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  1. 41. Feelings Of Regret And Loneliness

    • By Jamie Nixon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2007

    love, friendship and loneliness.

    Afraid of regret
    I take a breath and try to deal with the battle that is set
    My heart tears me one way
    In opposing corners my best friend and my mind
    No move can I make that solves this problem
    So strong the will in my heart- it will not let me move
    In this place I am put
    Onwards I charge in the presence of my peers
    Pressing to each occasion
    With a stiff smile forced upon my somber face
    Eventually I shut down in my room
    Alone-as I'm used to it
    With a tear formed in the crevice of my eye
    Making its way down my cheek
    Knowing I don't belong here
    I need someone to love me,
    But alone I am left
    Alone I forever will be
    Afraid of regret.

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  2. 42. Masked Emotions

    • By Destiny
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2012

    This poem did not take all that long to write. My emotions are just below the surface that I hide. They are so real to me that I can explain them is anyway possible.

    There is something about me
    Everyone wonders what that could be
    could it be my smile
    what about my laugh
    or the happiness I bring

    To me it's all fake
    Nothing about this shield is true
    My smile is frowning
    Laughing comes out as weeps
    My happiness is always sad

    The story about my life
    Has never been said
    Everyone loves my mask
    They tell me they love me
    I can't believe them one bit
    my emotions are all fake

    I don't want people comforting me
    For the way I choose to live
    It's my life
    You can not lead it as you choose
    Though I wish you could

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  3. 43. Soon I'll Be Gone

    • By Tracey crookes
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2007

    A daughter feels sad and lonely because her Dad is not around.

    I missed you this morning dad, you'd already gone
    When will you be back dad, how long will you be?

    Mum gets me up and ready for school
    Mum tucks me up and kisses me night night
    But I sometimes wonder dad, where have you gone?

    I know you work hard dad, mum says you do
    But why do go to watch football or out with your friends when I want to be with you?

    I guess I am lucky, some of my friends dads have gone
    But they sometimes see them at the weekend and seem to have fun

    Please be home more dad so we can have fun, I'm growing up fast dad, soon I'll be gone

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  4. 44. Who Is She?

    • By Kayla Brooks
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

    The reason I wrote this poem because it helps me let out a lot anger and sadness. Because I am an 11 year old girl with type 1 diabetes. Also my mom has sickle cell anemia and she smokes. And the sad about it is that she says that she wants to be in my life but always out with her friends and never home with me. I also wrote this because I feel that God put me on this earth to make fun of me. But when I think of it I know he put me on this earth for a reason.

    I Am An 11 Year Old Girl With Type 1 Diabetes

    she is lost
    afraid of everything
    she doesn't know where to go
    left or right
    up or down
    she is trapped
    nobody understands her
    she is in a box
    she is lost
    how does she go on
    she feels like her life is over
    she tries to fit in
    but she cannot
    she wants to disappear to nowhere
    she cannot talk to anyone
    her life is upside down
    where does she go
    what does she do
    why is her life like this
    did chose her to be this way
    why me lord
    am I the one you want to live like this
    am I the special one
    did I do something wrong
    do I belong on this earth
    I am lost

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    I love that now it gives me the courage to feel comfortable because God chose me for a reason. I'm also an 11 year old girl, and I'll be faithful and am blessed that I'm still on the Earth.

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