Cheating Poems by Teens

Cheating Poems by Teens

Poems about Cheating

Many people don't realize how serious the consequences of cheating are. When you are cheated on, you feel humiliated, fooled, annoyed and betrayed by the person you once considered to be your best friend. Your outlook on love is forever changed, your ability to trust someone is shaken, your inner peace is shattered, and all of your future relationships are affected. The reality of cheating is ugly. Cheaters might win temporarily at their game of unfaithfulness, but eventually, they will get caught and lose their faithful partner for a lifetime.

9 Cheating Poems by Teens

  1. 1. Hopeless

    • By Brooke
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2019

    You think that you love someone, but it turns out they liked someone else the whole time.

    Being Cheated On And Losing Hope

    This isn't the way it was supposed to be.
    Things started out so perfectly.
    We were so happy, our future set in stone.
    Never would I imagine myself alone.

    But time after time, you broke my trust.
    What I thought was love, you felt as lust.
    You locked up my heart but gave her the key.
    I watch as you now love her and not me.

    I should have known it was too good to be true,
    But yet here I am, crying over you.
    Now I am left heart-broken and betrayed.
    How stupid I was to think you would stay.

    You shared love with her, knowing I was the cost,
    And I realize now that all hope is lost.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I was being cheated on for 3 years by my boyfriend. I feel so stupid now. My trusting ability has came to an end.

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  3. 2. I Loved You

    • By Jessica
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    This poem is for my ex, we were together for almost a year, he cheated on me multiple times but I could not get up the courage to leave, finally I did, he convinced me that he would change. He was sorry, and I went back.. I don't regret being with him because it made me who I am today.. I just hope that I never go through anything like this ever again.. I'm 17 years old.. my life should not be like this... I'm not the best at writing but I think it is a common story that people can relate to..

    You have no idea how I felt
    You were my entire life
    They say with time broken hearts heal
    Rather then wait I turned to my knife

    I gave you everything I could
    I gave up everything for you,
    You hurt me in return
    Like I knew you would do

    They tried to make me see
    What you were all about
    I turned away in disbelief,
    Had to find out for myself

    In the beginning everything was great
    You made me smile you made me laugh
    I fell for you, took the bait
    But what I saw of you was only the good half

    Months went by, I was in love
    Thought you were all I would ever want or need
    But clearly love was not enough to make you rise above
    The reputation they told me to heed

    Then things started going bad
    I found you and her
    It made me so mad
    Your not the person I thought u were

    I forgave you
    For the betrayal and silly lies
    Because you changed my view
    To you I had so many ties

    I begun to realize
    That nothing was changing
    You were like so many other guys
    Constantly cheating

    What did she have
    That I was lacking
    Was it looks
    Or was it what she was packing

    I tried to end it
    But you kept holding on
    I tried to run away
    But you would not let me stay gone

    You kept calling and calling
    Convinced me I was wrong
    Finally I was bawling
    I couldn't move on

    So Here was chance two
    My biggest mistake
    You tore my heart in two
    Then stomped on it with hate

    I was too helpless to leave
    Even though I wanted to
    I wanted to believe
    That you would change

    How stupid of me
    To stay and stand by
    Why didn't I see
    That it was all one big lie

    I'm gone for good now
    It hasn't been easy
    But I'm moving on slow
    God you were sleazy

    I found a good guy
    He sure helped me see
    That rather then cry
    I had to work on me

    You think you won
    But you're so wrong
    I'm moving on
    It's not gonna take too long

    I finally see
    I'm better without you
    My life is so breezy
    God, get a clue

    You have the whore
    But the good girl got away
    Have fun loser
    Cuz away I'm gonna stay.

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  5. 3. Betrayer

    • By Névé
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2012

    Something I haven't seen much of, especially in Cheating, is poems by the person in the wrong. By no means is this something I'm proud of, but I can't erase it, or make it right. All I can do is own up to it.

