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  1. It Wasn't Your Time

    • By Kiana
    • Published: November 2010
    Death Of Beloved Father

    As the days go by my heart is breaking even more.
    they say not to cry,
    for you have gone to a place with no pain.
    and they tell me not to worry for I will see you again....

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    This made me cry because 9 years ago my dad was shot and I remember seeing him just laying there. I miss him so much and I don't even think I ever told him I loved him.

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  3. In Memory Of My Dad

    • By Nash
    • Published: December 2011

    The day I was rushed into a family room
    I realized something bad had happened to you
    the doctor told us there was nothing to do
    now you are gone and words can't explain how much I miss you...

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    I lost my dad in a bin lorry accident. I was just born and I got told the news when I was older. My mum struggled without him and she went with someone else, but he just left. I got adopted...

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  4. Never Forget You

    • By Rachel
    • Published: February 2011
    10 Year old Girl Losses Her Mother

    I miss you mom, more then you could know.
    All the years without you have been like a blow.
    I see other people, who don't know what they've got,
    I feel like hitting them, more often then not....

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    I lost my mom 12 years ago. I was only 10 I'm 22 now n I don't think I have gotten over her passing. Every year its something, something she should have been here to experience with me. Some...

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  6. Lost To Me

    • By Jordan
    • Published: September 2011
    Terrible Pain Of Missing You

    I try to search for a little closure and relief but they are hiding in a cold and dark place that I cannot find.

    Why do the painful images not find not find a place to stay other than the forefront of my jumbled up mind?

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  7. Daddy Help Me

    • By Jean Kennedy
    • Published: October 2009
    Dad Died And Mom Has New Boyfriend

    Daddy what do I do your not here to hold me as I cry
    The tears falling down my face as I think of you hurts
    You left me all alone and all I have left is memories
    Pictures of you and me as I grow up in your loving care

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    My grandpa died of lung cancer. He took care of me since I was little so he was like my dad. My grandma has been seeing this other dude and it hurts me to see that knowing how much they...

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  8. My Reality

    • By Reagan Mccants
    • Published: February 2017
    Hearing The News A Loved One's Passing

    I remember calls through my cell phone.
    Voices on the other end being hurt and distant.
    Long silent pauses as I let REALITY sink in.
    Warm tears streaming down my cheeks.

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  10. Mum's Poem

    • By Shannon
    • Published: May 2011

    I love you so much
    Your soft loving gentle touch
    You meant the world to me
    Now if only the world could see...

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    I can understand where you're coming from all too well. I am currently 16 years old. When I was 6 my mother died of a brain tumor which had completely surrounded and had grown within her...

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  11. What Do You Do?

    • By Katryna Hook
    • Published: March 2008
    Missing Dead Father

    What do you do when you just want to cry?
    What do you do when every smile becomes a LIE?
    What do you do knowing he won't be there?
    You're turning 16 and your heart turns cold and bare!

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    My dad killed himself and it's so hard to be without him he killed himself when I was five and now I'm about to be sixteen........and he won't be here to see me.

  12. I Love You

    • By Sha''Quille Otto
    • Published: March 2012
    Poem About Death Of Aunt

    Your past was no fairy tale
    I thank you for coming through
    That's why I made
    A special poem for you...

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  13. Illusion

    • By Claire Matthew
    • Published: October 2012
    Death Of Mother

    When this is over
    I will finally get to say
    How much you really mean to me
    And why you should stay...

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    My mother died when I was seven I am now twelve and it's still hard.

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