Alone Poems by Teens

Alone Poems by Teens

Poems About Teenage Loneliness

Being alone is one of the saddest conditions for a human being to experience. You may feel alone with your family, if you think that no one understands you. Often people are afraid to share who they are because they think that they will be rejected. However, if you are not sharing who you are, you are not truly with the people you love. On the other hand when you share your true self, you risk being rejected. Often individuals seek people out of the family unit with whom they can share themselves without fear of rejection.

44 Teens Write Poetry About Feeling Lonely

  1. 1. Pain

    • By Jasmine Knapp
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 4, 2021

    This poem is about depression, being forgotten during the pain of depression, and learning when to grow up after you became depressed. The story of this is simple: I was sad, frustrated, angry and more, so I wrote, which I do when I am feeling down. This poured out of the pen and I liked it.

    The Pain Of Depression And Being Forgotten

    So many tears no one can see,
    So many people I'm supposed to be.

    So many problems with no one to listen,
    So many eyes that lost that special glisten.

    So many aches nothing can heal,
    So many smiles, each one less real.

    So many lies, no one knows the truth,
    Only once did I lose my youth.

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  3. 2. Black Abyss

    • By Nicole Steiner
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2020

    I wrote this poem after my friends left me. They told me my problems were too much. I thought I was unlovable, so I slowly sank into depression. I just had to put this poem down before it was too late.

    Sadness From Friends Turning Their Backs

    I walk this black abyss
    With no place to go.
    It's surprising how I miss
    All that I used to know.
    All my friends have left me
    Because of all my needs.
    So I said, "Fine, just let me be.
    You never even loved me; you're all just full of greed."
    You wanted me for my money
    You left and crushed my soul.
    So here I wander, lonely,
    In this dark, sorrowful hole.
    I guess if it lasts forever,
    I know soon I will be fine.
    But till the end of my days
    I will forever do my time.
    So here I wander lonely
    In this dark, sorrowful hole.

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  5. 3. The True Me

    • By Jessica S. Bauzon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2019

    Every day, I hide behind a smile. No one knows how I feel inside. At school, my classmates have new bags, shoes, toys...I never got those luxuries. I feel so alone, like no one understands.

    No One Knowing How You Feel

    Why do you stand around and watch me cry?
    Don't you see me in the corner of your eye?
    I'm in so much pain, don't you see?
    Why do you just stare and watch me bleed?

    Nobody knows me; I feel so alone.
    They don't see what talents I've shown.
    Why doesn't anyone truly understand?
    I just want to be part of your band.

    Nobody cares that I always cry.
    It makes me feel like I wanna die.
    I just ask one question of you.
    Why do you do the things that you do?

    I just want to make people smile,
    To stop the pain and sadness for a while.
    Nobody sees the things that I do...
    Nobody knows the me that's true.

    The true me stays forever hidden.
    I only reveal it when using my ball-pen.
    Everyone says the real me is weird.
    It's like the true me has been sheared.

    Why do I feel the way that I feel?
    Because of those who make my nightmares real.
    My friends and family don't know at all
    Right now I just wanna curl into a ball.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Never change your originality
    For the sake of others
    Because no one else can play your role
    Better than you
    So be yourself
    You are the best

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  6. 4. The Hidden Pain

    • By Abigail S. Williams
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2018

    I feel like I'm alone, like no one understands me. They ask me if I'm fine. I smile and say that I am even though I feel like staying in my room and crying. I have to put on the mask because I know that if I show my true self I'll be rejected.

    The me you see is not the real me.
    This isn't who I wish to be.
    I hide the pain, I hide the strife.
    Honestly, I just want to escape this life.

    You'll never know the pain I feel.
    All my happiness you'll try to steal,
    But yet you say you love and you care.
    I don't know how much more I can bear.

    I'm running from this world,
    Still wondering when my voice will be heard.
    You keep saying that I'm selfish, dumb, and cruel,
    But can't you see that I will never let you win this duel.

    Now there's just one more thing that I want you to know,
    And it is that I will never let my sorrow show.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I was really amazed by the level of sorrow in this poem. It truly touched me. Sometimes I, too, feel myself in the same condition of loneliness and sorrow. This poem reminded me of my blue...

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  7. 5. Unheard Whispers

    • By Kayyyyyydia
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2017

    Feeling of having to hide who you are from other people because they won't understand the truth.

    I try and try, but no one can see

    That I'm hurt, that I'm broken,
    That I'm not even me.