    Poem From A Cheater

    I can see the pain in your eyes,
    it's right there,
    reminding me of what I've done.
    I am the betrayer,
    I put this hurt on you,
    you never deserved to feel this way.
    I don't have any excuses,
    I can't say it was a mistake,
    because I knew exactly what I was doing.
    The regret I feel chokes me,
    I have no words I can say,
    nothing that can erase what I've done.
    I wish you'd hate me,
    I wish you'd turn away,
    I wish you'd say you never want to see me again.
    Because sitting here,
    watching you accept this,
    is killing me.
    I know you deserve better,
    I know that better should have been me,
    but it wasn't.
    I can say I'm sorry,
    but even though I mean it,
    they're just empty words.
    No one likes a cheater,
    no one should.

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem really spoke to me. Having been on both sides of the terrible plague that is cheating, this poem opened my eyes to what I have done and how much pain cheating can cause. I can't...

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  6. 4. Baby, I'm Stronger

    • By Ashlei Ernst
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2011

    This poem is about this guy I never went out with, but we talked about it. He was three years older than me, and we were always together and always kissing and everything; he was perfect. Until I found out he had another girl the whole time!
    So from March-September he cheated on her.

    You came into my life
    During a time I was hurt.
    All you said
    Was that he was a jerk.
    Days went by; we became close.
    I never thought I'd love you the most.
    I went to your baseball games;
    You took my home in your truck.
    Us meeting was fate, now it's not even luck.
    During the summer, we didn't even talk.
    It's like out of my life you slowly walked.
    Summer starts to end, sport seasons start,
    And then I see you walking back to my heart.
    Days come and go, we get close,
    And you're the one who's on my mind the most.
    When our eyes meet, my heart skips a beat.
    When our lips touch, I fall right off my feet.
    One of your hands in mine, the other on the wheel
    With all of that, my heart you did steal.
    But now it's all gone
    And the right turned wrong.
    The tone is no longer on our same song.
    You were like no other who has taken my heart.
    I wish we stayed friends, like we were from the start.
    You say you don't want to see me anymore,
    So stop looking at me because my heart is already sore.
    Please don't look at me or even think about me.
    You're not going to hurt me anymore, you see,
    You've lied, you've cheated,
    You've hurt me worse than I've ever been,
    And now my heart won't let another boy in.

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    I can relate to your poem. I had a similar experience with a boy I liked in school. It was the first time I felt that intense feeling that comes with love. I was shy to talk to him, and when...

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  7. 5. Heartbroken

    • By Jess Austin
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2014

    A sad love poem about a girl who was cheated on. One of the best poems I've ever written.

    When I hold his hand, I become invincible.
    Nothing could ever go wrong.
    When I hear his voice, it makes my day.
    His voice is a beautiful song.

    When I look at him, my legs turn to jelly
    His eyes sparkle like stars.
    When I kiss him, you can feel the love
    From as far away as Mars.

    You protected me, you held me,
    From the day that we did meet.
    When you're around, my heart thumps
    A fast and loving beat.

    But the love I thought would never end
    Vanished into the night.
    The love I thought we'd always share
    Had taken away my sight.

    I knew that you loved me, but you
    Loved another much more.
    You simply used me as a stepping stone,
    Left me crumpled on the floor.

    I sleep no more. I lie awake,
    My pillow stained with tears.
    My heart has broken into two
    And left me with nothing but fears.

    I tell myself, "I don't need you,"
    But I know it's a lie.
    Because, if I'm without you, then
    I will surely die.

    By Jess Austin, aged 12

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    I’m almost 15, and about a month ago I found out my boyfriend at the time was cheating on me. He’s 16, and we were dating for about a month when I found out. I don’t think I’ve ever cried...

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  8. 6. What You Mean To Me Now

    • By Melanie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2016

    Parents and adults alike say teenagers (13-16) will never experience the pain of a true love breaking your heart. They lied. Never being too young to find the guy who makes your heart skip a beat, also comes with heartbreaks. This is basically a poem summary of my story.

    You Have Broken Me

    How do I mend this broken heart,
    When my entire world has fallen apart?
    How do I find hope in a brand new day,
    When the one I love has broken me away?

    My mind overflows with memories of you,
    Of all that we've shared
    And all that we knew.
    I long for your touch and your warm embrace,
    The look in your eyes,
    The smile on your face.

