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  1. The Emo That's My New Name

    • By Martin J. Campbell
    • Published: March 2014

    My whole world is crumbling, falling apart
    the worst of it is: it's just the start.
    I lie in my bed just like all the others
    Alone with my thoughts, hiding under the covers....

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    I know I shouldn't like this poem, but the way you wrote it and how you expressed your emotion/thought, it sounds very relatable to my life. My parents are still here, but it feels like I'm...

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  3. This Mirror

    • By Marco Barnes
    • Published: January 2009

    Another 24 hours poured into the cement
    Living through another's persons regrets..
    Just one piece of a puzzle, too big to comprehend
    Cant see the end, left the lights on again...

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    This sounds like it could be a song. I Love it! :)

  4. Suicidal Temptation

    I'm so sick of hearing
    the same old lecture
    why can't I grow up
    and be mature...

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    I completely understand what you're going through. Yes, it is very hard to express yourself because you don't know how to. People still judge you, and yes, you can't just snap out of it. We...

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  6. I Am Your Daughter Hiding Depression

    • By Billie-Jean
    • Published: November 2008

    I am a pet writing of its pain..
    I am a teenager living a life of shame
    I am your sister making a good impression
    I am your daughter hiding her deep depression.....

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    That is me too. My best friend is never there for me, so I found a new one who is there for me and understands.

  7. Chasing Sunsets

    • By Natalie Grace
    • Published: March 2016
    Unknown Struggle With Depression

    Having depression and anxiety is like being thrown into a raging, surging ocean
    When you don't know how to swim.
    Meanwhile, the whole world expects you to keep swimming forward,
    To keep excelling and moving onward in this thing called life.

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    I am 17 years old and have been struggling with depression and anxiety for six years. The people who notice don't care enough to help me get help. I would love just for a day to get a...

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  8. State Of Mind

    Depression is a state of mind
    but remember my dear
    it is a crime
    to cut the throat of a beloved soul...

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    I once had a online friend who was very suicidal. He hated life and stuff. It was super hard for me to cope around him. I fell in love with him...why? What was there to love? But I did...

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  10. Seems You're To Late

    • By Georgina Griffiths
    • Published: March 2011

    Seems your to late to save me
    I feel like I wanna cry
    Seems like you love me
    But you're too late I wanna die ...

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    I know what you mean, I was raped by four boys that went to my school at age 10.. It was hard having to see their faces every day for the next 2 years.. and my family has it's own problems,...

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  11. The other Girl

    • By Idalis
    • Published: October 2009
    The Other Girl

    The "other" girl
    I may be sweet and kind,
    But there is more to this girl.
    I can laugh and smile,...

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    I know how this feels. I'm the only girl wrestler in my home town. People look at me different, family members try and convince me wrestling is a sin. Through all my life I have had to hide...

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  12. Trapped In My Own Depression

    • By Courtney Young
    • Published: January 2012
    Ekphrastic Poem

    Save me for it is I who is trapped in my own depression
    I'm drowning in my tears
    I'm dying from the pain of no tomorrow

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    I suffer from anxiety and depression. So much has happened to me over the year and I started drinking recently. I've even cut myself because of what was going on around me. Next thing you...

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  13. Have You Ever Lived My Life

    • By Caitlin
    • Published: July 2009

    Have you ever felt like you could do nothing right;
    Have you ever felt like giving up the fight;
    Have you ever slit your wrists;
    Have you ever picked up a knife;...

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    What do you mean when you say "is hell full of thrills"
    I have been dealing with depression and anxiety since sixth grade and I'm getting help now but I feel like it's not working as much as...

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