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  1. My Life

    • By Carrie Hall
    • Published: February 2008
    Hell And Back

    I'm lost and confused,
    miss-treated and miss-used,
    Raped and abused,
    Unloved and refused....

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    For seven years or more I lived with abuse I still haven't completely dealt with, I'm a guy but still have at least a cursory understanding of how she feels, my father to this day has...

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  3. No One Knows Me

    • By Caitlin Glaspell
    • Published: March 2011

    No One will ever truly know me.
    How can they when they never even try,
    because I smile they assume I am happy.

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    I truly enjoyed the explains the true me. I feel like telling someone about this but I just can't find the right words, not even my parents. I wanna tell, but like it's been...

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  4. Keep Fighting Those Demons

    • By Tori Stewart
    • Published: February 2012

    You don't know and I'll never tell,
    If you look at me you'd never know what's really inside,
    I may laugh and smile,
    And you'll think I'm OK...

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    This pretty much sums up my life, I sometimes (always) I'm almost 14 and I feel like nobody has the same problems as me when actually soooo many people do! But yeah anyways you're really good...

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  6. Can Anybody Hear Me?

    Poem About The Hurt Of Being Isolated And Alone

    I want someone to hold me,
    But I'm the only one here.
    I want someone to listen to me,
    But I'm the only ear.

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    This is a wonderful poem, and you sure have a way with words, and putting your deepest feelings into those words really brings your poetry to life. It is very therapeutic. Please keep up your...

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  7. Left Behind By Dad

    • By Carly
    • Published: January 2008

    I was told you love me
    I guess I heard wrong
    I lay here in the Darkness
    All alone...

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    My dad left before I was even born. However, he said when I was younger he tried to visit and talk to me. I don't know whether to believe him or not. I have visited him multiple times, and...

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  8. I Miss You Daddy

    • By Anonymous Person
    • Published: April 2009

    how can you go again?
    you've been here only 2 days
    I didn't know who you were till 3
    for business was always first...

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  10. Lonlieness Hurts

    Loneliness is real
    It is not a joke
    I struggle and cry
    And even start to choke...

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    I really know how being lonely hurts. I grew up in a messed up family, they always treated me like a hole which always hurt me but I did not give up cuz I knew I was different from any...

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  11. Suicidal

    • By Lucy
    • Published: August 2015
    Poem About Not Wanting To Be Alone

    Nobody knows
    Nobody sees
    Nobody hears
    Her cries and her pleas

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    Yes it really did touch my heart. That's why I am starting a group called 'The Survivors'. It's for the people that have been bullied and mentally, sexually, and physically, abused.

  12. Deafening Silence

    Poem To A Friend Suffering Pain And Depression


    I look deep into your eyes
    but all I see are lies
    where there was hurt and suffering
    there's now a black hole of nothing

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    I've been dealing with depression for the past three years and suicide is a big thing for me. Thank you, this poem means a lot!

  13. The Pain I Feel Inside

    • By Moriah McPherson
    • Published: June 2007
    Poem On Teasing

    The pain that I feel so deep inside,
    The hurt, the shame, and all the lies.
    People that I live with, thought they would be the people that I love.
    With the hate, the anger, the yelling, the teasing, and the madness.

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    I love this poem it makes me cry because it makes me think of my life in the past and now.

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