    My nightmares are filled with your soft gentle kiss.
    I wake and cry, for all that I miss.
    How do I mend this broken heart,
    When my one true love and I are apart?

    Our moments together were a precious few,
    Friday fright night had a sacred hue.
    Those hazy nights with you meant more than you know.
    I loved you then and I always will,
    Even though you broke my heart and threw it away.
    Twice I recall, but I said it was okay.
    Can't you see I love you still?
    One night of star staring on a small dry hill.

    You promised you'd never leave me,
    Not once, not again,
    But trusting you was twice the sin.
    You can tell me you're sorry because I'm dumb to believe
    The words from your mouth are sacred to me.

    You cut me with love not for all to see,
    You killed with pain the heart inside of me.
    Rhythmic actions of heart break were made,
    But you hypnotized me with your so called love haze.
    Call me blind,
    But he told me his prescription of love could help me see.
    I saw alright, the monster you became,
    Making me cry from relentless shame.

    Lies were told and I became an image of you,
    But my appearance was the same.
    I bit the the love curb, but my neck did not break.
    You were stuck with the monster that your untrue love helped make.
    A creature I was called,
    You no longer knew my name,
    It's better that way, but darling it's a bitch I became.

    Next time don't cheat and lie on the monster you make,
    For she is smart and she will learn your ways.
    Did you forget I became exactly like you?
    I was only as good as gum on your DC shoe.
    I notice the little things.
    I know, I told you,
    So why'd you believe my threats were untrue?
    I'll make your life hell.
    It's called revenge, my sweet.
    Don't be surprised when you wake up missing teeth.

    I'm not so innocent when you've broken my heart.
    Are you sorry yet for the hurt that you caused?
    Are you scared yet, because this plan has no pause.
    I hope that you feel my pain and so much worse,
    And I finally realized his love was a curse.

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    My husband cheated on me. He has 2 kids to his mistress. And I forgave him because I really love him and I want to save our marriage. My husband hides a lot from me, and it hurts. I love his...

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  9. 7. You Said

    • By Charnese Abbs
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2012

    This is about one of my most recent boyfriends who hurt me dearly and doesn't care about anyone but himself.

    Forever Never Lasts That Long Ever

    You said....
    you loved me

    You said......
    you had feelings for me

    You said............
    we would be together forever

    You said.......
    that you would love me unconditionally

    But I see forever never lasts that long ever!!!!
    I see you noticed all of my flaws and I took all of your comments personally
    I see you cheated on me behind my back but as my friends would like to say right in front of my face

    I feel like such a fool for loving you!!!!

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  10. 8. Never Once

    • By Amy Alvarado
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2012

    Long story short I was in a relationship and got cheated on.

    Love Becomes A Game

    Never once did I think I would fall for you
    but there I was emotionally attached with no clue
    all I could think about was, me and you
    but you don't want me so what am I to do?
    all I remember you saying is "I'm sorry I played you"
    funny how that all seems to go
    But now that I know my heart sinks low,
    Lower then the oceans great divine,
    Now I must let my mind unwind
    erase the memories, erase the pain
    I don't think I'll ever be the same
    How could love become such a game?
    Was there a rep you had to maintain?
    That girl you're with do you even know her name?
    Did you chose her over me because I was plain?
    I still think you can change, and for that am I insane?
    No matter how hard I try you still remain.
    My love for you will die in vain.

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    Ladies I know what you guys are going through, trust me men only wants what is in front of their eyes and a Budweiser, why? You may ask is because my man did the dirty things with my step...

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  11. 9. I Still Stand Strong

    • By Bethany Danielle
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2015

    He did me wrong. He cheated. He hurt me.

    Although you did me wrong
    Still I can stand strong
    You made me cry
    I can no longer fly
    You clipped my wings
    I threw back your ring

    I need someone new
    Someone who will not hesitate to do
    All he can to treat me right
    And bring back my smile so bright
    You ran my smile down
    How can you show your face in town?

    My checks are filled of tears
    My heart full of fears
    I found my love to be true
    Oh! If I only knew
    What you did was hard and cold
    Oh! This story will be told!

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