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Poems for Birthdays

Your birthday is a really exciting time. Every new candle on each year's birthday cake represents a progression through these teenage years on the path from childhood to adulthood. It is a time of transition and growth in a young person's life. Every year comes with new responsibilities and opportunities. Sharing this exciting time with friends and family is the best way to celebrate this awesome period of change. Marking these important years of growth and the movement towards your future is a special part of this experience. Blow out your candles, make a wish and celebrate!


Happy Birthday, Sister

Funny Birthday Wishes For Older Sister

Once a year we celebrate
with stupid hats and plastic plates
the fact that you were able to make
another trip around the state.

So, let's eat to your charming health
and hope that you do not forget us
In the chance of finding place and wealth.

Happy Birthday,
now you're 19 years old.
Happy Birthday,
your life still isn't over.
Happy Birthday,
you do not accomplish much,
but you did not trouble me today.
I guess that is good enough.



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