    They think I'm fine
    Because I tell them those lies.

    I tell myself I'm okay,
    But inside I want to cry.
    No one understands,
    So I will just keep quiet.

    My words mean nothing.
    They don't buy it.
    I whisper, trying to be noticed,
    But when I get their attention
    My fake smile returns
    And I am once again that bubbly girl
    Everyone yearns to know.

    I'm afraid that my feelings will scare them away,
    Make them wake from their fake world of perfection.
    My dreams have been shattered
    By reality long ago.
    Why mess up their perfect lie?

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    Latest Shared Story

    I can relate. I used to have this friend. I am not very outgoing, to say the least, and so I never really made any friends other that her, and she knew this. Last year we were placed in...

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  8. 6. Disappear

    • By Brooke Waldon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2016

    This poem basically shows that being alone isn't fun. Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on. It doesn't feel nice to be alone.

    Looking For Someone Who Understands

    It seems that my only option is to cry,
    But day by day I keep asking myself why.
    Why am I always sad?
    Why am I always mad?

    When will somebody understand the pain I go through?
    Can't anyone just hug me and say, "I'm here for you"?
    Hold me close and say, "You can cry on my shoulder."
    Give me advice and pull me closer.

    I need someone who knows how it feel to want to cry all the time,
    Someone who knows the real definition of "I'm just fine."
    I'm tired of crying because I feel alone.
    I need someone who knows how it feels to be alone.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Sorry you feel as I do. It's not good to feel alone. Remember it's not only you, but together we stand. Remember, we're friends.

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  9. 7. How Do You Fail To See?

    Sometimes I feel as if the people who are closest to me fail to truly see the pain I suffer every day. It's hard for me to face each day knowing everything won't be okay.

    Poem About Those Closest To Us Not Seeing Our Pain

    How is it I cry all night,
    Yet you still believe everything is alright?
    How can you not see my pain
    When it is clearer than the rain?
    How can you not see my world ending?
    How can you not see my shattered heart that needs mending?
    You won't be there to catch me when I fall.
    It seems as if you don't care at all.
    You can't understand this pain I feel.
    It hurts so bad it's unreal.
    I know you truly do love me.
    What hurts is the pain that you fail to see.
    How can you not see that when I'm writing poetry
    There's pain everyone failed to see?
    The pain I feel is very real,
    But to you it's no big deal.
    You just fail to see
    What's really wrong with me.

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  10. 8. Can Anybody Hear Me?

    I wrote this poem while crying at night and unable to go to sleep. Simply writing down my feelings calmed me. I was angry at myself for being so shy that I had isolated myself from those who loved me. I felt isolated, alone, and invisible. I didn't feel like anyone understood who I really was. I felt hurt because no one really took the time to get to know me. The ones who preached friendship to me ignored me... even on my birthday. Thank God, He is my comforter. And I had His Word that night.

    Poem About The Hurt Of Being Isolated And Alone

    I want someone to hold me,
    But I'm the only one here.
    I want someone to listen to me,
    But I'm the only ear.

    Can anybody hear me?
    Does anybody care?
    Does anybody even know
    I'm dealing with despair?

    There are voices in my mind
    Saying I should die.
    Will anybody even tell me
    They're only just a lie?

    Does anybody love me?
    Would they shed a tear?
    Would anybody even care
    If I were to disappear?

    The ones who preach friendship
    Have left me all alone.
    The ones who are not here
    Promised not to let me go.

    Can anybody see me?
    Does anybody care?
    Does anybody even know
    The burden that I bear?

    I've built up this wall
    To hide who I am,
    And now that I need help,
    I'm alone behind it all.

    Can you see the real me?
    Will you even try?
    Can you even tell I need
    A break in the wall tonight?

    I'm crying all alone,
    Not sure what to do.
    Please just let me know
    That at least I still have you.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I've been the same way, but you are never alone. God is there for you, Your friends and family care, even if they don't know the best way to show it. People are there to help you; you just...

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  11. 9. Black Dove

    • By Ashley Dillon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2015

    This bird represents me in a world I don't feel welcome in. This is how I feel. This is me... :(

    Poem About Not Feeling Welcomed

    There sat a black dove,
    dark as night,
    doing wrong,
    though knowing right.

    Its nature is bad
    but not by choice.
    How would you feel
    with an unheard voice?

    It hates the world
    surrounded by love.
    Its only wish
    is to be a white dove.

    A symbol of hope, honesty,
    peace, and devotion.
    It just wants to be happy
    and escape this commotion.

