they think they know what I am about
    but one last time I'm crying out
    I did things I knew I shouldn't do
    I lost myself and my values
    so sad and sold I did remain
    because respect I could not regain
    so now I won't attempt or try
    your friendship for me to rebuy
    because I brought this upon myself
    and for ever more I'll rot in hell

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  17. 37. Lonlieness Hurts

    My I hope the public will know of this and treat it as something just as dangerous as a disease.
    Only this one cannot heal..

    Loneliness is real
    It is not a joke
    I struggle and cry
    And even start to choke

    I can't seem to distinguish what's real anymore
    Everywhere I go people treat me like some whore
    I just sit here
    and wait for tomorrow to appear

    Every morning I awake
    Wondering why I have not done it
    The decision that I have to make

    I don't think I can take it anymore
    when will this torment end?
    I know I've felt it before
    The trust that someone will have to lend

    My life is in danger
    Help me before it's too late
    Or will I surrender to my anger
    And arrive to school late?

    My choice is made
    My choice is final
    It's not something you can trade
    It's something that will forever remind you

    How much loneliness can hurt.

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    I really know how being lonely hurts. I grew up in a messed up family, they always treated me like a hole which always hurt me but I did not give up cuz I knew I was different from any...

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  18. 38. Pain, Heartache, And Loneliness

    • By Tyreka S
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014

    This poem is about how I feel about the things in my life right now. I wrote this poem because I have been dealing with a lot. Pain of rape and neglect, sorrow and hurt, and I feel there's no one to help me. I try to make things better, but nobody seems to have time, or they just don't understand.

    Slowly I feel myself breaking.
    My knees feel weak; it seems I'm shaking.
    My arms are tired and my legs feel numb.
    My mind in a haywire and I want to run.

    Stress is building, tears still fall.
    My lonely nights I lay
    Staring at these blank walls.

    Hopeless sleep with no means to an end
    Keeping me from the monsters within.
    Tragic flares and dreams down the drain.
    The nightmares I have bring me the most pain.

    Wishing for the truth, but only finding lies.
    The secrets I try to keep behind
    My dull brown eyes.

    My tears won't stop, I can't keep fighting.
    I'm losing all hope of ever finding.
    I don't know who I am; with everything going on,
    I've lost myself in this midst of a crowd.

    My heart can't take this never ending pain,
    With every word they say I feel like they drain.
    My dying, beating heart that has nothing to gain.

    The stares I receive like I shame them so bad,
    But the truth is that I only wanted to try,
    Try and fight for what I had.

    Now here I am, with this lonely broken soul,
    Awaiting my faith in this pitch black hole.

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    Such a touching poem. I love the diction used. It really creates an atmosphere that rhymes well with the subject matter.

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  19. 39. Day By Day

    • By Molly Sittig
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2014

    I'm 15 years old and live in a town of 1,000 people. I have the picture perfect family. Big house, nice cars...My oldest brother is very successful and the other is the High School President and has a full ride track scholarship. My dad is the most important man in town and my mom is the typical mom. To outsiders it looks so beautiful. But no one has bothered to take a peek at the inside. Getting ignored, crying in the shower, and eating alone...It isn't so pretty anymore.

    Yelling, screaming--that's what I hear
    No noise of laughter, not a sound of cheer
    Every word spoken comes out like a punch in the face
    Everyone looks with such disgrace

    I runaway to hide because no one should see
    That this, this is everything I wished it wouldn't be
    I want to be different, I want to know why
    Why lately I am scared and all the love has died

    This is supposed to be fun, a safe place
    Instead we fell apart, like a shoe without a lace
    I wish I had someone to understand, someone to tell
    Instead I just endure this seemingly endless hell

    I want to go; not a soul is to know
    But soon the scars will be sure to show
    My mind resists return, no one will care
    But day by day I find myself there

    An empty house is not a home
    But with people it is a mess to crazy to comb
    I want to quit, I want to give up
    Yet still I go back and hope for a tearless cup

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    I'm just like you my half sister and my sister and my dad are all blessed with knowledge and special skills , my mom has a good memory and is blessed a little too, yet I'm so different I do...

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  20. 40. Have You Ever Felt So Alone

    • By Caitlen Marshall
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2012

    There was a time I was so low in life. I didn't know where I was going or why I was going there. So I started writing things that shown my pain without expressing it by self-abusement. I was the 'emo' in school the one with all the friends, the one that cared so much about her image, she didn't realize she was hurting her family, her friends, but most importantly herself. She wanted the life everyone thought she had. Only few knew her pain.

    Have you ever felt so ignored,
    So unloved?
    Bringing back the memories,
    The times of a dove

    Push your way through it all.
    Your wanting to end it,
    because you're just so small.
    People tell you no,
    But you go back on your word,
    You're just another girl!

    Crimson stains the floor,
    Screaming at the door.
    Hiding everything isn't wrong,
    But when it comes down to it.
    You wish you had gone.
    Alone in a dream,
    So bittersweet,
    Alone again,
    Back in insanity.

    You shattered all around,
    Your heart hit the ground.
    That painted smile,
    That bruised cut,
    A line of enjoyment,
    Shown a little to much.
    Beauty can't be skin deep
    Not if the skin...
    is marred

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    I know how you feel really, I have had a painted smile for two years, it's really bitter.

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