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  1. Broken Dreams

    Drowning in a darkness
    Of deep despair
    Believing the lies I hear
    And seeing truths not there ...

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    I know how you feel. I'm sorry you feel like that because I know what you're going through. I'm trying to become better myself. People don't understand EMO'S like myself...

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  3. The 'It' Girl

    • By Dottie
    • Published: October 2011
    They Call Me Emo And They Call Me Goth

    they call me emo and they call me goth.
    they see no difference and they never stop.
    their voices replay all the time.
    I can't help it (fast forward...rewind)...

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    This is almost what I went through. I laughed at "emo" people, then I saw how stupid I was. After I changed, my "friends" laughed at me and the guy we picked on the most is now my boyfriend...

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  4. The Nightmare Of My Life

    • By Katylin
    • Published: August 2011

    I hear them calling my name,
    But how do I respond? I am so ashamed.
    I watch as my friends tease and laugh
    At something that is so unfortunate.

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    I've been cutting since I turned 13. I can't even hide my sadness any more. Each day is a new battle. I just wish I could be happy just for one full day.

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  6. The Invisible Line

    • By Stephanie
    • Published: April 2009
    The Emo Side

    Time is wasted day after day.
    I sit with people I don't understand, people I don't belong with.
    As I look at the people I do belong with, I am intimidated.
    I feel as though there is a line that I can never cross

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    Right now I'm going through the same think, I'm in school with so called friends but they don't get me because their lives are perfect they don't have to think about when life has taken away...

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  7. Suicidal

    • By Emoprincess20
    • Published: December 2016
    Going From Happy And Joyful To Self-Harm

    Children used to laugh
    and play,
    but then the joy
    faded away.

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    I also do the same thing. I'm always in my room, on my bed lying. But I don't cry. A lot of the time I'm tired of crying, and I don't stay in the dark because I'm afraid of dark, but I am...

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  8. My Parents Divorcing

    • By Justice
    • Published: November 2008

    My head is messed up,
    like my brother's room.
    Life is so confusing.
    I feel doomed.

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    This poem made me remember when my parents were fighting and I was crying it made me remember all those hard times my sister and I had to suffer we were so confused and lonely, but now are in...

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  10. Dear Me

    • By Jessi Mann
    • Published: November 2008
    He Says I Love You

    How can you lie to yourself
    Each time you say you don't
    Need his trust? You've never
    Had it before; why do you

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    I have a somewhat similar problem with my dad. But instead of good things, he says bad things. For instance, I love to sing and people compliment my singing, when he hears me, he tells me its...

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  11. Angels

    • By Tania Singh
    • Published: November 2008

    There are the days when I'm just oh so happy.
    Ecstatic, on top of the world.
    Amazed that I feel so light, careless...walking on air with these angels..
    Yet, something is always missing.

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    This is like my life all the time. This poem speaks to me, because it describes my world. I have that angel that never leaves. But when its there it can be pure torture most of the time too....

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