    Instead, all the world does
    is turn away,
    and every silver lining
    fades to gray.

    Expected to be seen
    but not heard
    is a painful thing
    to this lonely bird.

    A black dove
    sits and cries and sings
    as it recollects
    all the heartache life brings.

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  12. 10. Suicidal

    • By Lucy
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2015

    My friend was feeling suicidal, so I wrote this for her.

    Poem About Not Wanting To Be Alone

    Nobody knows
    Nobody sees
    Nobody hears
    Her cries and her pleas
    To, just for once,
    Be as everyone else
    To, just for once,
    Not be herself
    She's alone in this world
    No one to call friend
    She'll be alone in this world
    When she comes to an end

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    Latest Shared Story

    Yes it really did touch my heart. That's why I am starting a group called 'The Survivors'. It's for the people that have been bullied and mentally, sexually, and physically, abused.

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  13. 11. Secret Keeper

    • By Ravyn
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2015

    Well, my name is Ravyn. I'm 17. I've had a hard life, especially at love. It takes everything I have to speak out loud due to fear of abandonment. For many years I have found myself bottling up emotions because simply, I can't trust anyone. One day I woke up and realized that trust does not have to be in a person. I don't have to confide in someone to show my feelings. All I need is a piece of paper. And so, my poetry writing began.

    Poem About Expressing Emotions

    You hold all my secrets
    Now that he's gone,
    A simple phrase or emotion held for days,
    To you, it don't matter how long.

    My true feelings, emotions I never show,
    I tell you and learn which way to go.

    When chaos takes place, I don't cry anymore,
    Now I can let it go.
    I simply say I'll tell you later.
    I know you won't tell anyone.
    You can't.
    You're just a piece of paper.

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  14. 12. Pain, Heartache, And Loneliness

    • By Tyreka S
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014

    This poem is about how I feel about the things in my life right now. I wrote this poem because I have been dealing with a lot. Pain of rape and neglect, sorrow and hurt, and I feel there's no one to help me. I try to make things better, but nobody seems to have time, or they just don't understand.

    Slowly I feel myself breaking.
    My knees feel weak; it seems I'm shaking.
    My arms are tired and my legs feel numb.
    My mind in a haywire and I want to run.

    Stress is building, tears still fall.
    My lonely nights I lay
    Staring at these blank walls.

    Hopeless sleep with no means to an end
    Keeping me from the monsters within.
    Tragic flares and dreams down the drain.
    The nightmares I have bring me the most pain.

    Wishing for the truth, but only finding lies.
    The secrets I try to keep behind
    My dull brown eyes.

    My tears won't stop, I can't keep fighting.
    I'm losing all hope of ever finding.
    I don't know who I am; with everything going on,
    I've lost myself in this midst of a crowd.

    My heart can't take this never ending pain,
    With every word they say I feel like they drain.
    My dying, beating heart that has nothing to gain.

    The stares I receive like I shame them so bad,
    But the truth is that I only wanted to try,
    Try and fight for what I had.

    Now here I am, with this lonely broken soul,
    Awaiting my faith in this pitch black hole.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Such a touching poem. I love the diction used. It really creates an atmosphere that rhymes well with the subject matter.

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  15. 13. The Weeping Willow

    • By Chris Trottier
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2014

    Hey, Chris Trottier here, author of "The Weeping Willow." I've suffered from depression for many years, let it be from loneliness, hate, abandonment or just simple sadness. Youngest in the pack, both from mother and father's children from previous relationships, I never really had someone to talk to or anything. Being the unpopular guy, you tend to be bullied and be stuck in a zone where you're always alone. Perhaps you feel the same; if so, I hope you enjoy "The Weeping Willow."

    Poem About Pain And Losing Hope

    Each night I find myself sitting against the tree,
    Hating myself, locking my heart and throwing away the key,
    I sit there and wait, just hoping for the someone who may care.
    No one ever comes, nor will they, I am aware.
    I sit beneath the weeping willow.
    Its leaves and shade make my soothing pillow.
    Aye, my tears are just fuel for my restless dreams.
    Then again, my existence is nothing as it seems.

    It all began from a time I am unaware.
    I had no friends, no love to share.
    My heart shattered, the core went rotten,
    My happy days long since forgotten.
    My desire in life is simply to die.
    I'm sick and tired of having to be in agony and cry.
    My parents, family, classmates, they just build it.
    They look at me as a mistake, best to fix it.
    They hand me the rope and the chair with a smile.
    They play it off like they care for a while.
    Then they shut the door and sit by the bay,
    "Whatever happens, happens," they always say.
    The disappointment on their face when I live,
    I must be a curse they seek God to forgive.
    I'm constantly belittled and told to die.
    The moments of love they give are but a lie.

    Father who art in heaven, why must I suffer more?
    Why have you made collecting my tears a chore?
    How have I deserved this? How have I failed you and what must I do?
    What more can I do just to please you?
    Make this stop, let it end.
    Give me love or just a friend.
    End this nightmare just for once, even for a moment.
    Just stop, stop making everything my opponent!
    I cry every night and fake every day.
    I make people happy with the words that I say.
    Why can't I just sit back and be happy or glad?

    No, you don't care, just like the others,
    Just like mother, father and his brothers,
    Just like my crush and my exes whom I love.
    You're just toying with me, laughing from above.
    I'll never get better, this I know.
    I have no people to love, no paradise to go.
    Perhaps my life will end soon so I may rest.
    Let's cross our fingers and hope for the best.
    Well it's a long way down to hell when you're alone.
    Although my life isn't much worse, no one cares to pick up the phone.
    Perhaps I'll just stay here while the world becomes a hate billow,
    Just stay here...with my weeping willow.

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    Latest Shared Story

    It was one word...DIVINE. You might think you are forgotten, but your poem will never be forgotten. It will forever sing in our heart. You are a talented poet and you should never stop....

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  16. 14. Deafening Silence

    I have a friend whom I've been in love with for the past three years. He has no idea how I really feel about him. He's been through a lot in the past few years and he's changed so much, and it's killing me to see him hurting so much.

    Poem To A Friend Suffering Pain And Depression

    I look deep into your eyes
    but all I see are lies
    where there was hurt and suffering
    there's now a black hole of nothing
    I don't know if I can save you
    after everything we've gone through
    but I'll try
    until the day I die
    because you deserve so much more
    you're someone worth fighting for

    Poem To A Friend Suffering Pain And Depression, Deafening Silence

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    Latest Shared Story

    I've been dealing with depression for the past three years and suicide is a big thing for me. Thank you, this poem means a lot!

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  17. 15. Day By Day

    • By Molly Sittig
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2014

    I'm 15 years old and live in a town of 1,000 people. I have the picture perfect family. Big house, nice cars...My oldest brother is very successful and the other is the High School President and has a full ride track scholarship. My dad is the most important man in town and my mom is the typical mom. To outsiders it looks so beautiful. But no one has bothered to take a peek at the inside. Getting ignored, crying in the shower, and eating alone...It isn't so pretty anymore.

    Yelling, screaming--that's what I hear
    No noise of laughter, not a sound of cheer
    Every word spoken comes out like a punch in the face
    Everyone looks with such disgrace

    I runaway to hide because no one should see
    That this, this is everything I wished it wouldn't be
    I want to be different, I want to know why
    Why lately I am scared and all the love has died

    This is supposed to be fun, a safe place
    Instead we fell apart, like a shoe without a lace
    I wish I had someone to understand, someone to tell
    Instead I just endure this seemingly endless hell

    I want to go; not a soul is to know
    But soon the scars will be sure to show
    My mind resists return, no one will care
    But day by day I find myself there

    An empty house is not a home
    But with people it is a mess to crazy to comb
    I want to quit, I want to give up
    Yet still I go back and hope for a tearless cup

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    Latest Shared Story

    I'm just like you my half sister and my sister and my dad are all blessed with knowledge and special skills , my mom has a good memory and is blessed a little too, yet I'm so different I do...

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  18. 16. Diamonds

    This poem is very symbolic of my emotional walls.

    Poem About Building Emotional Walls

    I built walls to the heavens made of diamond.
    I sit in my crystalline castle as workers reinforce the walls with steel rods.
    My new home is unbreakable.

    I do not like guests; they are forbidden here.
    My quarters are so indestructible that they are known by the gods.
    My new home is unbreakable.

    I need more diamonds.
    They need to build the walls higher!
    My new home is unbreakable.

    Years have passed. My icy walls are complete.
    Now I sit alone; just me, my steel, and my diamonds.
    At least my home is unbreakable.

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    I can relate to this poem on a personal level. More often than not, I shut people out to protect myself, but then I realize that I am left alone with my own thoughts. I just want to say...

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  19. 17. A World Of Pain

    • By Daniela N.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2013

    This poem is basically about depression and feeling alone. It's about hiding your feelings from the world and putting on an act every day until you get home and break down. This poem talks about how I feel right now.

    I'm living in a world of pain.
    I'm living a world of hurt.
    I'm living in a world of sorrow.
    Hiding behind a wall,
    I fake a smile and cover my scars,
    Hoping to hide all emotions from friends.
    I hide my pain behind a fake smile,
    my scars under a jacket,
    and as for my tears,
    I just hold them in,
    waiting till the night when I can drown my sorrows in a pillow.
    I am alone in this world.
    A world of sorrow and pain.
    A world of disappointment and grief.
    I'm stuck in a horrible world,
    and I don't know what to do.

    More On This Poem

  20. 18. Imagine

    • By Shelby S.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2013

    This poem touches on feeling alone. I've felt all these things in this poem and felt like there was nobody who understood or cared. I felt like I had to face things on my own. This work takes a turn for the depressing, but hopefully it will show all you beautiful people that you are not alone. Others have felt these things and will always be there for you.

    Nobody Understands Me

    Imagine yourself
    Alone in your head.
    You're hanging, dangling
    From a silver thread.

    Empty, alone
    With the monsters within.
    Internally screaming,
    You just want to give in.

    Now imagine that's you
    Every day, every hour.
    Forever sinking
    Like a wilting flower.

    You try to tell your dad
    And you try to tell your mom,
    But they say you're being silly,
    You've just got to move on.

    Because teens don't know sorrow
    Nor the hardships of life.
    They're just kids with imaginations
    Just looking for attention, right?

    You think that there's none
    Who knows how you feel.
    You're just so alone,
    But the feelings- they're real.


    But mostly

    And you're friends,
    They go on
    Like nothing has changed.

    "They must not care,"
    Your thoughts whisper,
    The lies in your brain.

    You can't escape it,
    Trapped in your own skin.
    You're ugly,
    You're hated,
    But you mask it with a grin.

    You hate what you feel,
    So instead you feel nothing.
    Your insides are numb,
    Your confidence crumbling.

    You look to other things
    To stop the pain.
    Cutting, pills,
    But it gives you no gain.

    And the people around you
    Shout abuse your way.
    "You're hurting yourself, stop it!"
    That's all they ever say.

    No matter how you plead
    That you're broken inside,
    They turn the other way,
    They run, they hide.

    They say you're just foolish,
    It's all in your head.
    What they don't know is inside
    You're already dead.

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem is really amazing. I am 13. My mother never understands my feeling. I find it very hard to understand what I am feeling. Actually, I do know it deep down but refuse to accept it...

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  21. 19. Have You Ever Felt So Alone

    • By Caitlen Marshall
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2012

    There was a time I was so low in life. I didn't know where I was going or why I was going there. So I started writing things that shown my pain without expressing it by self-abusement. I was the 'emo' in school the one with all the friends, the one that cared so much about her image, she didn't realize she was hurting her family, her friends, but most importantly herself. She wanted the life everyone thought she had. Only few knew her pain.

    Have you ever felt so ignored,
    So unloved?
    Bringing back the memories,
    The times of a dove

    Push your way through it all.
    Your wanting to end it,
    because you're just so small.
    People tell you no,
    But you go back on your word,
    You're just another girl!

    Crimson stains the floor,
    Screaming at the door.
    Hiding everything isn't wrong,
    But when it comes down to it.
    You wish you had gone.
    Alone in a dream,
    So bittersweet,
    Alone again,
    Back in insanity.

    You shattered all around,
    Your heart hit the ground.
    That painted smile,
    That bruised cut,
    A line of enjoyment,
    Shown a little to much.
    Beauty can't be skin deep
    Not if the skin...
    is marred

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    Latest Shared Story

    I know how you feel really, I have had a painted smile for two years, it's really bitter.

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  22. 20. Masked Emotions

    • By Destiny
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2012

    This poem did not take all that long to write. My emotions are just below the surface that I hide. They are so real to me that I can explain them is anyway possible.

    There is something about me
    Everyone wonders what that could be
    could it be my smile
    what about my laugh
    or the happiness I bring

    To me it's all fake
    Nothing about this shield is true
    My smile is frowning
    Laughing comes out as weeps
    My happiness is always sad

    The story about my life
    Has never been said
    Everyone loves my mask
    They tell me they love me
    I can't believe them one bit
    my emotions are all fake

    I don't want people comforting me
    For the way I choose to live
    It's my life
    You can not lead it as you choose
    Though I wish you could

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